Does Putting Diamonds On A Rolex Or Any Watch Lower The Value?




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I think you are planning to place diamonds on your Rolex or other watches. But the question is, does putting diamonds on a Rolex or other watch lower the value? 

Does Putting Diamonds On A Rolex

A general conception is present among the people that adding diamonds or other gemstones to the watch can raise the watch’s value. But aftermarket diamonds can lower the value of your luxury watch. 

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However, this article will clarify the related factors of putting diamonds on your Rolex or other luxury watches. Besides, it will let you determine the right diamond. 

So, let’s start to explore something new. 

Does Putting Diamonds On A Rolex Or Other Watch Lower The Value? 

It is true that a diamond can increase the value of a watch. But if your watch is more valuable than diamonds, what should you do? You will not feel interested in putting extra diamonds, right? 

At the same time, the custom-set diamonds may harm your watches from different angles. First, you must go to a mechanic to add extra diamonds. Then, when custom-set diamonds are added, your valuable watch can be odd-looking. 

Again, the watch’s original manufacturer will not provide you additional services whenever you add a custom-set diamond to it. 

Now, will you add the diamonds or not? Let’s see…

Can You Add A Diamond To Your Rolex Watch?

If you want to upgrade your Rolex watch, you can add diamonds to it. But you should remember that you need to add aftermarket diamonds to your Rolex because your watch doesn’t contain factory diamonds. 

Then, choosing the exact diamond, finding an expert mechanic, etc., can be a little bit difficult for you. On the other hand, you must get the help of third-party jewelers for this purpose. 

Indeed, you will be able to get a new look for your Rolex watch. And you can show your fashion and luxuriousness in this way. 

So, the straightforward words are that you can add diamonds to your Rolex watch. But think again about the original value of your Rolex watch. Then, move forward to add diamonds to it. 

Get The Right Watch To Add A Diamond

You may not wish to lose the original look of your expensive watch at all, right? Then, Getting the right watch is a crucial step while you are thinking about adding diamonds. It is because your watch can lose its original looking while adding a diamond to it. 

On the other hand, the manufacturer can void its factory warranty if you add extra diamonds. So, you must rethink the value of your existing watch. 

Make sure the watch is compatible with the diamonds you are looking for. Notably, you must get the right watch for the right diamonds. Then, before getting your desired one, check for its validity, warranty, price, and all other crucial things. 

Get The Right Diamond 

After choosing the right watch, you have to find out the appropriate diamond that will suit your watch. Otherwise, you will not get a proper combination. And that will spoil your fashion. 

What Issues You Can Face In Putting A Diamond On A Watch 

There are mainly two kinds of diamonds for watches. One is the factory diamonds, and the other is custom-set diamonds. Custom-set diamonds are also known as aftermarket diamonds. 

Indeed, you will not get the factory diamond to add to your existing watch. It is because the factory diamond is specially made for a specific manufacturer. 

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However, you can attach custom-set diamonds to your watch. Ensure you get the actual, unpolished, and wholly original diamonds. 

What Issues You Can Face In Putting A Diamond On A Watch 

You can face various issues while putting diamonds on a Rolex or any other watch. Here is a list of common issues. 

  • Identifying the right diamond can be difficult. 
  • Watch’s case will be drilled. So, it can lose its strength and originality.
  • Finding aftermarket diamonds is a monotonous task. 
  • Choosing an accurate watch will be a challenging task.
  • Qualitative custom-set diamonds are rare. 
  • The manufacturer of your existing watch will not provide support and services after putting the additional diamonds. 
  • It will void the warranty of the watch. 
  • The local jeweler who will add the diamonds may not be an expert. 

Importantly, you must overcome these issues while putting the diamonds on your luxurious watch. 

Benefits Of Adding A Diamond To The Rolex Or Other Watches

There are a lot of advantages that you can get after adding diamonds to your watch. The diamonds can change the overall look of the watch overnight. And you can present your self a stylish and luxurious person. 

Besides, you can get a custom-set diamond watch at a lower price than a factory watch. So, you can save your budget in this way. Interestingly, you will get about equal service as a factory diamond watch. 

The Drawbacks Of Adding Diamonds To The Watch 

Besides mentioned benefits, there are some drawbacks of adding diamonds to a watch. Most importantly, the aftermarket diamonds are not gorgeous as the factory diamond. And a massive difference is present between them. 

On the other hand, you will need a massive cost to attach new diamonds to your watch. In most cases, the quality of the original watch doesn’t match the custom-set diamond. 

After all, you are going to take a risk on your expensive watch. It is because the case and other parts of the watch should be drilled while attaching the diamonds. 

How Much Does It Cost To Put Diamonds On Watches? 

The overall cost depends on some crucial factors. Among them, the main ones are diamond carat weight, diamond color, diamond clarity, and the size of the diamonds. 

However, the estimated cost is around 800$ to 3500$ to set aftermarket diamonds on your watch. 


Putting diamonds on your existing Rolex watch is not a difficult task. You can do it with the help of your local jeweler. But you must remember the pros, cons, and potential issues you can face in this process. 

However, I hope you are no longer confused about does putting diamonds on a Rolex or other watch lowers the value? Now, it is your turn. Get the accurate and pure diamonds for your watch, attach them and enhance your fashion. 

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Importantly, reread the potential issues and rethink your decision to put diamonds on the Rolex watch. 

Good luck! 

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