What Are The Cheapest Ways & Cheapest Countries To Buy A Rolex 2024




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Rolex is the most recognizable brand in the world when it comes to premium timepieces. Rolex watches have been identified with success, elegance, dependability, and exceptional quality. Therefore, everyone wants to have their hands down on Rolex if they have a taste for luxury.

However, if you are on a budget, then getting this piece can be tricky for you. So, you might ask what are the cheapest ways and cheapest countries to buy a Rolex 2024.

Buy A Rolex

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To know all the tricks, read through our whole article. Hence, let’s get started.

The Cheapest Ways And Cheapest Countries To Buy A Rolex in 2024

If you follow some ideas and tips, you can get the genuine piece within your budget. Let’s learn in detail.

The cheapest ways to buy a Rolex are given as follows:

Buying A Pre-owned Rolex

Have you ever thought about getting a pre-owned Rolex? one that is almost brand new? The secondhand, or “used” trade is a fantastic area to find high-quality timepieces at relatively low rates. 

Used watches that appear to be fresh can be found at the upper end of the watch market. This is due to the fact that the wealthy men who initially purchased (or were likely given them as presents) own at least many watches and hence rarely wear any of them.

There are lots of Rolex watches in stock from secondary Rolex watch sellers. However, make absolutely sure it’s 100 percent authentic, and if possible, get the original packaging and documents.

The most crucial expense is having it certified by a Rolex dealer. They’ll take your watch for a decent price if it’s ever been reported missing or stolen.

The next best option is to have a non-affiliated expert Rolex watchmaker. They can verify your watch by unpacking it, analyzing its details, and certifying that all of the parts are well in condition and legitimate for that watch and model.

Cheapest Ways And Cheapest Countries To Buy A Rolex

Buying From Airport Duty-free

Duty-free shopping at airports is one way to get around the system. You will have to pay lower taxes and your watch will be less expensive if you purchase your Rolex Duty-Free. This is just the same as buying a luxury handbag from a duty-free shop.

Buying Through Discount Offers

Discounts on luxury timepieces are common, but they are usually minimal. You can get a roughly 2% to 5% discount if you purchase a high-end watch in Europe. And discount might differ from country to country which is set by the company.

However, you can only avail the discount offers if you are lucky enough. Because Rolex sets the suggested retail price, and only then certified dealers can set their pricing around 10% above or below, but not much more.

Now That We’ve Learned The Cheapest Ways, Let’s Learn About The Cheapest Countries To Buy A Rolex. 

Learn About The Cheapest Countries To Buy A Rolex

Eastern Europe

If you are looking for a cheap yet authentic Rolex, you might consider traveling abroad to buy it. Because prices fluctuate depending on the country you’re in and the currency value at the time. In light of this, Switzerland is not a good place to acquire a cheap Rolex.

Eastern Europe has some good Rolex watches at low rates, but there isn’t always a lot of variety or range. The Balkans, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Greece are the finest places in Eastern Europe to find a cheap Rolex. To obtain the best deal, go to a local watch store.


It’s often worthwhile to visit less popular “cheap Rolex hotspots” to get exactly what you’re looking for. Because the Japanese are such avid collectors of historic timepieces. And there you can find numerous used watch shops in the country.

Not just that, in Japan, you’ll find an almost limitless selection of Rolex watches. Also, you’ll be able to claim a VAT refund on both second-hand and fresh watches.

However, there are some problems as well. It’s not very cheap to visit or to stay in Japan. Even if you plan a great bargain through a luxury travel consultant, the Yen is not affordable.

Hong Kong

For high-end timepiece buying, Hong Kong will always pop to mind. But timepieces are no longer as inexpensive as they once were. There are many family-inherited pre-owned watch shops in Hong Kong.

Hence, you may have a wide selection of timepieces to pick from those shops. However, the costs are higher than they were used to be. Also, you might not find the latest models at a cheap cost there.


There isn’t much opportunity for haggling in Singapore. But the Singaporeans are worldly people who cherish the status and pleasure that a nice watch may bring. A person with a low income can wear a Rolex that they have paid for in installments, which is a risky way of life but never fails to wow.

Therefore, this implies that demand for luxury timepieces is high. So, you might get quite a variety of watches within your budget. But keep in mind the travel cost as well. Because it may raise the overall cost of your watch.


You might not consider Canada to be a destination for low-cost luxury timepieces. Despite this, Canadian Rolexes are indeed the cheapest regarding other countries. So, you may find luck getting your desired Rolex.


Everything is in motion in Brazil, which is a country in tremendous socio-economic instability. Therefore, you can get a budget-friendly Rolex watch there. Rolexes may be affordable in Rio, with a median value of $8770 and a significantly lower currency than before.

South Africa

You may also find your desired timepiece within budget in South Africa. Because here you can get varieties of collection of latest Rolex models. Although the tax rate is 15% yet it’s doable. And the prices can be surprisingly affordable at this tax rate.


As the global economy is in such turmoil, the pricing and speculations are subject to change. However, it is apparent that VAT credits and your country’s import rules play a major role in purchasing watches on the budget in other nations.

I hope you’ve got enough information on what are the cheapest ways and cheapest countries to buy a Rolex 2023. However, as long as you know the deals, currencies, taxes, and places to shop, you can bargain your desired luxury piece to your advantage.

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