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Self-winding watches (also referred to as “automatic watches”) are old-school watches with some modern modifications. And Quartz watches are simple the battery run, grab & go watches that we generally use.

Self Winding Watch vs Quartz

Self winding and Quartz are basically the types of watch movements. They determine the source of energy a watch runs on, whether it runs on mechanical energy generated from the wounding or the electric energy from the battery.

You may have confusion when choosing between Self winding and Quartz. And hence, you should go through a detailed comparison on Self winding and Quartz.

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In this article, we will provide insights, pros and cons, and everything else you need to know about self-winding watches and Quartz.

Self Winding Watch vs Quartz:

As told earlier, self-winding and Quartz define the source of energy depending on which the watch movement is defined. And different types of power are generated for the power of the watch to run from the movement.

In the next part of the article, we will guide you to the self-winding movement and Quartz movement elaborately.

Self-Winding Watch Overview:

The word itself defines what a self-winding watch is. Winding is basically the procedure to wind some spring. The energy conversion that occurs here is the movement forced on the spring by hand. Later as time goes by, the spring keeps unwinding to release the energy. This is the basic principle of the manual winding watch.

Following the same mechanism, the self-winding watch doesn’t require the manual winding of the spring. Rather, the wrist’s movement allows the watch to wind up by itself.

Self winding is possible due to the fact that they have some small and complex parts. With the motion of the wrist, they rotate and create energy without the painful manual winding every day.

  Pros  :

  1. They are fully battery-free.
  2. These are a work of art. Fine craftsmanship and creativity can be depicted on the self-winding watches.
  3. A self-winding watch is capable of becoming a family heirloom. 
  4. These watches are of great value if one is an engineering enthusiast.
  5. The transitionless motion of the second hand mesmerizes a person and it’s also cool to look at
  6. Adds another level of sophistication to the watch.

Cons :

  1. They are pretty expensive.
  2. Because of its mechanical based movement, the accuracy of time is lower than the Quartz watches.
  3. Though they are battery-free, due to the deliberate movements, they need services every 3-5 years.

Quartz Overview :

Quartz watches are the most common watches that we see and use in our day-to-day lives. The Japanese company “Seiko” brought the watch movement revolution to the world by making the Quartz watches.

These are the battery-operated watches where the electric energy is used to run the watch.

The tiny Quartz crystal sends the electric signals into the circuitry and creates accurate vibrations (32,786 times). Due to these accurate vibrations, the time shown by the Quartz watches is precise and sharp to the point.

  Pros  :

  1. They are very thin and light-weighted.
  2. These watches require very less maintenance.
  3. They are very reliable when considering the accuracy of the time shown.

Cons :

  1. They are less durable.
  2. One has to face the hassle of changing the battery over years frequently.
  3. It doesn’t have the artistry and aesthetics like the self-winding watches.
  4. Simple in design and usually doesn’t have the premium look that one may aspire to.

Self Winding Watch Vs Quartz: Differences

In self-winding watches, you can deliberately move your hand to rotate those delicate parts to store energy for the reserve. The power usually lasts more or less about 38 hours. 

And since Quartz watches run on battery, there may be some hassle of changing the battery periodically. But if a good battery is used, it may last up to a year or more.

Another important factor is its durability. As expensive as the self winding watches are, the great labor and the intricate materials used are quite robust to not work.

Because of the tiny, delicate, and complex parts of the self winding watch, they are very hard to set up. They take much hard manual labor, making them more expensive than any other watches.

With the advancement of modern technology, the Quartz watches are very easy to make and also much cheaper than those self-winding watches.

Self-winding Or Quartz: Which One To Choose

If you have a lesser budget with the need for accuracy of time, Quartz is the answer. If you are looking for spectacular design and awesome engineering, Self-winding is the call.

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

What Is The Lifespan Of A Quartz Watch?

They last about 20-30 years, lesser than self winding watches. 

Which Type Of Watch Movement Is The Best?

You can go with the Quartz. That’s because Quartz runs on the electrical energy of the battery and gives precise time and doesn’t wear out easily.


We hope that your doubts are clear now about “self-winding watch vs quartz”. The basic need for a watch is to know the time along with tracking other physical activity.

And with your additional requirements, you may lookup for the type of watch you prefer after reading this article.

Best of luck!

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