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I did a bit of research and have decided to write on the best wearable air quality/pollution monitors after a friend of mine showed me the Atmotube PLUS that he has recently purchased.

My Blog is all about fitness and activity trackers, and my initial thought was that a device that is wearable and can monitor the air around us during the day, even while running, jogging or cycling, is a gadget that I’m sure that will interest you, my blog’s readers.

best wearable air quality monitors

Atmotube PLUS: Portable Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Today’s world is engrossed in all kind of pollutant issues that might be very harmful to the age. A great many diseases are arising as a result of human inability to keep its surrounding clean.

Air Pollution, water pollution are the two principal names that are killing human races in numerous ways. But can we get a hold on these pollution problems? Yes, definitely.

But we shall discuss the happening consequences that keep occurring due to the pollution range.

We hardly take notice of all the pollutants we release to the land. In some ways, they make their way to the groundwater, occurring pollution there.
In the premises of an aquifer, the polluted water is said to be plume, which can despicably give harm to human health.

There is another major consequence called VOCs, in our environment, from the burning of coal, gasoline and other earth driven compounds, give rise to several toxic gases and vapors that are too harmful to the human health.

Eventually, it initializes of the range PM 2.5 in the atmospheric air. The PM has a diameter range less than 2.5 micrometers (3% of the human hair diameter), and can only be recognized through an electron microscope.

When they occur in the atmosphere in larger quantities, a blurry and hazy aura is created. Even they stop you from looking at the surroundings with ease.

Best Wearable Air Quality Monitors – These 2 gadgets are your personal, portable air monitors

Here is how you can tackle these rising pollution complications. Here is everything that you need to know about two of the top products namely Plume Labs Air Pollution sensor, and Amotube PLUS that will save you against confronting environmental pollution hazards.

1) Plume Labs Air Pollution sensor: track the air quality around you wherever you go

Plume Labs give you the charge of breathing freely in clear air all over again. Breathing in an air that has variables of all the pollutants can get you infected and make you immune to all those diseases you had never wanted to yourself.

Plume labs air pollution sensor is a convenient device that is telling how faster the technology is moving and how considerably it is benefitting your health.

This air pollution sensor can be kept with you and tell you where and how pollutants are waiting to attack you so you might make another move against them.

It also bestows you with a powerful aura to halt the occurrence of the pollution from your area.

Now that you know about the existence of all the air pollution devices, you have a chance you save yourself and your loved ones from this toxicity.

The bigger your city is, the larger are the chances of air pollution and its bad effects on health.

If you are in a rush or in a move, then get your best device that will indicate and eventually stop you from moving out in heavily publicized and pollutant areas.

Image Source: Plume Labs


  • The easy handling of the device:

The best feature regarding these devices is the convenience that comes along. If you were suspecting air pollution devices to be heavy and large machinery telling you of the pollutant existence and taking care of your health.

Then you have been so wrong! Here we introduce you the pocket-sized device that warns you against the pollution and simultaneously takes the best care of yourself against all that existing pollution.

This device can be attached to your vehicles, even to the handle of your bikes as it waits around nothing. You may connect it to your jeans belt or add it as a keychain for your bag.

In return, you are getting the best safeguard protection from the coming pollution hazards. Once the air pollutants that could not have been seen through naked eyes, find no hiding place remaining.

You will get beneficially informed about the fresh air times and the regions where the air is being immensely polluted so you may avoid that.

The device is easily manageable and the user does not get annoyed from the complications of the usage.

  • How Plume Lab Air pollution detector works:

It might be worrying you as to how you can know about all the ins and outs of the cities atmospheric zone with a single small-sized appliance.

Here’s how the device having its interaction with the atmosphere detects all the existing pollutant variables. It keeps a track down that you can get to know from the application on your Smartphones.

  •  Makes you stay alerted of the air conditions

We cannot grasp the invisible occurrence of particles and impurities present in the air. And we all know that breathing in air full of pollutants can severely worsen our health.

Here with Plume Lab air pollution indicator, you can get yourself known and safe from all the pollution hazards in the town.

Either you are moving in a bike or jogging in a park, you will be told when the air is clean and when it is better to avoid breathing freely in the atmosphere because of bad air.

  •  Convenience an assured fact

We are sometimes on a very tight schedule, are we don’t get ourselves proper time to dress up.

What if then smoke hits you up and you get it very awestricken on your way? Don’t think twice, you must be having your smartphone with you and an easy attachment of Plume Lab Air Pollution detector to your bag or bicycle.

Then you will definitely get known which paths to choose and what to avoid for your health concern.

Plume Labs will definitely get your work done, but let’s get introduced to another product that is equally caring for your good breaths and health.

Yes, we are talking about Amotube PLUS. This is a transportable device that can be carried in and out of your residence.

It detects the existence of VOCs, humidity, temperature and the Formaldehyde that might be there in the air for the reasons to harm you.

2) Amotube PLUS: the best wearable air quality/pollution monitor for its budget

But with Amotube PLUS, you can definitely stay safe now. It continuously keeps a track of the environment around you simultaneously detecting any VOCs existing where you are.

The three VOCs, carbon monoxide, methanol, and formaldehyde are likewise toxic and needs to stay far from.

At the moment of writing this article, it is priced at 99$ on this seller’s page on Amazon. This is also the best and cheapest way to get it.


  • Easy wear and transfer:

It gets clutched to your bag or at other places where it is secure and you can definitely move around the time while being known of any health hazard pollutants in the air might bring.

The Amotube PLUS has a lengthy battery life that doesn’t get finished even on seven days functioning.

This makes it more convenient for an easy carry around your journey. Its lightweight and small size make it convenient to be taken anywhere around the home and more importantly for journeys outside.

  • A device designed for multiple purposes

It’s not only about pollutant updates but simultaneously it keeps a track of other environment-related important affairs.

Like, the inclusion of a weather station that detects the current temperature zone, atmospheric pressure existence and sensors for the know-about of humidity, both at inward spaces and outside your home as well.

  • The easy connectivity to the mobile phone application

The mobile phone application for Atmotube is free of any cost and can be installed on iOS 9 as well as smartphones having Android 4.3+ with the existence of Bluetooth LE buttress.

The user interface is uncomplicated and comprehensible and portrays the momentary readings dependent on the air quality.

As well as, it also assists you to keep an eye for the measurements happened previously and the air score you had personally set up. If the air quality level goes below the level you had certain, you will get notified.

  • Data Storage

The environmental data collected is then transmitted to an air quality level map identified globally. This map is free for everyone to get usage from. Personally, it has proved itself a charge that takes the task of air cleaning on its shoulders.

Final Verdict:

You now know, that air around you is never accessed with the subtle freshness, but some of the times, it gets you affected in multiple unwanted and harmful ways. Here, you are represented two of the best working devices that monitors the freshness and blithe in the year.

These devices can be easily clipped-on and carried with you everywhere you go, even if it is for your different outdoors sports activities where clean air is essential.

In the meantime, it also tells you when you must be giving priority to your health benefits and must avoid a certain place in order to keep yourself salubrious and good with health.

Whether they are the drastic factors like plumes or haze or little scale of toxicity in the air, you will get beneficially aided.

I hope that this article has helped you with finding the the best wearable air quality/pollution monitors and that they will serve you well.

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