Do I Need A Watch Winder For My Omega?




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Buying a watch winder is often debated; some say they are worthwhile while others discourage getting one.

Leave what people say, if you are here with an Omega watch, you will find the answer to the question do I need a watch winder for my omega here. Let’s look at what you are going to know from here first;

Watch Winder For My Omega
  • Is getting a watch winder worth it for Omega?
  • The criteria for you to get a watch winder
  • If you desire one, what are the things you should look out for in a watch winder?

If we had to cut it short, getting a winder for your Omega watch is knowing whether it is a quartz or an automatic watch.

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Features To Look For Watch Winders For Omega Watches At A Glance

Nevertheless, there is just a lot to look out for when it comes to the question, do I need a watch winder for my Omega? Before we get started, let’s look at a table. It will give you an overview of the things to look out for when getting a winder for your Omega if you are willing to get one.

Turn Per Day (TPD)Make sure it matches the TPD in your Omega watch
SoundBe aware that winders can get noisy, so it’s best to get a silent one
MovementClockwise movement and Bidirectional movement is the most common in Omega watches

Table 01- Features To Look In Watch Winders For Omega Watches

Enough with the chit-chat, let’s dive deep into these pieces of information!

Do You Need A Watch Winder For My Omega? [Explained]

Nowadays, every watch collectors seem to have watch winders in their collection. Thus, the debate whether you require a watch winder or not. It’s not a necessity yet still famous for being owned by many people. Nevertheless, when it comes to Omega watches, should you get one?

Well, there are many aspects of using a watch winder. If it fits your niche, then why not get one? Here are the perspectives that you need to visualize.

Automatic Vs Quartz

Most Omega watches are automatic, starting from 1931 to now. Yet, only a handful of them is quartz. Automatic watches gain energy from the wearer’s movement and run on it.

If it’s an automatic watch, you might require a watch winder as it mimics the wearer’s hand movement that charges the timepiece to run. Additionally, sleekness and freedom from dust are also achieved.

Therefore, the watch winder keeps the watch moving, so you don’t need to fix it every time you wear it. Whereas the watch winder loses its purpose with a quartz one that runs one battery.

Dust Free

If you are a watch lover, certainly dusting on your Omega watch is the thing you don’t want. Well, besides getting an average box, you can get yourself a fancy watch winder.

Additionally, if your Omega is on dust, it is probably due to the fixing time every time problem that is mentioned above. Overall, two birds, one stone in this.

Sleek Looks

Despite its functionality, the watch winder also provides that every watch collector loves to exhibit their watch collection. Keeping it in a box isn’t enough to express your Omega watch’s beauty.

This is where the winder comes in and gives your watch a better place to live on. With loads of designs and fabrication available, you won’t ever run short.

Overall, if the winders fit your needs, it’s certainly worth getting one.

What Type Of Watch Winder Should I Get For My Omega Watch?

What Type Of Watch Winder Should I Get For My Omega Watch

If you are here, you are certainly convinced of getting a watch winder for your Omega watch, regarding valid reasons. Well, then comes the points of what you should look out for in a watch winder. Don’t worry, we got your back here as well. Here’s what you got to look out for.

Turns Per Day (TPD)

The number of turns required for your watch to run the whole day without any interruption is called its TPD rating.

Omega’s self-winding mechanisms typically require 650 to 800 rotations every day. You need to do a simple Google search to find your Omega watch’s TPD rating and get a winder matching the number.

Low Noise

Winders can get noisy if you don’t get a good one. As they rotate, the motors inside the winder make noises that take away the beauty of your watches. Thus, it’s best to consider the noise part when buying a watch winder.

Clockwise Vs Anticlockwise Vs Bidirectional Movement

Every automatic watch has its wound movement. Some of them are clockwise and anticlockwise, while others require bidirectional movement. Most of the Omega watches require clockwise movement in the winder. Yet, bidirectional is also common.

Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to double-check your watch to ensure what type of movement it requires to keep itself running.

Having a Rolex in your inventory might also be a possibility. So if you are considering a watch winder for it, you can also check this read on Do You Really Need A Watch Winder For Rolex?

Drawbacks Of Watch Winders

Drawbacks Of Watch Winders

While you might think there aren’t any drawbacks to this amazing gadget, well there it. They do come up with two major drawbacks that need to be considered when getting one. So here they are;


It’s inevitable but the prices on these winders are not justified. Some of them may even cost as much as your watch. Well, definitely that’s a premium winder. Nevertheless, even if you go for a normal one, its costs are not reasonable.

Magnets In The Winders Contradicts With The Watch

The hairspring in your watch may get magnetized and sticky if some watch winders’ electric motor magnet produces a magnetic field. This might then have an impact on the entire watch mechanism, decreasing its accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Let’s get into the FAQ section now, where we have collected many timepiece collectors’ questions and answered them in short.

How Long Can An Omega Watch Be Kept In A Winder?

As long as the winder is charged, you can keep your Omega watch as long as you want. Just make sure that the winder is charged periodically.

Is The Omega Speedmaster Self-winding?

Yes, with the help of Omega’s new technology, the Speedmaster doesn’t require any winding.

Is It Ok To Leave An Automatic Watch Unwound?

Yes, they will not break when unwounded. Once you put it on your hands, it will run just fine.


If you’re still wondering do I need a watch winder for my Omega? Having a watch winder is inevitably a great option if you don’t want it sitting at home.

Additionally, on a sleek box even if it’s at home. Yet, if it’s a quartz that runs on battery, you simply don’t need that for your Omega.

On the other hand, if you are willing to get a winder, make sure they fulfill the requirements of; Turns Per Day(TPD), matching movement, and less noise.

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