Do You Need A Watch Winder For An Automatic Watch? Pros And Cons




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Along with giving some core benefits, using watch winders also have some limitations. After all, is it really that hard to adjust the time when you put it on? Keeping everything in mind, you may ask, “do you need a watch winder for an automatic watch?”

Watch Winder For An Automatic Watch

To clear your confusion about watch winders for automatic watches, we will discuss the facts in the article as follows-

  • Whether you need a watch winder for automatic watches
  • The benefits and limitations of watch winders
  • Exactly who needs to use watch winders for automated watches?
  • And other relevant facts

Since the answer to the question isn’t straightforward, we must explain the relevant things people should understand. 

So, without more ado, let’s get to the point with the explanation. This will help you to make a decision whether you purchase a watch winder or not based on your aspects. 

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Do You Need a Watch Winder for An Automatic Watch?

A watch winder is a device that gently rotates an automatic watch when it’s stored to keep it running. The watch works through a self-winding mechanism to keep running, and the winder provides the needed motion.

Whether to use a watch winder is a matter of personal taste. However, since using a watch winder has merits and demerits, you can base your decision on them. The following table contains the pros and cons of a watch winder.

Watch winders save time by keeping the watches runningWatch winders are expensive to buy
You can own multiple watchesPromotes wear and tear
You can keep minimal movementsReduces the watch’s life expectancy
Prevents lubricants from drying up 

The following section explains further the pros and cons listed in the table above.

Advantages Of Using A Watch Winder:

Advantages Of Using A Watch Winder

Following are the advantages of using a watch winder

  • It Is Time-Saving 

Since watch winders keep your timepiece moving, you don’t have to set it every time. The watch is always ready to be worn, saving you time, especially if yours have multiple advanced features.

  • You Can Own Multiple Timepieces

Some watch winders can host multiple watches and wind them accordingly and keep them running. Without the winder, you must manually wind each watch daily to keep them updated.

  • You Don’t Have To Wear The Watch Every Time

Sometimes owners must keep the watch on them to keep it charged and running. With the watch winder, it’s not a must you wear it every time.

  • Keeps Internal Lubricants From Drying

Automatic watches use lubricants, like synthetic oils, that help keep the inner parts moving well. While age and maintenance can contribute to the lubricant drying, the watch can dry if it remains in one place for too long. Moving the watch keeps the lubricant as it is.

With the above pros, you are in a position to make an informed decision based on your situation.  

Disadvantages Of Using A Watch Winder:

Disadvantages Of Using A Watch Winder

The following are some cons of using a watch winder.

  • Watch Winders Are Costly

A quality watch winder with LED interior lights and good outer material can cost up to $1000. However, cheaper options are going for a price between $30 and $100.

  • Promotes Wear and Tear

Like most types of watches, the automatic watch has several moving parts that wear over time. Since the watch winder keeps your timepiece moving every time, it wears faster.

  • Reduced Life Expectancy

Since each watch in the winder keeps running whether it’s being used or not, its life expectancy reduces. Without the watch winder, the user winds only the clock they’re using.

Weighing your options should now be much easier with the facts above. If you choose to invest in watch winders for your automatic watch today, you know what to expect.  

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Who Needs A Watch Winder For Automatic Watch?

Who Needs A Watch Winder For Automatic Watch

While some insist that everyone should have a watch winder, it might not be necessary for some people. If you spend all day wearing your watch and use it regularly, then a winder won’t be necessary.

However, people with more than one timepiece can utilize the watch winder to keep them ready. Also, if your automatic watch has advanced features like a day-date display or annual or perpetual calendars, you should consider using a watch winder.

Also, if you need to store your only automatic watch for a long for any reason, you can consider a watch winder to use. 

If your watch is a simple time-only or time-and-date model, and you have no problem resetting it every time, you can do without a winder. The watch has at least a 40-hour time reserve, so it sometimes keeps running without winding.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Following are some questions frequently asked related to this topic.

Do You Have To Wind A Watch If You Have A Watch Winder?

If your watch has a self-winding mechanism, there is no need to wound it after a time in the winder. However, if your timepiece is manual, you should wind it daily.

Can A Watch Winder Damage Your Watch?

While watch winders have demerits, they cannot damage your timepiece since it automatically disengages when fully wound. However, winders can cause more wear and tear in the long run.

Do Rolex Watches Need A Watch Winder?

If you’re wondering whether you really need a watch winder for Rolex, it depends. If you’re using it daily, there is no need, but if you’re keeping it for a few days, you should.


While quartz watches are popular among most watch wearers, automatic watches lead in the luxury watch markets. With the automatic mechanism, they use wrist movement to keep operating. Also, a watch winder helps keep your timepiece running even when you’re not wearing it.

But do you need a watch winder for an automatic watch? The watch winder is only necessary for various circumstances, like when you’ve multiple watches or it has advanced features. Otherwise, if you regularly wear your timepiece and it’s not complicated to set, you can do without the winder.

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