Do You Really Need A Watch Winder For Rolex?




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Wondering if you really need a watch winder for Rolex? Since the answer is a little technical, things must be considered. No worries, you will get all answers with the necessary aspects here.

Watch Winder For Rolex

In This Guide, You Will Find Answers To All Your Questions, Including

  • Instances when a watch winder is necessary for Rolex
  • Whether a winder can damage your Rolex
  • How to manually wind and set your Rolex?
  • How to select the suitable winder for Rolex?

But do you really need a watch winder for Rolex? A watch winder is unnecessary for Rolex if you wear your timepiece daily. This is because Rolex watches are self-winding. On top of that, most of these timepieces boast power reserves for up to 70 hours when not in use.

So, let’s explore the instances of using a watch winder and other relevant facts to make you comfortable with the right decision.

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Why You Need Or Don’t Need A Watch Winder For Rolex Table?

Below will look at some instances where a watch winder may or may not be necessary for Rolex.

Why You Need A Watch Winder For RolexWhy You Don’t Need A Watch Winder For Rolex
ConvenienceRolex watches are self-winding
Have many automatic watches in your collectionYou wear your watch daily
Don’t wear your Rolex dailyYour Rolex does not have day-date functions but just time
Own a vintage Rolex watchDon’t plan to leave the watch unused for many months or years

What Is A Watch Winder?

This is an electronic device built to keep automatic watches like the Rolex fully wound when you are not wearing them. Simply, the winder is designed to simulate the movement of your wrist, ensuring the date and time functions remain set.

Generally, this device works by rotating your Rolex watch, eliminating the need to wind it by hand. And as the winder rotates, your watch’s rotor spins, allowing the mainspring to wind slowly.

Do You Really Need A Watch Winder For Rolex Watch?

Do You Really Need A Watch Winder For Rolex Watch

No, unless you don’t wear your Rolex every day. This is because Rolex watches are mechanical and use perpetual self-winding (automatic) or manual wind movements.

In other words, the watch uses your wrist’s movement to stay wound or maintain accurate readings. Therefore, if you wear it regularly, you won’t need to wind it.

And when you are not wearing this timepiece, it can run for up to 70 hours without the need for winding. However, there are several instances when you may need a watch winder for your Rolex. These include:

Own Many Watches

If you own several automatic watches, it can be tedious to wind them from time to time by hand. In this case, a watch winder for your Rolex can come in handy in keeping accurate readings.

You Don’t Wear Your Rolex Daily

Most Rolex watches will only run up to 70 hours when fully charged and not worn. If you often stay for months without wearing your timepiece, you should invest in a watch winder.

For Convenience

Most Rolex watches display the time, day, and date. Therefore, these timepieces may take longer to set if not worn for several days, especially when you are in a hurry. A watch winder can save you the hassle.

You Own a Vintage Rolex

Modern Rolex timepieces use synthetic oils that don’t solidify over time to lubricate the movements. However, vintage Rolex watches utilize lubricants that are prone to hardening over time when you don’t wear your watch regularly.

Can A Watch Winder Damage Your Rolex Watch?

Can A Watch Winder Damage Your Rolex Watch

When the fact is about using a watch winder for betterment, can a watch winder damage a watch? The simple answer is no, most time.

However, this is as long as the watch winder turns the correct number of times per day and is high-quality. Therefore, depending on the winder you buy, you must set it to the correct turns per day (TPD), which is 650.

Another reason a winder cannot damage your Rolex is that the device is designed to rotate your Rolex at slow speeds. Therefore, there is no risk of the winder over-winding your timepiece or damaging the moving parts.

How To Choose The Best Watch Winder For Rolex?

Thinking of getting a watch winder for your Rolex? Here are some tips to help you find the best one for your timepiece.

Adjustable Turns Per Day (TPD)

The recommended TPD for Rolex watches is 650. However, most standard winders have around 750 TPD. So, you must get a winder that you can easily adjust the TPD to 650.

Power Source

You can choose between a winder that runs on AC or battery power. Winders powered by batteries offer more flexibility as you can take them with you anywhere.

Rotor Winding Direction

Most winders can only wind in one direction. However, you need a winder that can wind in clockwise and anticlockwise movements for your Rolex watch.

Resting Periods

Some winders run for a few minutes per hour throughout the day. Meanwhile, other winders run endlessly for several hours and then switch off for the rest of the day. The former is better for improved accuracy.

How To Wind & Set Your Rolex Without A Watch Winder?

Set Your Rolex Without A Watch Winder

Don’t plan to get a watch winder because you wear your watch daily? Below is a step-by-step guide on how to wind it by hand.

  • Step 1: Unfasten the Crown

Get your Rolex and rotate the screw-in crown in a counterclockwise direction by hand. Keep turning the crown till it detaches from the screw and pops out.

  • Step 2: Wind the Crown

Once the crown pops out, it should go into the winding or natural position. Next, turn the crown clockwise or towards the 12 o’clock direction, making 35-40 rotations. You should feel the tension as the mainspring winds and hear a faint clicking sound.

  • Step 3: Adjust the Date

Gently pull the crown until it pops out slightly. Then, turn the crown’s knob in a clockwise direction. Rotate the knob as many times as you need until you get the correct date.

  • Step 4: Adjust the Time

Pull the crown again gently up until it pops out. Then, rotate the crown’s knob away from you or clockwise. You will see the hour and minute hand turning. Keep rotating the crown until you get the correct time.

  • Step 5: Fasten the Crown

Push your Rolex crown till it clicks back to its original position. Then, turn the crown clockwise to screw it in place.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Let’s check out some commonly asked questions regarding whether or not you need a watch winder for Rolex.

Q: How Long Can You Leave A Rolex On A Winder?

You can leave it for as long as you need to when you are not using your Rolex watch. There is no risk of your watch being over wound.

Q: What Happens If I Fail To Wind My Rolex?

As long as you wear your Rolex every day, nothing will happen. However, if you don’t wear the watch daily, it will slow down and eventually stop if you don’t wind it.

Final Note

The answer to the question, “do you really need a watch winder for Rolex?” can either be yes or no. No, if you wear your timepiece every day, and yes if you only use the Rolex occasionally.

Luckily, anyone can wind and set their Rolex without a watch winder. That said, if you decide to get a winder, it won’t damage your Rolex. But this is as long as you get the best quality winder with adjustable TPD, resting periods, and correct winding direction.

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