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One popular feature of modern smartwatches is fitness or activity tracking. However, few apps or programs are available to get the stats correctly.

That’s where Strava and Samsung Health can give you relief. You can choose either of these two apps to promote your well-being through the wearable.

And it’s not always smartwatches that need to manage physical exercises. Modern activity trackers can get connected to smartphones to do those tasks.

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We’re about to find the activity tracker compatible with Strava and Samsung Health. But let’s have a look at the mentioned tracking programs in brief.

What Are Strava And Samsung Health?

Strava is primarily a fitness-tracking app made for runners and cyclists. It also integrates social media, allowing you to share fitness stats. The app connects you to local fitness enthusiasts to share the data and discover local gyms/clubs and athletic challenges.

Therefore, Strava features are divided into three main categories – tracking, connecting, and competing.

Strava also features a premium version called Strava Summit. Likewise, the paid version comes with some additional features. It includes – training plans, custom goals, and analysis of logged exercises.

Meanwhile, Samsung Health is a health and fitness app available on Android and iOS. This one goes beyond general fitness tracking. Instead, Samsung Health gives insight into the user’s well-being to encourage more physical activity.

The app tracks lots of metrics to help you manage your overall health. You can record workouts, track steps, heart rate, active minutes, and even sleep. Samsung Health can also track your sleep-time data, SPO2, snoring, and noise levels, depending on the device.

Top 5 Activity Tracker Compatible With Strava

Not many activity trackers are well-compatible with Strava. Only exclusively fitness-oriented brands have devices compatible with the app. Keep scrolling to explore the best activity trackers for Strava.

1. Fitbit Charge 5

Time to optimize your workout with a featured ‘Daily Readiness Score’ for recovery. Also, use the daily Stress Management Score to relieve your mental distress. Charge 5 is loaded with multiple full-time sensors to cover the readings of well-being.

And you’re sure to enjoy maximum health benefits using the Strava app. Keep your stats under control with the peculiar health metrics dashboard. Additional features like ECG, SPO2, and GPS are available under the advanced activity-fitness tracker.

2. Fitbit Luxe

The timeless accessory is ready to convert your outfit and daily lifestyle with accurate stats. Its 24/7 HR monitoring lets you maximize your target of calories burnt. Adding the Strava app to your aid will take physical well-being management to the next level.

It also comes with a 6-month free Fitbit Premium, letting you enjoy some extra features. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about paid Strava features anymore. Don’t forget the sleep tracking to detect the overall sleep score to enjoy a more beneficial nap.

3. Garmin Vivofit 4

A built-in move bar remains on screen to transform your lazy life into an active, healthy one. Additional segments will light up every 15 minutes of complete inactivity for warning. So, adding Strava to devices like this will improve your physique with time.

Vivofit can eventually learn your activity levels based on the observation to set daily goals. It also counts calories burnt and overall sleeping quality through 24/7 wearing. It also includes a precise pedometer to determine the covered distance in suitable units.

4. Fitbit Inspire 3

Its modern style is available with three different bands to suit your outfit. However, you can achieve an enormous health benefit from its many built-in sensors. The wearable promises to monitor almost any fundamental metric related to your physical activities.

Installing Strava will get you to share more stats with interested companions and competitors. Standard features are already embedded, like – sleep, SPO2, stress, GPS, and HR. Furthermore, you can get call/text notifications directly from your smartphone.

5. Fitbit Ace 3

Why leave your beloved kids behind when everyone’s concerned about health? Well, Fitbit designs the awe-inspiring Ace 3 model to cover the activities of a growing child. Its animated clock face will surely keep the little one attracted and motivated to the stats.

Getting the Strava app on this device will teach them to become conscious about health. And hopefully, your baby is likely to develop healthier habits from an early age. Its all-day activity tracking includes bedtime reminders, sleep tracking, and silent alarms.

Top 5 Activity Tracker Compatible With Samsung Health

This app is most suitable for Samsung devices instead of non-Samsung ones. One or more features may not work properly due to device specs. Let’s explore the top activity trackers for Samsung Health.

1. Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Boost your training sessions with perfect tracks on physical stats from the app. The upgraded model features some excellent additions to its predecessor. Also, you tune yourself up with your favorite music through its limited yet reasonable storage.

It promises exceptional accuracy in counting your calories burnt and overall performance. The activity tracker is also compatible with some other popular apps. You can install MapMyRun to count your miles or receive the best nutrition through MyFitnessPal.

2. Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

Galaxy Fit 2 lets you simultaneously keep up with the rhythm and physical well-being. Its attractive 3D screen glass perfectly accommodates the sleek design with an AMOLED display. So, you’ll get superior visibility at any given time to look at your physical stats.

Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, or jogger – this one is ready to adorn your wrist. The built-in Samsung Health tracks all the essential stats, even when asleep. Optimize your life’s activity with the upgrade while managing your physical concerns.

3. Patron Urban

Heart rate, activity, exercise, altitude – measure anything you need while on the ground. The functional tracker series can provide 24/7 support in any different model. You can choose between three activity trackers – HR, S Plus, or Pro.

Its powerful battery with excellent water resistance ensures uninterrupted services. Installing Samsung Health will initiate smart fitness support with multiple physical stats. Higher accuracy is what makes the less-known tracker a more suitable wristwear.

4. Samsung Gear Fit

The beautiful 24/7 wearable remains in an always-on state to track your activities. You can take it almost anywhere, thanks to its resistance to water and dust. Also, there’s a curved display with a super-bright AMOLED screen to reveal every vital stat.

A built-in heart rate sensor becomes a personalized fitness motivator with Samsung Health. You’ll get real-time coaching to provide support, motivation, and active living. Connecting the device to your smartphone will deliver calls, texts, and notifications.

5. Samsung Galaxy Fit

Let the automatic fitness tracking keep up the activity with Galaxy Fit. The wellness monitoring device is compatible with Samsung, non-Samsung, and Apple smartphones. Its swim-ready design with military-grade durability provides maximum protection.

The always-on display will give your activity stats using the AMOLED screen. Track your daily steps, water/caffeine intake, and calories burnt with texts and calls. Don’t forget the sleep patterns or instant notifications on any irregularities in your heartbeat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Use Strava Without Paying?

Answer: You can use basic features like social connectivity, distance tracking, and competitive analysis for free. Upgrading to Strava Summit will let you use the additional features.

Do You Need A Smartwatch For Strava?

Answer: Smartwatch is the most convenient wearable device for Strava. However, several other trackers that allow 3rd-party programs can use Strava. So, you won’t always need Strava-compatible smartwatches.

What Devices Can Link To Samsung Health?

Answer: Samsung Health app is compatible with most Samsung devices. Phones having Android Marshmallow or above also support the app. You can even install the app on modern iWatch models.

Can Samsung Health Sync With Google Fit?

Answer: Samsung Health may support slight syncing with Google Fit, depending on the device. But syncing the two isn’t yet possible accurately. Samsung Health doesn’t allow syncing step counts with Google Fit.


Almost everyone looking into a physically fit lifestyle chooses an activity tracker at some point. And fitness-oriented apps can help you manage every activity in your favor.

Finding an activity tracker compatible with Strava and Samsung Health may seem easy. However, Strava is less popular compared to Samsung Health. Samsung Health has over 50 million active users worldwide. Meanwhile, some don’t even know Strava well due to minimal free features.

Still, Strava has some promising features you can use for competitive fitness. Otherwise, Samsung Health should be your ultimate companion to address health concerns.

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