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Not long ago, Apple launched the “Apple Music Replay” feature for Apple Music users. Apple Music Replay basically creates a personalized playlist that features your most listened songs and you can also share it with your friends.

As this feature is pretty new, some users are reportedly unable to access it but don’t worry because we can fix it for you.

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In this comprehensive guide, we will share 5 ways that you can use to Fix Apple Music Replay and make it work. Let’s get started.

What Is Apple Music Replay?

Apple Music Replay is a feature that allows you to revisit your activity on Apple Music and review statistics such as which artist you listened to the most, which album got the greatest number of listens, and which song was your favorite.

Not only that, but at the end of the year, you get to enjoy your very own playlist comprising all the personal favorites that you have listened to the most throughout the year.

Apple Music calculates all of these stats by analyzing your music history throughout the year, compiling the number of listens per song, album, as well as artist. But the process is not that simple – the criteria of which songs and which streams count is very specific to ensure that your playlist is curated based only on your personal taste.

For example, you must be signed in to Apple Music using your Apple ID, should be playing music that is on the Apple catalog, and should have listened to the track, album, or artist for a certain period before it qualifies for Apple Music Replay. This helps to make your stats more accurate and specific to your listening habits and preferences.

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How To Access The Apple Music Replay? – 3 Simple Steps

Apple Music Replay feature is a new feature and many people don’t know how to access it. If you are one of those people don’t worry because it’s very easy to access and you can do it by using the following steps.

  • Step #1.  In the first step, you need to go to the Apple Music Replay section and you can do it by copying and pasting the following URL into your Browser: Once you enter and press the URL, it will take you to the Apple Music Replay section.
  • Step #2. If you are not already signed into Apple Music, you will be asked to enter your login credentials. Please note that if you want to use the Apple Music Replay feature, it’s important that you have a valid Apple Music Replay subscription. Once you enter your login credentials, you will land on the Apple Music Replay section.
  • Step #3. In the third step, you will need to click on the “Get Your Replay Mix” button. Now click  “Add” to add the playlist to your Apple Music Library. Apple Music will show the Apple Music Replay for different years and in the album, you will be able to see the number of times you have listened to listed songs.

How To Fix Apple Music Replay Not Working? – 5 Easy Solutions To Fix It!

Apple Music Replay is a great feature but some Apple Music users have reported that it’s not working for them. There could be several reasons behind it and we will address all of them in this section.

Here we have shared the 5 solutions which you can use to fix Apple Music Replay not working issue. Let’s have a look.

Solution #1. Ensure That Your Apple Music Subscription Is Still Valid

Apple Music Replay feature is exclusively available to Apple Music users and if you unsubscribe to the service, your Apple Music Replay playlists will no longer be available to you. 

So, if you are unable to access your Apple Music Replay playlists, make sure that you have a valid Apple Music subscription. Once you subscribed to Apple Music, you will get access back to the Apple Music Replay Playlists.

Solution #2. Ensure That You Are Using The Correct Apple ID

The Apple ID you use to subscribe to Apple Music should be the same one that you use to sign in to view your Apple Music Replay stats at 

Solution #3. Listen To More Songs On Apple Music To Create Apple Music Replay Playlist

If you have just joined the Apple Music service and you are a new Apple Music user, the system won’t create Apple Music Replay Playlist as it doesn’t have data about you.

So, start listening to your favorite songs on Apple Music and once the system have enough data about the songs, it will curate a personalized list featuring your favorite songs.

Solution #4. Make Sure That The “Use Listening History” Feature Is Enabled

Apple Music can’t curate a personalized Apple Music Replay playlist if you have disabled the “Use Listening History” feature.

So, if you are unable to access Apple Music Replay playlists, there’s a possibility that Apple Music is blocked from using your listening history. Here’s how you can enable the “Use Listening History” feature on your Apple Music App.

  1. Go to your iPhone and open its settings.
  2. In Settings, find the Music section and tap it.
  3. Here find the “Use Listening History” section and enable it.

Once you enable the “Use Listening History”, Apple Music will create an “Apple Music Replay” Playlist for you. Please note that Apple Music will only create the playlist of the current year and it won’t create the list for previous years as it won’t have access to your song data for previous years.

Solution #5. Update your iPhone or iPad’s Software

If the issue still persists, make sure that your iPhone or iPad is updated to the latest version of iOS available for download. Sometimes, outdated software can cause issues with the syncing up between Apple Music and Apple Music Replay. Go to Settings and tap on Software Updates to download the latest releases.

To ensure that the problem is not being caused by your browser, go to your Safari settings and clear out the cache and browsing history. Relaunch the browser and try accessing Apple Music Replay once again.

Last but not least, if all else fails, you can try contacting Apple customer support to get direct assistance from one of the company experts who should hopefully be able to help you resolve this issue.

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Why Is My Apple Replay Inaccurate And How To Make It More Accurate?

Apple Music Replay is an exciting feature and many Apple Music users including me love it. However, Apple Music Replay has been reportedly inaccurate since its launch, and many users have reported the issue on many forums including Reddit and Apple discussion forums.

So, I did my research and after extensive research, I’ve found that the following are some of the factors which can affect the accuracy of your Apple Music Replay.

  • Music Listening History – If Music listening history is turned off on your device, the system won’t be able to track the music you listen and it won’t be able to generate Apple Music Replay for you. So, make sure that your Apple Music Listening History is turned on.
  • Listen to complete songs – Some users have also reported that Apple Music only includes the songs which you finish. For example, if you start a song and skip it before it ends, the system will not consider it for the Apple Replay. So, if your favorite song isn’t included in your Apple Replay, make sure that you listen to it on repeat for some time and the system will include it on the Apple Replay.
  • Listen to Songs – Apple Music Replay provides insights into the music you enjoy. So, make sure that you regularly use Apple Music and once the system has enough data, it will generate the Apple Music Replay for you.

If you have applied the above solutions and still you are not getting the accurate Apple Music Replay, I’d recommend that you should log out and then sign in again. This method has reportedly worked for some users and it might work for you as well.

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When Does Apple Replay Update?

According to Apple, the system updates the Apple Music Replay every week but the company didn’t identify the day. According to my research, the system collects the data throughout the week and at the end of every week, the system updates the Apple Replay based on the collected data.

How Often Does Apple Replay Update?

Apple Replay Updates every week and it updates the list with your most-listened songs throughout the respective week. However, if you don’t use Apple Music during the whole week, the system won’t update the Apple Replay.

What Day Of The Week Does Apple Music Replay Update?

Apple Music Replay doesn’t update in real-time and it updates on a weekly basis. The company didn’t specify the day on its website but it updates on weekends, usually on Sundays.

Have Apple Redesigned The Apple Music Replay?

Yes, Apple has recently redesigned the Apple Music Replay for Apple Music users and the redesigned version is now available with Apple Music Replay 2023.

Have Apple Redesigned The Apple Music Replay

The new Apple Music Replay is sleekier than ever and it’s on par with the likes of Spotify Wrapped and others. On the web version of Apple Music, you will be able to see full Replay details. 

Also, it comes with personalized reels on the top of the Apple Music App where you will find details such as how many minutes you have spent listening to various songs, your top artists, albums, and more. On top of that, you will also be able to see if you are in the top 100 of your favorite artists or genres. 

Now you will also have the option to share your Apple Music Replay stats directly with your friends on social media platforms. You can check more details of the redesigned Apple Music

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

In this section of the article, we are going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Apple Music Replay Not Working.

Is Apple Music Replay 2023 Available Now?

Answer: Yes, if you have listened to enough songs in 2023, your personalized Apple Music Replay 2023 should be available on your Apple Music App.

Is Apple Music Replays Accurate Enough?

Answer: Apple Music Replays playlists only feature songs and albums which you have listened to the most throughout the year and as it only uses your data, it’s pretty safe to say that Apple Music Replays are accurate.

Can I Check My Apple Music Stats From The Library?

Answer: Yes, you can easily find yearly stats of Music Replays and you can also check the number of times you have listened to a particular song throughout that year.

Where Can I Get Apple Music Wrapped In 2023?

Answer:  Open your web browser and type and click on “Get Your Replay Mix” to get the Replay list for 2023.

How Do I Add A Playlist To Apple Replay?

Answer: Apple doesn’t allow you to manually added a Playlist to Apple Replay and the only way you can feature an album or playlist on the Apple Replay is by listening to it. So, if you want any album to be featured on the Apple Music Replay, listen to the complete album multiple times and the system will add the playlist to the Apple Music Replay.

How Do I Add Apple Music Replay Playlist To My Library?

Answer: Here’s how you can add your Apple Music Replay Playlist to your Apple Music Library.

  • Open your Apple Music app.
  • Now go to the “Listen Now” section and scroll down to the Replay playlist.
  • Open the Apple Replay album that you want to add to your library and tap the “+” icon to add it to your library.
  • That’s it.


Apple Music Replay is an excellent feature and it gives you access to all of your favorite and most-listened songs in a personalized playlist which is pretty awesome. I love this feature and I’m very sure that you will also love it.

In the guide, I’ve shared the 5 working methods which you can use to fix the Apple Music Replay. I hope that now Apple Music Replay is working on your end and if it’s working, enjoy your music. Have fun!

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