Apple Watch Goes Dark Or Off? Here’s How To Fix It 2024




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The combination of the iPhone and Apple watch has added an extra layer of convenience in our life. We can check all the notifications, send messages and receive phone calls through our Apple Watch without having our phone in our hands.

Apple Watch Goes Dark Or Off The Ultimate Solution

So, we can understand how you feel when the Apple watch goes dark or the Apple watch goes off. 

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If you have already faced these issues and are looking for a solution, then we are here to help you. So, without further due, let’s try to solve the problem. 

Apple Watch Goes Dark Or Off: The Ultimate Solution

There are actually several methods of fixing this dark screen or off-screen issue. However, here we will try to go from the easiest solution to the hardest solution. 

One important piece of suggestion is that, before you go for applying the hardest way, try to apply the easy solutions several times. If those fail to solve the issue, then you may go for the hardest solution. 

So, let’s get into it!  

Method 1: Charge Your Device 

This is the easiest and simplest way to solve the dark screen problem. The most common reason behind the screen going dark is that your watch might not be properly charged. It happens pretty often.

So, before jumping into other solutions, try to charge your device for 10 to 15 minutes. The screen may be alive after charging.  

Method 2: Turning Off The Voice Over And The Screen Curtain Options

Another common reason behind dark screen problems is when the VoiceOver and screen curtain options are turned on. When both of these options are turned on, the Apple watch sometimes seems to turn black. So, to fix the problem, you will just need to turn off these options.

However, to do that, your device will need to be connected to your phone.

  •  Then open the “watch app” on your phone.
  • After that, find the “Accessibility” option, and select it.
  • Then go to “VoiceOver”, and turn off the toggle of this option.
  • After that, navigate to the bottom of the same page and turn off the “screen curtain” toggle as well. 

Hopefully, that will solve your problem. If not, follow the next methods, mentioned below. 

Method 3: Update The System

If the watch operating system is not updated, it may cause software bugs and the watch may act unusually. So, the next thing you can do is to update the watchOS. 

To do that, you will need to follow a few steps: 

Method 3 Update The System
  • Firstly, your watch will need to be connected to your iPhone. 
  • Then, open the “Watch app”, and go to the option “General”. 
  • After that, go to the “software update” option, and check whether any update is available or not. 
  • If available, tap on the “download and install” option. Once the software is downloaded, this will be automatically installed. 

Method 4: Hard Reset

If none of the methods mentioned above doesn’t solve your problem, then, unfortunately, you will need to follow the hard way to solve your problem. The first hard way is to “hard reset” your watch. However, nothing to worry about your data, as the hard reset won’t affect the data of your watch. 

Follow the steps to hard reset the apple watch:

  • The process is pretty simple and easy. Just press on the “Digital crown” button along with the “side button” for 20 to 30 seconds. After that, keep holding the buttons, until, on the screen, the Apple logo appears. 
  • However, if the logo doesn’t appear on the screen, try to charge the device for a few minutes and follow the same process. Hopefully, the screen will turn on this time. 

Method 5: Factory Reset 

This is probably the hardest way to solve the problem of an Apple watch. In this process, you will lose every data and information that has been stored in your watch. To avoid data loss, you may sync and backup all the data on the watch app. 

To erase all the data follow the next steps:

  • Open the “watch app” and then select the “My watch” option.
  • Then go to “general” and select “reset”.
  • After that, tap on “Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings” 

However, if the apple watch has a cellular connection, you will find two options, named “Erase All” and “Erase All and Keep Plan”. Choose “Erase All” to totally erase your Apple Watch. Choose “Remove All & Keep Plan” if you wish to erase everything and then recover it while retaining your cellular plan. 

Method 6: Contact Apple Support Center

If your watch is still black, after factory reset, then it’s time to ask for help from the manufacturer or the seller. There might be physical damage to your watch. 

So, to find out that, try to contact the apple support center through email, or phone calls, or you can visit any Apple store to resolve your issue. 

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Apple Watch Screen Black But Still Vibrates?

If you have faced this problem, where the Apple watch screen remains black, then let’s find a solution to this problem. Hence, you can feel the vibration of your watch, or you can see the battery and other features on your phone. 

Apple Watch Screen Black But Still Vibrates

The first thing you can do is simply charge your watch. In many cases, this resolves the issues. However, if the problem doesn’t resolve, you may need to force start your watch. As the screen remains dark and you can’t see anything on the screen, the regular restart process won’t be possible. 

  • To force start your watch, simply press the “digital crown” button and “side button” together for approximately 10 to 15 seconds. As soon as, on the screen, the Apple logo appears, release both buttons. This will restart your watch. 

However, don’t use the force restart process often, as it can damage the data of your watch. 

How To Fix An Apple Watch That’s Stuck On Black Screen?

There are actually several ways to fix an apple watch, while the watch remains on the black screen. The methods may seem very cheeky, yet many users have found them helpful. 

Method 1:

The first method is simply pressing the buttons to solve the issue. To do that, press and hold both the “digital crown” button and the “side button” together for 15 to 20 seconds. That should bring the Apple logo to the screen of your watch. If you see the Apple logo, that means the screen isn’t stuck anymore. 

Method 2:

If the 1st method doesn’t bring back your screen, then follow this method. To begin with, charge your device for several minutes, like 10 to 12 minutes. Once your device is charged for a while, then try the same process as method 1, while the device is still connected to the charger. 

Method 3:

If your screen is still stuck, then you might need to follow the 3rd method. This is a bit risky and a very cheeky way to solve the problem. However, if you are careful, then you may get a positive result. 

  • Firstly, hold the watch in your hand, and press the face and back of your watch with your thumb fingers. Try to provide a little bit of pressure, but don’t press too hard as it can damage the device. 
  • Then, tap on the different parts of the watch with your index finger, very randomly. Tap on the buttons as well. 
  • Once you are down, then follow the same process as method 1. Hold and press the “digital crown” button, as well as the “side button”, for a few seconds until the logo appears on the screen of your Apple watch. 

There is a high possibility that at this point, your watch will start working. However, if it still doesn’t work, try to follow all the methods 4 or 5 times, to resolve the issue. 

Why Is My Apple Stuck On One Screen? 

There can be several reasons why the Apple Watch screen is stuck on one screen. That can happen because of any third-party app, or because of outdated systems, etc. 

  • To resolve this issue firstly try to force restart your watch. As mentioned earlier, to force restart, simply hold and press the “digital crown” and “side button”, for 10 to 15 seconds, until, on the screen, the Apple logo appears. 
  • However, if this doesn’t fix the problem, try to update the system from the “Watch app” of your iPhone. Along with this, you may disable any app that might seem problematic. You can also delete those apps, and reinstall them to solve the problem. 

How To Keep The Apple Screen On Longer?

You can keep your Apple screen on for longer, by following a few simple steps. Those are as follow:

  • Tap on the “settings” app of the Apple watch.
  • Then tap on the “Display and Brightness” option. 
  • After that, tap on the “wake duration”. You will find different time duration here. However, you can keep the screen on for the highest 70 seconds. 

How To Work Around Apple Watch Being Too Dim?

Normally, when you increase the brightness of an Apple watch by sliding the brightness bar on your required level, it remains at the same brightness level. However, if you notice any unusual change in the brightness, you can follow a few methods to resolve the problem. 

Method 1: Restart The Device

You can simply restart the device to check out whether this resolves the issue or not. To restart the device, follow the next steps:

How To Work Around Apple Watch Being Too Dim
  • Press the side button to bring the “Power Off” slider on the screen. 
  • Then drag the slider to turn off the device. 
  • Once the device is powered off, press the side button again, and hold it until the logo appears on the screen.

Method 2: System Update

System update helps to remove the system bugs and let the watch work normally. If your system is outdated, it may cause brightness issues. To solve the issue, check out whether any update is available or not. If available, update it. 

Method 3: Cool Down The Device 

If your watch is multitasking and tends to be hot, this also makes the brightness of the screen too dim. To solve this issue, just remove the watch from the wrist and keep it at room temperature for a few minutes, to let it cool down. It may solve the brightness problem. 

Other than that, your watch may also face brightness issues because of the wrong resolution or for any physical damages. In this case, you may check your watch with a professional, or contact the Apple support center. 


Hopefully, you have found this article on ‘Apple watch goes dark or off’ informative and helpful. 

However, to keep your Apple watch problem-free, try to charge it on a regular basis, keep the screen timeout low and adjust the brightness to an optimum level.

But, even if you face some issues, don’t be worried too much. Firstly, just follow the simple task, like restarting the device. If that doesn’t solve the problem, the Apple support center is always there for you to help.

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