Best 20 Fitness Podcasts For Beginners & For Personal Trainers In 2024




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Podcasts are great for entertainment and educations and in this post, I will mention some of the best fitness podcasts for beginners or personal trainers.

I added below some of the best fitness podcasts for building muscle, running, and nutrition on the web and on YouTube.

Podcasts are quite common in our world today and are a digital audio file which can be downloaded to your devices, and work in a series of installments which are automatically received.

Well, this digital file format is serving many purposes in the world today. In the fast track world of today, people barely get time to read long and thick books and that may become a barrier in your learning experiences.

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There are several categories that podcasts serve in. It can be about mental health, nutrition, lifestyle, etc.

One such important and significant category of podcasts is fitness podcasts. But only a few handfuls of people know how will it be better than listening to music or anything else while their workout. Hence, we have everything summed up here from fitness motivation to the right nutrition.

Top 20 Best Fitness Podcasts For Beginners And Personal Trainers

We must strive to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Fitness workout is something you constantly need motivation for.

Best Fitness Podcasts For Beginners

Whether you are a beginner or a personal trainer, you need a consistent push on a regular basis. To fill up that motivational void in your workout life, podcasts can do great.

Plus, the entertainment you are getting along with the workout or a long walk. As a beginner, you often feel like not being able to comprehend the good that the fitness routine and workout might be bringing you and you might even want to give up.

To keep you in the highest of spirits, fitness podcasts are a great source of motivation. Or, if you serve as a personal trainer, you must eventually feel tired of your routine.

To keep yourself in high spirits all the time, fitness podcasts will serve great for this purpose. We have dug in deep to present the best fitness podcasts to fit your requirements.

1. Ali On The Run:

Running a nice distance every day is quite important for your fitness. If you are a real runner, or if you are just beginning on your running marathon, then Ali on the Run will serve as the perfect companion.

It is both inspiring and motivationally useful. The best thing about this podcast is the host, Ali, talking to professionals and daily runners, through which you can even get some applicable tips to initiate your running journey and to keep yourself at it.

Moreover, their motivation and personal life experiences are sure to impress and inspire you. So, if you want to get your running journey on, listening to this podcast while on the run can do a great deal to it.

The show is a real hit because of the insights it offers and the practical advice you get out of it. Also, your repetitive playlist may have become a little worn out and trying this podcast may lead to getting better at your running. A relevant and useful show for running enthusiasts and beginners.

2. Barbell Shrugged – One of the best fitness podcasts on Youtube

This podcast has been one of the top fitness-related shows and has so much to feed you with.

It mostly covers interviews of the experts and successful people with impressive and maintained training routines.

The information you get through their podcasts is both motivating and applicable. It is basically a treat for the athletic kind of fitness people look for. You get information about the refreshed and evolved tools of today.

The design and pattern of this show work great for your routine and also added entertainment during your workout sessions. Overall, the interviews and practical tips that you get are what makes it special.

3. The Tim Ferriss Show – Another great fitness podcasts on youtube

Tim Ferriss Podcast – One of the best fitness podcasts on youtube

If you are searching for the best fitness podcasts on YouTube, the Tim Ferriss Show is bound to show up. When it comes to the latest fitness trends, Tim Ferris is the best at providing first-hand knowledge to you about it.

Hence, he tests it for you and recommends the right lifestyle upgrades. Also, he gets his hand on the insights from eclectic individuals and interviews them which helps you get some pretty smooth information.

The easy conversational style of Tim is ideal for your during workout listening. The many years o consistent useful insights and the amazing guests of the show marks it among the best. His self-experimenting style and the meaningful tactic and tricks contribute to helping it make a statement.

4. Get-Fit Guy:

Your everyday motivation to achieve your fitness goals is right here. The creator of this podcast had the sole purpose of helping people reach their aims and motivating them for more.

This podcast has covered almost every corner of your fitness routines and picking the latest researched tactics of the fit life.

Furthermore, it covers tips and advice to level-up your game. The interviews cover plenty of real-life experiences to help you make a statement in this aspect and bring you inspiring stories for influence.

Shaping your body alongside listening to some influential talking will prove to be great. Rated highly, it is something you must follow during your workout timings.

5. Muscle Expert Podcast – One of the best fitness podcasts for building muscle

It is one of the best fitness podcasts for building muscles as the name suggests and also works side by side on fat loss.

It turns out that understanding the world of muscle building seems quite complex and unreachable to the common people. But the trick is to get started and not to stop midway.

The many weekly interviews with leading experts, will turn you on and help direct your pace in the right direction.

Also, it covers a vast range of topics from your nutrition to hormonal changes, strength to mindfulness, and provides strategies to acquire maximum results which is a big plus. Whether you are a gym person, or a fitness conscious homie, Muscle Expert Podcast will have something for you for sure.

Tips, hacks, and essential advice for your workout will be found here to help you upgrade your techniques and methods.

To add to its perks, you will not just be handed some physical up-gradation, but also some mental peace out of this podcast, for both men and women.

6. The Rich Roll Podcast:

If you are looking for some serious motivation, the Rich Roll Podcast can fit right in your criteria of an inspirational show.

Whether you are a normal person, a personal trainer, or an athlete, this podcast is for all. It serves as a multi-purpose podcast that can teach you normal things in ways you did not think were possible.

Rated to be among the best, one more thing you will find interesting in this podcast will be the book suggestions if you are a book person.

It has the ability to empower and improvise you and help you become the best version of yourself. To add to its perks, it can uplift your spirits and bring your mental health to a stable point.

7. Nutrition Diva:

Food contributes a great deal in your fitness and health. Hence, if you workout quite much and not eat the right proportions of food, it might not affect you the right way.

Also, your mental health relates to your food intake. Hence, to be sure about your fitness, following the right nutritional way is necessary.

In Nutrition Diva, you will find a literal diva with many solutions to your nutritional problems and queries. Also, upgrading your eating habits is quite important which you will eventually find yourself to be doing.

As there are quite some misconceptions about food intake as well which will be diminished through the amazing directions of the host of Nutrition Diva. This will contribute to helping you reach your fitness goals in a better way.

8. Hurdle:

In your hard times, you need a suitable outlet to serve as motivation. Reaching towards wellness from your hard is something you must learn as the up and down phases come quite frequently in our lives.

The host mainly talks to people who have faced such circumstances in their lives and uses that in a sense that inspires and influences a listener.

People have reviewed it to be addictive. Uplifting your spirits, in hardships and adverse time, Hurdle is definitely worth your time.

Everybody needs a comforting and consoling friend and Emil, the host, turns out to be that friend to you. An engaging and energizing podcast with some worthy content by your side can help you maintain your mental health in times of despair.

9. The Online Trainer Show

It is an online podcast. You can learn online fitness marketing, online personal training, hybrid personal training business, and so on.

The podcast is focused on personal trainers who just begin the workout. Besides, the podcasts work for those who want to start an online fitness business. 

10. The NASM-CPT Podcast 

The host of the podcast is Rick Richey. He is the master teacher of the NASM podcast. If you are fitness by profession or you want to start, then the podcast will be very helpful for you.

Because he uses an amazing way of communication which is very easy to understand about any topic. 

11. Abundant Yoga Teacher Podcast

If you are looking for an effective podcast for yogic knowledge and authenticity, then the podcast will be very essential for you. You will get spiritual knowledge from the podcast. 

When you listen to this podcast, then you will feel like the host is your true friend who shows you a good path for life. 

12. Mark Bell’s Power Project 

Mark Bell is a famous powerlifter in the world. His invention is very well known in the powerlifter world. One of his tool designs, which is chest lifting, will help you recover from your injuries. 

In this podcast, he shares his full experience with the fitness industry which will help you to be strong physically and mentally 

13. WHOOP Podcast 

This podcast will motivate you to become the best version of yourself. In fact, the podcast runs with experts and specialists in fitness. You can improve your mind and performance throughout the podcast. 

If you are a beginner, it will take you to the next level to make you stronger. 

The podcast runs with expats in the fitness industry. 

14. Fun And Gain Podcast 

The host of the podcast is an athlete, Brittanny Lupton. It will tell you the tips and tricks for making your athlete journey enjoyable. 

Moreover, the host will share the fitness routine which will be very helpful for your physical health. It will always make you laugh by telling you funny stories about fitness. 

15. Make It Simple 

The podcast prioritizes women’s health and nutrition. The host makes every topic easy and understandable. In fact, the host of the podcast is a fitness trainer. 

You can hear advice for your health from a doctor through the podcast. Also, it will tell you about your meal, hormones, injuries, and so on. 

16. Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth 

You will know about the true news of the fitness world through the podcast. After that, every myth and misleading about the fitness industry will be clear to you. 

The hostess of the podcast will give you valuable advice for improving your health. Besides, they will try to make your performance effective. 

17. The Crossfit Podcast 

It is a great fitness podcast indeed. The podcast will talk about everything in the fitness world. You will know about the real story of athletes from their guests. 

The main topic of the podcast is the transformative power of the sport. In addition, it will tell you about the benefits of sports. 

18. Joe Defranco’s Industrial Strength Show 

The podcast hosted by Joe DeFranco. He is very well known as a straight and conditional expert. As a consequence, it will be essential for increasing your speed, strength, agility, and more. 

Moreover, you can take advice about your sports-related endurance. Additionally, it will help you to maintain a good mindset all the time. 

19. The Half-Step Pod 

You will get all the information about the historical race and running world. The podcast is held by Grant Fisher and Connor Lane. They were teammates of the Bowerman Track Club. 

Grant is still engaged with the racing and training. You can learn more about him through the podcast. 

20. Start Simple Fitness

The podcast is for those who are struggling with the fitness journey. It will tell you how you will successfully pass the fitness journey. 

The podcast is structured for beginners who do not have much knowledge about the fitness industry. Also, It will discuss the obstacles to fitness. No matter how busy you are, it will help you manage your fitness time. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

For your further inquiry, you may check out this section of the article. Here, we are going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Fitness Podcasts.

Should I Listen To Podcasts While Working Out?

Answer: Yes, you should listen to podcasts while you work out. Because podcasts will motivate you very well and will help to increase your productivity.

How Long Should A Podcast Be For Beginners?

Answer: A podcast with 40 minutes will be good for beginners. If it stays 1 hour on a topic, then the podcast will be too long. 

How Do I Pick A Podcast?

Answer: For picking a podcast, you have to choose an appropriate app for you first. Then, you should find out the podcast format which you love to hear and which will help you to overcome your obstacles.  According to your interest, you can find podcasts through google, social media, or with your friends. Moreover, you should use earphones for listening to the podcasts carefully. 


The podcast is very important for you if you are a fitness lover. If you get bored after doing exercise, then the podcast will make your fitness life enjoyable in an excellent way. 

Furthermore, it will help you to maintain a healthy life. In addition, It will take care of your mental health. Besides all of these things, it will motivate you all the time no matter how bad your life condition is. 

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