Google Fit Steps & Distance Disappear Or Going Down? Here’s What To Do




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Google Fit is one of the most accurate fitness apps out there and it can track your fitness and exercise sessions very accurately.


However, like any other fitness app, Google Fit can also experience some trouble sometimes and it can record inaccurate data but it’s completely okay and there are ways to fix it.

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In this comprehensive guide, you will learn what to do if your Google Fit doesn’t record your steps or distance accurately. Let’s get started.

How Google Fit Works?

Before we discuss our main topic, it’s important that you understand how Google Fit Works. It will provide a better understanding of the app and will help you understand the problem as well.

Just like any other fitness app, Google fit also relies on the data from the sensors. Now the data could be from the sensors of your smartphone or the fitness tracker.

Google Fit Steps & Distance Disappear Or Going Down?

Now, if the step count or distance is not appearing correctly, it could be due to the fact that the sensors’ data is not correct, and you will need to take some measures to ensure that the data collected by the sensors is good.

google fit User Interface

If you are sure that the data is correct and there is a problem with the app itself, you can’t do much. You can report the issue to the developers from the app and then wait for the developers to fix it.

However, in most cases, the problem exists with the data so, if you think that the quality of the collected data is the issue, then you can check the next sections, where I have discussed the tips to improve the accuracy.

How Do I Make Google Fit More Accurate?

If you want to make your Google Fit more accurate, there are two ways to do it.

The first way is to invest in a good fitness tracker. As fitness trackers are designed specifically for recording your activity, the data collected by the trackers are refined, and it will improve the accuracy of your Google Fit.

Fitbit Accuracy

If you are into running, then you can invest in an ankle fitness tracker as it is comparatively more accurate for tracking your run. If you are looking for overall tracking, then you can invest in a good activity tracker. These trackers are a bit expensive, but they will improve the overall accuracy drastically.

The second way to improve the accuracy of your Google Fit is to use the different tips. These tips are tried and tested, and you can use them to improve the accuracy of your Google Fit. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Use the GPS
  • Hold the smartphone in your hand
  • Use third-party running apps
  • Review App Permissions
  • Disable Battery Optimization

1. Use the GPS

use gps

GPS is a very powerful tracking system that you can use to ensure accurate tracking. Google Fit also uses the GPS to track your activities, so if you are using Google Fit, but your GPS is disabled, then it could be the reason behind the inaccurate step count or distance.

Using the GPS will drastically improve the accuracy, and you will get accurate results. I would also recommend enabling it even when you are walking for accurate tracking.

2. Hold The Smartphone In Your Hand

The reason why activity trackers are more accurate is that they use the stride length as a factor to calculate your speed and other metrics.

When you track your workout by a wrist-based tracker, it also uses the stride length as a factor for tracking the workout, and it results in collecting more accurate data.

You can also apply the same principle in your smartphone, and you can hold your smartphone when you are doing any activity.

It will allow the accelerometer in your smartphone to know the speed of your movement with the stride length, and it will improve the overall quality of the data.

3. Use Third-party Running Apps

The best thing about Google fit is that it is compatible with a lot of third party running apps such as Strava, Runtastic, Runkeeper, and others.

You can pick any of these apps and use them to track your workout. As they are designed for tracking runs, they will record the data comparatively better, and you will get accurate data.

4. Review App Permissions

Google Fit is surely a very accurate app but it won’t work well if it doesn’t have all the permissions it needs to get the data. So, if your Google Fit app is not working well, review its permissions and make sure that you grant all the permissions it needs. 

Here’s how you can review the Google Fit Permissions on your smartphone.

  1. Go to Settings of your smartphone
  2. Then go to the Apps section and find Google Fit
  3. Now go to its permissions and review the permissions to ensure that it has all the permissions it needs for working.

5. Disable Battery Optimization

If Battery Optimization is enabled on your smartphone, it can stop Google Fit from working in the background and make it difficult for the app to collect the data. 

So, if you are using battery optimization or any other relevant battery saver on your smartphone, you should disable it or you can whitelist Google Fit so that the battery optimization doesn’t affect it.

In smartphones, the settings for Battery Optimization can vary depending on the Android version and smartphone you have. However, you can easily find it by searching “Battery Optimization” or “Optimize Battery Usage” in the settings.

Does Google Fit Count Steps?

Yes, Google fit counts the steps, and it uses the accelerometer in your smartphone to do it.

What Do The Calories Mean On Google Fit?

Google Fit is a very comprehensive fitness app, and it uses the sensors in your smartphone to track your activities.

It also tracks your step counts and other activities and then uses that data to determine how many calories you have burned during the activities.

What’s More Accurate Google Fit Or Samsung Health?

Google Fit and Samsung health are two competent fitness apps, and both apps come with their pros and cons.

It’s challenging to pick the one, but I have made the comparison of both apps for you guys. You can check the complete “Google Fit vs. Samsung Health” guide on the website.

Is Google Fit Step Counter Accurate?

Step Counts on my Fitbit

In most cases, the Google Fit step counter is accurate, but as the data is collected by the sensors in your smartphone, there are some chances of false steps.

Google Fit does have the algorithm to delete false steps, but still, it’s not good enough, and you can expect some discrepancies.

If you want to ensure that the step count is accurate, you can invest in a good activity tracker.


Google Fit is a great fitness app, and it can accurately record your data in many cases. You can also use the tips shared in this guide to improve accuracy.

If you want, you can invest in a good activity tracker to accurately track your activities. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section below. Also, visit the website for more useful guides.

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