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Watches have always been a representation of the style. Different watch types and strap options are becoming more and more popular in the modern era of watches.

It seems that people frequently use different straps with the same watch at various times. However, there is currently a big demand for NATO straps. 

What Is The Purpose Of A NATO Watch Strap

And for your convenience, in this article, you will get to know some of the top NATO straps.

Most importantly, some other important facts about NATO straps will be covered in this post.

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Why Is It Called NATO?

A Nato-style strap is made with woven nylon. It seems to be a good substitute for a leather belt or metallic cuff. The NATO Stock Number required to acquire the straps is where the term “NATO” originates.

What Is The Purpose Of A NATO Watch Strap?

The most important advantage of the nato watch strap is the swappable feature. Different straps of various colors and styles can be used. One need not buy more watches to do so. Only one watch can offer numerous looks with different nato straps.

Are NATO Straps Comfortable?

Nato straps are so much more comfortable to wear. The reasons behind being comfortable are:

  • Nato straps are light in weight
  • These straps keep the watch fit well in the wrist
  • Nato straps do not make scratches in the wrist

List Of 10 Best NATO Straps For Your Watch

1. BARTON Watch Bands

The Barton bands are simple to replace. It is simple to choose between and use various colors. One need not even take out any spring bars to swap the bands. 

These bands are offered in a variety of widths. The ideal width of the strap can be chosen based on personal preferences. Barton bands are extremely lightweight but last for a very long time. Compared to other straps, they feel softer. Additionally, these bracelets are washable.

2. Clockwork Synergy

Clockwise Synergy is a strap made of a seat belt. It is easy to change and wear a strap of a different color. The width and length do not vary. Clockwise Synergy offers straps of 120mm/80 mm.

This is made of seat belt material with heat-sealed protection. The build quality ensures the comfort on the wrist. the And these features have made it one the best nato straps.

3. T852044936 22mm Lug Black NATO Strap

This nato strap is from the renowned company Tissot. This is a fixed-length nato strap with a length of 22 mm. It is made of nylon and the buckle is made of stainless steel.

The nylon strap will give the user a leather feel. Tissot is ensuring the quality of its product. So, there should be no confusion about durability and comfort.

4. Daniel Wellington Cornwall NATO Strap Watch

This watch strap is so gorgeous. The material used to make it is stainless steel. The steel is gold-plated. The Scandinavian style had been followed while manufacturing.

It is designed in Sweden. The company Daniel Wellington has designed it specially made for gift accessories. It is water-resistant. However, it is safe up to 3 atm water pressure.  This feature has made it so durable. 

5. Timex Single-Layer 20mm Slip-Thru Strap

The material of this nato strap is olive green colored fabric. Hence, it is a single-layered nato strap. The buckle is silver-tone as well. The watches with 20mm lug width are compatible with this nato strap.

It is a fixed-length strap of 38 mm length. These watch straps are long lasting. But there is no info about their behavior on the water. So, it is better not to swim with these straps.

6. Marathon Watch Ballistic Nylon Watch Band

This nato strap is made of ballistic nylon. Its hardware is made of stainless steel. However, it is available in numerous beautiful colors. 

There is no info about the water resistance property. So, users should avoid water when they wear it. As all nato straps are durable in nature, they will also be durable and comfortable as well.   

7. Timex Women’s Single-Layer 16mm Slip-Thru Strap

This nato strap is made of fabric. Its design is colorful floral patterns. Hence, it is a single-layered nato strap. It is specially made for the women.

The watches which have a lug width of 16 mm are compatible with this strap. This will easily fit in the wrist with a size of 5.25 inches to 7.5 inches. And The covers a wide range of wrist sizes that may help users to choose it.

8. KAVU Watchband – Nylon Webbing Wrist Band

This strap is made of nylon. It is not a variable-length strap. There are some fixed-length straps available. It is designed and manufactured in the USA. This strap offers you a water resistance feature. It is comfortable enough and durable too.

9. SUUNTO Watch Strap

This strap is made of nylon. It is available in numerous sizes and colors. This watch offers you durability and comfort. It may last long as per the user review. This strap is a quick-release watch strap that is helpful to those who like to swap more.

10. Genuine Luminox Replacement Band

This watch is also made of nylon as well as rubber as many of them are. And this is a strap with a buckle. It fits with all the watches of the 1000 series. This is long-lasting and comfortable. It provides no water resistance info.

How Do I Choose A NATO Strap?

While choosing a nato strap, you should follow the mentioned criteria:

  • Choose colors that complement your clothing: The watch should follow the theme of your dress code and your outfit. Otherwise, it will lessen the beauty of your appearance.  
  • Make sure your straps and footwear suit: The color of the watch straps and the shoes you wear should match. This is a general dress code grammar. It enhances the beauty of your outfit.
  • Choose straps that also match your casual clothes: When you wear casual clothes, you should match the watch straps then too. Matching the watch straps with your casual dress will make you look smart.
  • Wear a formal outfit with your nato strap: It is recommended to wear a formal dress with the nato strap. It looks when you combine a formal dress and a matching nato strap.

How To Attach A NATO Strap To A Watch?

Here are the steps that you have to go through to attach a NATO strap to your watch

  • Take off the strap you are wearing.
  • The strap that was recently taken off the watch should now have its springs removed.
  • With the help of a spring bar tool, reinstall the springs into the studs as necessary. 
  • Loosen the NATO strap’s longer end away from the metallic loop that connects the two sides.
  • With both the buckles pointing up as well as the shorter edge of the strap heading away, insert the outer edge of the strap in between the upper springs and the wristwatch case.
  • Reverse the wide side and then pass it up into the wristwatch case as well as the bottom spring bar.
  • Slide through the shorter side’s iron loop with the large side.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How Tight Should A NATO Strap Be?

The strap of the wristwatch must be flexible enough just to allow one to insert the pointer finger under it. But it should not be too loose that it allows one to move it around. The timepiece is excessively tight if you can’t put your finger beneath the strap.

Can You Swim With A NATO Strap?

Most of the nato straps are water-resistant. They allow you to swim when wearing it. But if you do not find any information, particularly for your watch strap, you should avoid water.

How Long Should A NATO Strap Be?

The length of the nato strap is totally up to the user. The length he feels comfortable with should be his choice. There is only one criterion to choose the length of the strap. And, that is the comfort.

Are NATO Straps Bulky?

Nato straps are not bulky. In general, Nato straps are so light in weight. They are specially made with nylon which makes them light and comfortable.

Can You Wear A NATO Strap In The Shower?

It can not be said in a general way. Most of the nato straps offer you to make it wet. But there can be some straps that do not allow you to take shower with the straps on hand. Avoid if you do not know clearly.


Hopefully, you have found this article helpful. As you know now how to choose a perfect Nato Strap, you can surely choose the right one for you, right?

And all the Nato straps we have mentioned here are top-notch. You can pick any of them with confidence!

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