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In this article, I will give you some of the best smart doorbells that work with Alexa. The homes are turning smart because homeowners are endorsing the smart devices to control the home. The main reason for making the homes smart is high security and to get in-line with advanced security.

However, to ensure the optimal connectivity, it is essential to stay connected with the smart devices and assistants such as Google Home Assistant and Alexa. If you are using the Alexa and you need to identify the top smart doorbells, we have shaped this article.

To ensure the convenience for our readers, we have added the Alexa compatible smart doorbells in this article but before we move on to doorbells, let’s see what features to consider such as;


The smart doorbells are different than the traditional doorbells, and you need to ensure that it has all the essential functions you need.


No matter which smart doorbell you are opting for; don’t forget that you are looking for Alexa compatible doorbells. You need to check the voice assistance compatibility such as the stop an start of the recording, the quiet mode, video capturing, echo show, spotting, and the camera.


There are multiple brands for smart doorbells in the market, and if you want the Alexa compatible doorbells, you have an option to choose wireless doorbells.

Video Storage

Some smart doorbells allow users to take photos and videos and store them. There are usually two storage options; the local storage or the cloud storage. While choosing the doorbell, you need to see how much local storage is available and if the cloud storage is paid.

Video Quality

With the advancement in technology, the manufacturers are investing in video quality, and they don’t go below 720 pixels. The smart doorbells and their video quality starting from 720 pixels to 1080 pixels, depending upon the quality and obviously, the cost!

Battery Life

If you opt for the wireless doorbell, you will need to opt for the high battery life of the doorbell.

Once you have prioritized your preferences and considered all the features, let’s have a look at the best smart doorbells compatible with Amazon’s Alexa such as;

Best Smart Doorbells That Work With Alexa

1. Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ever since Amazon has acquired the smart home products, they have been developing the best-in-town smart home products and Alexa is one of them. As soon as you install Ring Video Doorbell 2 in your Alexa-assisted home, you will be able to interact with the people at the doorstep while sitting in the bed. These factors ensure not only the convenience but the highest standard of security as well. The video doorbell is sported with the microphone for two-way communication and a camera to record the videos.

The camera is featured to make 1080 pixel videos and the night vision feature ensures that you are able to keep your eyes on each aspect during the night as well. The motion detection feature allows the users to film the video as soon as motion is detected even if they don’t press the doorbell button. To meet the diverse needs of the users, Ring Video Doorbell 2 comes with the faceplate changing feature to change the color of the doorbell to match with your exterior.


  • High-quality HD videos
  • Wireless and wired options available
  • Night vision is available
  • Battery operated
  • Swappable faceplates


  • · Subscription is mandatory for video storage

2. Ring Doorbell Pro

This is a rather slim doorbell as compared to Ring Video Doorbell 2 which not only enhances the outlook but makes it look classy as well. The camera has the ability to make 1080 pixel video, and the image quality is up to the mark. The view angle is 160 degrees, and the microphone is added to ensure two-way communication with the visitor. The doorbell installation is straightforward and comes with the app for optimized control over the functionality. Through this video doorbell, you can look at the live streaming, and if you connect it with Fire TV, you can view the images and videos on TV as well. In addition to Alexa, it works with Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Wink as well.

This doorbell is equipped with infrared night vision to provide footage of the nighttime without compromising on the quality and covers the 30 feet of area. If you need to opt for the storage options, the first month is a trail basis and free while after a month, the users need to pay for the video storage subscription. This doorbell uses the hardware model, which eliminates the need for batteries. Also, the motion detection feature is available as well to keep a check on visitors even if they don’t ring the doorbell.


  • Infrared night vision
  • Hardware model
  • Sleek and classy design
  • Motion detection
  • Affordable
  • High video quality of 1080 pixels


  • · None but some people complain about the wired system as they need the doorbell which uses battery

3. August Doorbell Cam Pro

Over the years, this company has coined a strong reputation over time, and they have been offering top-rated smart products. This doorbell can be integrated with the smart locks and can be managed and controlled through the app. This doorbell uses the hardware model, which makes it difficult to install and you might need to get some help from the tech-savvy people. The overall outlook is sleek and matches the home exterior perfectly.

This smart doorbell uses motion detection features and records the videos through the 960 x 1280 camera, and the video quality will be HD. The camera is equipped with the infrared night vision to stream and record the videos during the dark. The video storage is free for 24 hours, and after that, you will need to buy the subscription for saving the videos for a longer time.


  • Full HD camera for the videos
  • Free storage for 24 hours
  • Easy compatibility with Alexa


  • Hardware model
  • Need to buy the paid subscription

4. Nest Hello

Nest Hub is the famous smart home assistant and to extend its product line, they have offered the Nest Hello doorbell. Many people think that it’s expensive but wait for a few seconds, and you will know it’s worth each penny. The unique and highlighting features include pre-recorded audio responses, facial recognition, and video streaming. This doorbell is optimized to work in extreme conditions. The most considerable thing is that this doorbell has a hardware model, and the wiring is essential for functioning. However, once you install, you will hardly have any complaints.

The camera lens has the option to zoom in eight folds, and the video can be captured in the portrait mode. If the users aren’t able to answer to the visitor at the doorstep, they can also play the pre-recorded messages to convey a message. The camera resolution is around 1600 x 1200 pixels and given the presence of the HDR system; the picture quality will be optimal. The doorbell has the face recognition features which enable the bell to memorize the frequently visiting people. In the case of the night vision features, the doorbell has an IR LED system to capture the images precisely in the dark.


  • IR LED system
  • 1600 x 1200 pixels
  • Pre-recorded messages
  • Face recognition
  • Motion detection
  • Ability to memorize the frequent faces


  • · Hardware model

5. eufy Video Doorbell

This is the new brand in the market, and they have penetrated the market pretty well. This smart doorbell is amazing and is worth each penny, and the amazing storage solutions are one of them. This doorbell has motion detection, which switches on the camera and the ability to capture 2K HD videos has been helping people keep an eye on the gate at all times. The local storage options are available, and videos can be saved in the 4 GB available space. To ensure the security of the stored videos, the military-grade encryption is available as well.

This doorbell comes with the battery, and it can work on one full charging for over 180 days and for making it perfect for the outdoor use, it has been sported with the water resistance. There is an option to set the pre-recorded messages for the times when you aren’t available to the response. However, you need to opt for professional installation services because it requires tweaking at a technical level.


  • 4 GB local storage
  • 2K HD videos
  • Pre-recorded messages
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Water resistance
  • Long-life battery


  • Need for professional installation
  • Unreliable motion detection

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