How To Sync Pokémon Go To Apple Watch? Is It Possible?




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If you are wondering how to sync Pokémon Go to Apple Watch, then you are in the right place. In this guide, we will discuss how you can sync Pokémon go to Apple Watch? Is it Possible? Let’s find out.

Apple Pay on Apple Watch

Pokémon Adventure Sync is a very useful feature that encourages players to complete certain challenges to win the buddy bandy and hatch eggs.

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When it comes to Apple Watch, Pokémon Go cannot be synced to Apple watch because the developers officially ended their support for Apple watches on July 1, 2019.

However, you can sync the Pokémon Go with Apple Health and continue to win the rewards. Let’s take a look at how you can do it.

Why Syncing The Apps Is Important?

Syncing the apps is very important as it allows the apps to share the data with each other. In this case, Pokémon Go gets the data, such as step count from the Google Fit app.

If the apps are not synced, then the Pokémon Go won’t be able to get the data, and ultimately, you won’t get any reward. So, if you want to win the rewards, then syncing your apps is very important.

What Is Adventure Sync In Pokémon Go?

Adventure Sync in Pokémon Go

As Pokémon Go encourages its players to go out and catch Pokémons, it comes with the Adventure Sync feature, where the apps get the data of players’ activity through the Apple Health app.

If the players reach a certain milestone, they get the buddy candies and the opportunity to hatch eggs.

However, only players with level 5 or higher can participate in adventure sync, and if you don’t have level 5, then you will need to fulfill this requirement first and then participate in the Adventure Sync.

How To Sync Pokémon Go To Apple Watch?

Pokémon Go Developers ended the support for Apple watch on July 1, 2019, and now you can’t sync the Pokémon Go to Apple Watch.

The developers explained the reason why they made this decision in following words “Because Adventure Sync allows Trainers the option of tracking their steps, earning Buddy Candy, and hatching Eggs in one mobile device rather than 2 separate devices, we want to focus on building Adventure Sync so that Trainers will no longer have to split their gameplay between 2 devices.”

How to Sync Pokémon Go to Apple Health?

Apple Health

Pokémon Go can’t be used with the Apple watch, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it with iPhone. You can easily sync the Pokémon Go with the Apple Health, and the Game will use the data from the Apple Health to give you rewards. Here’s how you can sync Pokémon Go to Apple Health.

  • Open the Pokémon Go on your iPhone
  • Now tap the “Main Menu” button
  • Tap the “settings” button
  • Tap on the “Adventure Sync,” and the system will show the prompt asking you for permission to access the data of Apple Health.
  • Grant the permission, and that’s it.

Now, wait for the apps to sync the data. Normally, it takes a few minutes to share the data, but it can take up to several hours in some circumstances. Once the Apple Heath is synced with Pokémon Go, you will see all the data on the Adventure Sync.

Why Is Adventure Sync Not Tracking My Fitness Progress?

Now there is a possibility that you might experience the syncing issue with your Apple Health, and in this case, I would recommend waiting for a few hours.

If the Adventure sync is still not tracking your fitness progress, you can check the following things to ensure that if Adventure Sync is connected.

Make Sure That Power Saving (Low Power) Mode Is Disabled.

When you enable the power saving mode, the system disables some sensors and processes in the background to save power. So, if the power saving (Low Power) mode is enabled on your iPhone, then turn it off.

Make Sure That Apple Health Is Connected To Pokémon Go.

Apple Watch HIIT Workout

One of the possible reasons why Adventure Sync is not tracking your fitness progress is that Apple Health is not connected to the Game. You can check it by using the following steps.

  • Open the Apple Health App on your iPhone
  • Now tap “Sources.”
  • Navigate to the Apps section and make sure that “Pokémon Go” is on the list.
  • If it’s not connected, then repeat the process of connecting the Apple health with Pokémon Go again.

That’s it.

Make Sure That Pokémon Go Has All The Permissions It Needs

Now the last step is to ensure that Pokémon Go has all the permissions it needs for its working. Here’s how you can check it.

  • Open the Settings App on your iPhone
  • Now, scroll down and find the “Pokémon Go” app in the apps list.
  • Tap Pokémon Go, and here you will find the list of all the permissions it needs. Make sure that the Game has all permissions.

That’s it.

Is Pokémon Go No Longer On Apple Watch?

Yes, Pokémon Go developers ended their support for Apple watch on July 1, 2019, and you can no longer use sync or use the Pokémon Go on the Apple watch.

Why Is Pokémon Go Not In My Apple Health App?

The reason why Pokémon Go is not listed in your Apple health app is that the Game is not connected to the App. You will have to sync the device, and the whole process is explained in the above section.


That’s all, folks. The Pokémon Go cannot be synced with the Apple watch, but you can only sync it with the Apple Health or Google Fit. I have explained the complete process of syncing the Apple Health with Pokémon Go in the above sections.

If you are interested in connecting the Pokémon Go with Samsung health, you can check this guide, where I have explained the whole process in detail.

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