How Does Apple Pay Work On Apple Watch? Is It Safe?




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Apple Pay is the payment solution by Apple, which you can use for contactless payments. In this guide, we will discuss how does Apple Pay Work on Apple Watch? And we will see if it’s safe to use or not. Let’s get started.

Apple Pay is a contactless payment solution that allows you to add your credit cards and debits cards, and then you can use it for contactless payment.

Apple Pay basically uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for payments.

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Let’s take a look at how you can set up the Apple pay on Apple watch and use it for payments.

How To Set Up Apple Pay On Apple Watch?

Before we discuss how Apple pay work on Apple Watch, let’s take a look at how you can set up the Apple Pay on Apple watch. If you have already set up the Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, then you can skip this section. Here’s how you can set up the Apple pay on your Apple watch.

  • Unlock your iPhone and open Apple Watch App
  • Now tap “My Watch tab” and select the watch in which you want to set up the Apple Pay.
  • Tap the “Wallet & Apple Pay” section.
  • Now tap “Add Card,” and you will be asked to enter the details.
  • Enter the asked details and tap “Next.”
  • Now, wait for your bank to verify your identity, and they may ask you to provide details to confirm your identity.
  • Once they verify your identity and other information, Tap “Next.”

You have successfully set up the Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, and now you can start using it for payments, which we will discuss in the next section.

How Does Apple Pay Work on Apple Watch?

Apple Pay Work on Apple Watch

Once you have set up the Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, you can use it for your payments. Visit any shop that supports Apple Pay and use these steps to pay with the Apple watch.

  • Double-click the side button of your Apple watch.
  • If you want to change the debit card you want to use, simply swipe left or right until you see your credit/debit card on display.
  • Once you have selected the card you want to use, hold the Apple watch near the terminal
  • Keep holding the watch until you feel a gentle vibration.

That’s it.

Is Apple Pay on Apple Watch Safe?

Apple products are known for their privacy, and Apple Pay is no exception. The company has invested a lot of time on this payment solution to make it flawless and secure.

In this section, I will outline some of the major procedures which are in place to protect your privacy and data. Let’s dive into it.

Apple Watch Safe

Let’s start with the important question: Does Apple have access to Credit/Debit card information stored on Apple Pay? No, Apple doesn’t keep a record of any information stored on Apple Pay.

Also, Apple doesn’t keep track of the transactions you make using Apple Pay. This information is only recorded by your bank & merchant, which is the case with every debit/credit card.

Now, let’s take a look at the security procedures that Apple Pay has to protect your cards’ information. When you add your Debit/Credit card to your Apple Pay, the system encrypts all the information and send it to the Apple Servers.

On the server end, the system decrypts the key, determines the payment network or card provider of your card, and then re-encrypts it with a special key, which only your payment network or card provider can unlock. Apple only uses the portion of the information to verify your eligibility and prevent fraud, but all of this data is protected using state of the art encryption technologies.

Now let’s come to the process of authenticating the transactions. When you set up the Apple pay, you will be asked to set up the Passcode, and you get the option to set the simple Passcode or complex Passcode. Now when you initiate any transaction, your Apple Watch will ask you to confirm your identity by using the Passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID.

Once you authenticate your transaction, the system will provide the information such as device account number, and dynamic security code to complete the transaction. Now, this information will be sent to your payment network or card provider, and the company will be able to verify it using a dynamic security code. Once it’s verified, the transaction is completed.

Can You Use Apple Pay On Apple Watch Without Phone?

When you set up the Apple Pay on Apple Watch, the watch store the necessary information on the watch, and it doesn’t require the phone to complete the transactions.

It also doesn’t require the Wifi or cellular connection to initiate and complete the transaction. So, you can use the Apple pay on Apple Watch without your phone.

Has Apple Pay Been Hacked?

Apple Pay uses the state of the art encryption technologies & security methods to ensure that your data is safe. During my research, I didn’t come across any news of Apple Pay Hack.

Also, it’s nearly impossible to hack Apple Pay because of the security procedures it uses to protect the data.

Can Apple Pay Be Stolen?

It’s nearly impossible to steal the Apple Pay information because of the encryption. The only information which your Apple watch has is the Device Account Number, which is unique and encrypted.

Unless you provide all the information yourself, your data will be safe. Even if someone steals your Apple watch, the system will ask to enter the Passcode, which only you know, and your data will be safe.

However, if you lose your Apple Watch or iPhone, you can remove the Apple pay from the lost device using your Apple ID.


Apple Pay is certainly one of the most secure payment solutions in the world, and it uses sophisticated security procedures and encryption technologies to ensure that your data is safe.

So, if you decide to use Apple Pay, you can be sure that your data is safe and secure. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section below. Also, visit the website for more useful guides.

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