Can Ring Camera See Through Glass?

Can Ring camera see through glass and how to make your security camera more efficient for recording behind glass?
I will answer these common questions in this article.

We often install security cameras in our windows facing outside to monitor the surroundings of the house. We often install these cameras for surveilling the front yard from the inside. Sometimes, we hear people say that security cameras that are installed inside a glass window do not work properly. So, we’ve jotted down some important information that will change your opinion.

First, let’s see what are the potential problems that you can expect when using cameras through glass?

The first and foremost problem with security cameras that are operating from behind a glass window is window glare.

This problem is caused by infrared LEDs, ambient lights or some kind of status lights.

As a consequence, whiteout images or videos are recorded through the cameras.

This makes it difficult to make out all the details and generally defeats the purpose of putting a security camera in the first place.

This problem is mostly at night time while it works perfectly fine during the light hours.

Another problem with these cameras is that they are unable to detect motion behind the glass or have difficulty while doing so.
The same goes for motion-triggered recording. 

While there are some cameras available in the market that work through glass windows, here are some quick fixes that can make any camera more efficient while still working from within a glass window.

  • To prevent glare, you can turn off or disable infrared lights as well as any status lights that are covering the area that your security camera covers. This will control the glare to a great extent.
  • One more thing that can be done is to place the camera as close as possible to the glass window.
  • A suction cup can also be mounted on the glass to set up the camera on the window facing outside to monitor your entrance and parking area.
  • Motion-activated or auto external lights can also be put up outside so that the area is illuminated enough so that it does not hinder the recording of the security camera.

Can Ring security cameras see from a glass?

There are a number of Ring security cameras that work well from behind a glass window.  These are the ones that do not come with spotlights or floodlights.

These cause a heavy glare on the glass and thus make it impossible to have a clear view of the outside area.

So, their indoor and outdoor cameras that do not have a spotlight attached to them can work very efficiently behind a glass window.

These include all types of spotlight, wired, battery-operated cameras in their range of security cameras.

The floodlight and spotlight cameras can also be modified by disabling their lights and then used from behind a glass window.

When a night vision surveillance camera is used through a glass window, it can be used to monitor the front yard, porch, backyard or garage area.

They are placed inside so that they’re concealed and out of sight so all the activities going on outside can be monitored.

For these cameras, we have compiled a list of tips that will make your security camera more efficient during the day and night.

Some additional tips to use Cameras from behind a glass window:

1. Use separate infrared or street illuminators that light up the area from the outside.

2. Make sure that the room where the camera is placed is darker than the outside area, this will help to get a clear image/video recording.

3. Disable infrared lights as they reduce the visibility of security cameras.

4. Use window mounts so that the cameras have minimal distance from the glass it has to view through.

5. Make sure that the glass panels or window surfaces are cleaned daily, this will also help to get better quality videos in surveillance. The cameras will be able to catch more details from the outside area.

6. While installing the camera, it is better to leave the window open.

7. Make sure that the security cameras are placed in a secure area that is out of reach so they are not mishandled easily.