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In this article, we will talk about what 3rd party cameras and Security systems work with Nest. In many parts of the world, the crime rate is increasing exponentially, and quick steps need to be taken to protect the home and make it safe.

There was a time when motion detectors and alarms were sufficient to secure everything; however, today, the paradigms have changed.

With the advancement in technology, DIY security systems are at rise as they not only reduce the installation processes but also helps get rid of the sales pitches.

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The smart homeowners have the liability to buy the pre-built security systems and install them to ditch the monthly fee issues as well. With the rise in the popularity of pre-built packages, NEST security systems have a competitive edge as it poses simplicity.

In the NEST, there are two sensors, key fobs, and the base station. The NEST Guard is a sparse integration of alarms, motion sensors, and the base station, which is connected to Google Assistant by default.

The key fobs have the liability to activate or deactivate the system while the NEST app has the capability to let the users monitor everything.

NEST has a competitive edge because it doesn’t bug the users every time it is activated. As a user, you will have a low-stress, budget-friendly, and user-friendly option.

NEST works in coordination with the Home Hub, Nest Hello Doorbell Cam, NEST Cam, and Google. In the middle of 2019 Google has decided that all Google Home products will be called from now as Google Nest.

What Works With NEST?

When NEST put their feet in the smart security industry, they boarded the flight with the smart thermostat that later expanded to the cameras, locks, alarm system, smoke detection, and the doorbells.

These products can be integrated and interlinked to create a security system for the home. Obviously, if you want a Nest compatible security system, the best way is to use Nest products for that.

For example, you can buy the Nest Secure Alarm System and add to it other devices by Nest such as indoor and outdoor cameras, thermostats, CO detectors, sensors and more(Nest has lots of smart home devices).

NEST is an integrated platform that can be interlinked with other smart home devices to build an automated ecosystem to enhance the comfort and safety of the homes.

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Cameras And Security Systems That Work With Nest Which Are Not Nest

In this section, I’ll share the cameras and security systems that are compatible with Nest and you can use them with any Nest device.

Which Cameras work with Nest?

Although Nest offers its own range of smart cameras, it also supports third-party cameras that can work with Nest devices. In this section, I’ll share some popular companies whose cameras work with Nest.

  1. Samsung – Samsung is a renowned electronic company that also has its smart camera lineup with the name of SmartCam. All of its SmartCam Cameras are fully compatible with Nest devices and you can use them in combination to enhance the security of your smart home.
  2. Arlo – Arlo is a popular European company that is known for its quality smart cameras. The company offers a wide range of surveillance and security smart cameras and all of them are fully compatible with Nest Devices.
  3. Ring – Ring is another renowned brand that is known for its high-quality smart cameras. The company offers a wide range of smart cameras including indoor and outdoor cameras which are fully compatible with Nest devices.
  4. Geeni – Geeni is another company that specializes in affordable smart cameras. All of its cameras are fully compatible with Nest devices and you can use them for home surveillance.
  5. Logitech – Logitech is mainly famous for its computer peripherals but the company also offers security and surveillance cameras that are fully compatible with Nest Ecosystem and you can use them in combination with Nest devices.
  6. Amcrest – Amcrest is an American company whose cameras are also compatible with Nest devices and you can use them along with Nest Cameras to get better coverage of your home.

Which Security Systems work with Nest?

Nest Devices also works well with popular Security Systems out there and in this section, I’m going to tell you about them. Here are some of the best security systems that work well with Nest Devices.

  1. Vivint – Vivint is a popular home security system that works flawlessly with Nest smart devices. The company offers professional installation and it offers its services to consumers in the US and Canada.
  1. ADT – ADT is another renowned home security system that works well with Nest Ecosystem. The system is mainly known for its polished apps, extensive home automation, and good customer support.
  2. Cove – Cove is another American company that is known for DIY home security systems and they are fully compatible with Nest smart home devices.
  3. Brinks – Brinks is a popular American security company that offers home security systems and Nest devices that works well with Brinks Security System.
  4. Abode – Adobe is a popular home security company that is known for its DIY home security systems and Nest Devices works flawlessly with Abode security systems.
  5. SimpliSafe – SimpliSafe is a home security company that operates from Boston and it offers quality security systems that work well with Nest Devices.

Other Nest Compatible Devices For A Security System:

Smart Plugs

If you are using the TP-Link or Wemo switches, they can be connected with NEST. This way, you can leave home, and NEST will shut down the space heater and coffee pot if you kept them on.

Third-Party Apps

If you have NEST devices working in your smart home, you need some third-party apps for controlling them. For instance, you can use Feather and CaldO to control the NEST devices through Apple TV. This can be used to control the NEST thermostat through the Apple Watch.

Smart Cameras

If you have Nest Cameras in your home, you can connect them with other compatible smart cameras and get a comprehensive view of your home. It’s worth noting here that there are chances that some smart cameras might not be compatible with Nest Cameras so make sure that you only choose the ones which are compatible with Nest Cameras.

Security Systems

You can also integrate Nest Products with your house’s security sensors and systems to protect your home. You can also connect them with smart alarms so that if they detect anything unusual, they will ring the alarm or send you a notification to alert you.


Nest offers a comprehensive range of smart home products which you can use to make your home smart and enhance the living experience. These products also work well with third-party smart home devices including smart cameras and security cameras.

In this guide, I’ve shared the third-party cameras, security systems, and other general smart home products that work well with the Nest Ecosystem. I hope that you found this guide useful and that it helped you find useful products for your smart home.

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