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With the rapid advancement of technology, it is possible to make calls with smartwatches. Samsung watches are no exception. With the help of LTE or Bluetooth, you can connect your watch to your smartphone and make calls with it.

Best Samsung Watches that can make calls

You can also make calls from remote places if your watch supports LTE. However, not all Samsung watches have the feature of making calls.

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In this article, we will give you the details regarding Samsung products that have the capability of making calls. So, without any further delay, let us start describing them.

Top 5 Best Samsung Watches That Can Make Calls

Samsung is a pretty big name in the wearable industry, and the company offers a wide range of smartwatches and fitness trackers. However, only a few smartwatches come with the cellular versions, and in this section, I will share all of them with you. Let’s take a look.

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch (4G LTE Model)

Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the most popular smartwatches in the world, and it played an important role in making the Galaxy watch lineup popular worldwide.

The 4G LTE Model of the Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with cellular connectivity, which means that you can use it to make and receive calls if you have a valid cellular subscription. You can also use the Galaxy Watch to send messages to your friends and loved ones.

Apart from cellular connectivity, Galaxy Watch comes with tons of other features that make it a very capable watch. For starters, you get the heart-rate sensor, which tracks your heart-rate 24/7.

On top of that, it also supports the stress tracking system, which you can use to know how stressed you are, and you can use the breathing exercises to relax. The watch also comes with a number of other features such as activity tracking, step counter, Barometer, and many more.

Also, the design of the Galaxy Watch is more secure as compared to most smartwatches out there. It comes with a metallic rotating bezel, which helps move from one screen to another screen and provides some protection to the screen.

So, if you drop your Galaxy Watch, there are high chances that it will survive the drop due to its physical bezel. Overall, if you want an affordable Samsung watch that can make calls, Galaxy Watch is a solid option for you.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (4G LTE Model)

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is another smartwatch from the Galaxy Watch lineup that comes with a cellular version. Like Samsung Galaxy Watch, Active 2 is also capable of making and receiving calls. You can also use the watch to send and receive messages without your smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is also more advanced than Galaxy Watch because it’s equipped with top of the line features you won’t get in many smartwatches.

It comes with an ECG feature, which allows you to perform the ECG using the Active 2, and you can use it to know if there’s anything wrong with your heart. Also, the heart-rate sensor in Active 2 is better and accurate than Galaxy Watch, which means that you will get the most accurate heart-rate tracking.

When it comes to design, Active 2 has a very modern and minimalistic design. The only problem I feel with this design is that there’s no protection around it like Galaxy Watch.

So, if you drop it, there are chances that it will damage the screen. Overall, if you want a Modern Samsung Smartwatch that can make calls, Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the best option for you.

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (LTE Model)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the latest and greatest smartwatch by Samsung so far, and it’s equipped with tons of great features, which make it an ideal smartwatch for many people.

Like its other siblings, Galaxy Watch 3 also comes with a cellular version, which you can use to make calls and send messages directly from the watch. You can also receive calls and messages directly on your watch without your smartphone.

Galaxy Watch is also equipped with many advanced features such as ECG and Blood Oxygen Levels. ECG is the advanced test used to check different heart conditions, and Galaxy Watch 3 can perform it on your wrist. Also, the watch can determine your blood oxygen levels, which lets you know how much oxygen your blood is carrying.

If the levels are too low, it’s a sign that your lungs are not working properly, and you can contact your doctor. Apart from the advanced feature, the galaxy watch 3 is equipped with regular features such as heart-rate monitoring, activity tracking, and other features.

When it comes to design, it shares a very similar design to the original Galaxy Watch, but now it’s more modern looking. In my opinion, the Galaxy watch 3 is a modern-looking smartwatch, and it’s also very durable as well. So, if you want a smartwatch that is durable and packed with modern features, Galaxy Watch 3 is the best option for you.

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Like the two watches we have mentioned in this list, The Samsung Galaxy watch 4 is also capable of making and receiving phone calls. However, it is a slightly older version than these two. But, this watch is also cheaper compared to the two products.

Moreover, it is just as capable as its newer versions when it comes to making calls. The procedure is also similar to what we have previously mentioned.

5. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The Samsung Galaxy watch 5 comes in three versions; a 40 mm, a 44 mm, and a 45 mm belt. You also have to choose between two connection modes. The connection modes that are available are Bluetooth and LTE. However, Depending on the strap size and connection type, the prices vary. 

You can make calls with this watch using Bluetooth or LTE. But, firstly, you will need to pair your smartphone with the watch. You can do that using either Bluetooth or LTE, whichever your watch supports. After that, you can easily make calls from your watch.

6. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Although this watch comes with only a 45 mm strap, that is not the topic of discussion. You can pair your smartwatch with your phone using the compatible connection mode, be it LTE or Bluetooth.

Both connection modes support the calling feature. Moreover, if someone calls you, you can answer or reject the call right from your watch. This watch also gives you the freedom of sending predefined texts while rejecting a call.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

What Is The Best Samsung Smartwatch That Can Make Calls?

In this guide, I featured the 5 Pro Samsung Smartwatches that can make calls, but if you want the best, I recommend Galaxy Watch 5 Pro because it’s the latest smartwatch, and it’s packed with a number of advanced features making it the best Samsung Smartwatch.

Can Galaxy Active 2 Make Calls?

Yes, if you have the 4G LTE Model of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and a valid cellular subscription, you can use it to make calls and send messages.

Can You Make Calls On Galaxy Watch Without A Phone?

You can only make calls on Galaxy Watch without a phone if you have the cellular version. If your watch is a Bluetooth version, you can’t make calls without your phone.


Now that we have discussed the Samsung watches that you can make calls with, you should have a better understanding of this topic. If you are planning on buying a smartwatch with this feature, the watches we have mentioned should appeal to you. 

However, it would be best for you to consider your budget and the pros and cons of these smartwatches before buying one. We wish you the best of luck. 

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