Why Second Hand Rolex Watches Are More Expensive Than New Ones?




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You may be surprised to find that some Rolex watches are sold for higher than their retail prices. This might make you curious about why second-hand Rolex watches are more expensive than new ones.

Why Second Hand Rolex Watches

There are a lot of factors that make second-hand Rolex watches costlier than the new ones.

However, not all second-hand watches are more expensive than their new counterparts.

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We have tried to find out why some second-hand Rolex watches are more expensive than the new ones. Stick around as we explain the reasons.

Why Second Hand Rolex Watches Are More Expensive Than New

Second-hand Rolex watches that have a higher price than new ones may be limited edition or vintage models.

Sometimes, the demand for specific watches is also the cause of price hikes in the second-hand market. Let’s delve deeper into this topic now.

Why Would Pre-owned Be More Expensive Than New?

Rolex is one of the biggest brands in the watchmaking industry. The watches they produce not only have immaculate craftsmanship but are also expensive at their retail price.

However, some second-hand models are sold for way more money than the retail price. Let us explain the reasons one by one:

Brand Value

As we have said before, Rolex is one of the leading watchmakers in the world. They are renowned to the world as a classy watchmaking company. People think of Rolex as kind of a status symbol. The popularity of Rolex watches means that they have a high resell value. 

Many sellers use the brand value of a Rolex watch to get a higher price than normal. Along with that, if the watch is popular, the value rises more than its retail price. 


The main reason for second-hand watches being more expensive than the new ones is availability. Rolex mostly makes high-end watches. Like all high-end products, mass-producing these watches is simply not possible. 

Hence, even if you want to buy a watch, you may not even find it in stock. So, you have no choice but to look for it in the second-hand market.

But, many people look for Rolex watches in the second-hand market, as most of the watches are readily available there. So, the sellers see a huge demand for their watches, and in turn, they ask for a lot of money, much more than the retail price.

Vintage Rolex Watches 

Collectors always adore rolex watches. The vintage models have their charm to them. But, they are finite in number as they are discontinued. 

That’s why,  when a vintage watch is sold, it snatches a lot more money than its retail market price. 

Again, there is no way that you can find a vintage Rolex model brand new. So, buyers have no option but to look for second-hand watches. This ultimately causes the sellers to increase their prices.

Limited Edition Rolex Watches

Over the years, Rolex has released some limited edition models. As is the case with all limited edition models, only a few people can get their hands on it at a retail price.

 But, these watches are coveted by many people. So, the sellers at the second-hand market ask for ridiculous amounts of money for these watches. And, many people buy these at that huge price.

Highly Demanded Watches

There are always some models of Rolex watches with huge popularity. Such is the popularity, that Rolex can’t fulfill the supply as per the demand of the customers. 

That’s when the second-hand market comes into play. People who own these watches often sell them for a hefty sum of money. And, that sum is not even close to the retail price of new watches.

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Should I Buy A New Or Second Hand Rolex Watch

Should I Buy A New Or Second Hand Rolex Watch? 

Actually, it depends on whether you want to buy a new Rolex watch or a vintage model.

In case you are looking for a vintage Rolex watch, there is no other option but to buy it second-hand.

But, in case the model you are looking for is a new one, you must try to buy a new one. If you can find a new one in stock, you should buy it. Even at retail prices, Rolex watches are expensive. So, why bother buying a second-hand watch when you can buy a new one?

However, buying a new watch also depends on whether the watch is in stock or not. You have no other choice but to buy a second-hand watch if the watches aren’t available at Rolex.

There are also some watches that have no price specified on the Rolex website. Rolex will make one of these watches upon request. So, you have to wait for a long time to get them. But, you may be able to find the watch available from a second-hand watch seller.

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Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

Are Second-hand Rolex Worth It?

Answer: The main advantage a second-hand Rolex has over a new one is its availability. Unlike new ones, second-hand watches are mostly available on the market albeit for a much higher price. If you are in a hurry to buy a Rolex, second-hand watches may be worthy for you.

Are Older Rolex Watches Worth More?

Answer: Not all Rolex watches see their prices increase over time. But, the vintage watches see their prices hike a lot. As they get older, their prices also rise.

Are Refurbished Rolex Watches Good?

Answer: Rolex watches are much more robust than you might think. So, refurbished Rolex watches can last for a long time with proper maintenance and time-to-time servicing.

How Do I Buy A Second-hand Rolex?

Answer: You can buy a second-hand Rolex watch either online or offline. The best place to buy offline is a renowned jewelry store. But, you can also buy it online. Beware not buy from a shady website. Rather, buy either from Craiglist or eBay.


Through this article, we tried to explain why second-hand Rolex watches are more expensive than new ones.

As you’ve read, there are several factors that determine the price hike of a second-hand Rolex watch. The prices are by no means justified. But, such is the demand for a Rolex watch that people are willing to buy them at a much higher price. This gives the sellers an opportunity to ask for a lot more money than they spent. 

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We hope that you understand the reasons behind the pricing of a second-hand watch. This article should help you regarding buying them.

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