Which Smartwatch Has Highest RAM In 2024?




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Not many smartwatch enthusiasts focus on RAM or memory space. And the negligence often leads to annoying screen waiting.

Only a few smart ones look into the details to decide on the RAM. Only they can pursue a successful purchase in the market.

Are you having similar issues or looking for a new buy? Then it’s time to know – which smartwatch has the highest RAM in 2024?

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Finding a high RAM wearable is no simple task due to less focus on this area. But our expert team went through detailed research.

We would like to skip online searches filled with fancy but falsified ads. The article is all about functions through large memory.

Why You Need Good RAM in Your Smartwatch?

Faster Processing: The inevitable benefit lies with the CPU’s working efficiency. Even smartwatches are getting more sophisticated, powerful, and everyday devices. It calls for a powerful CPU with a perfectly matching chipset. And you’ll need higher RAM to make the processor work fluently.

Instant Response: Immediate response through your touchscreen is a vital feature. Nobody wants to see themselves waiting for the job to get done. Instant response is only possible when the processor can function flawlessly. Higher RAM happens to provide more space to ensure the response.

Minimized Delay: Too many apps often interrupt the responding or working process. You may have the annoying experience of app halts while working. That’s what happens when the system gets overloaded. Going for a higher RAM watch will help if the apps are compatible with the system.

Zero Blackouts: Many apps keep running in the background to possess valuable hardware storage. It often makes the entire system slow and even unresponsive. And you’ll have to encounter screen blackouts with everything getting blurred. But more RAM means extra space for background apps.

More Installation: Customer demands tend to vary from time to time. And young generation wants more than just a timepiece on their wrists. They want to see, watch, listen, and even learn through installing apps. Only a higher RAM can allow the uninterrupted functioning of those apps.

Smartwatch That Has The Highest RAM In 2024

High RAM isn’t exactly the taste of the most reputed watch brands. You’re to mostly check less-known brands/models for high memory. Explore the absolute best smartwatch with the highest RAM reviews.

1. Google Pixel Watch

The long-rumored smartwatch designed by Google is ready to hit the market this fall/autumn. The company made it official by announcing the smartwatch at Google I/O 2023. Its exterior design shares similarities with the iWatch against superior technical details to Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

To keep the hype, Google isn’t talking much to reveal the possible specs and related details. The 9to5Google reported the watch to include a 300mAh battery.

However, the wearable should feature a powerful dual-processor system like Exynos 9110. The co-processor will handle the always-on apps and health tracking.

And there comes a good 32GB built-in storage like Apple’s iWatch. That’s where you’ll enjoy the usability of Google-owned Fitbit health and fitness tracking.

It pairs with a convenient RAM for faster functioning and response. But it’s uncertain whether the RAM is 1.5GB or more in the Pixel smartwatch. We only know that its RAM will outmatch Galaxy 4’s RAM.

2. Fitbit Versa 4 Fitness Smartwatch 

The watch will help you to find a fresh and fun life. You will get advanced fitness features on the watch. It will track your day-long activities with an auto activity tracking feature. Additionally, it has more than 40 exercise modes. 

It is able to monitor your heart rate and improve your sleep quality. The watch can track your menstrual health, health metrics dashboard, breathing sessions, etc., so you can maintain a healthy life. 

You can take calls, and see notifications from your wrist. Besides, the watch offers GPS. 

3. Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Smart Watch 

The battery of the watch is very long-lasting. You can use the watch without a recharge for 12 days. Additionally, it is a sports watch that has 150 sports modes. 

In fact, the watch comes with a variety of unique features such as a heart rate and sleep monitor, stress tracking, alarm clock, music player, phone call, and so on. The watch is water-resistant

You can receive Bluetooth calls any time from your wrist. For having good internal storage, you can keep approximately 470 songs in your watch. 

4. Garmin 010-02173-11 Venu smartwatch 

The watch has a bright touchscreen display which is 1.2 inches. It will track your energy level, menstrual cycle, sleep stage, measure heart rate, and so on. Also, You can record yoga, swimming, running, etc from your wrist. 

You will get a GPS and music player on the watch. Amazingly, you can use Spotify or Amazon music for getting music playlists on the smartwatch. In addition, you can install songs easily through your smartwatch because of its memory capacity. 

5. Kospet Prime 2

It’s more like a deluxe wearable to make an impression on yourself. Kospet integrates superior design with top-notch techs to let the watch stand.

The notably large 2.1” sized screen works based on its 4GB RAM. And it perfectly meets the powerful processor configuration. You shouldn’t experience any responsive delay or standstill screen navigation.

Even the featured IMG GE8320 graphic processor relies on the RAM. Installing/running a slightly heavy app on your smartwatch can’t become an issue. It even helps you to use the full 64GB internal storage.

General features are also ready to make the watch worth your money. The battery is considered good to let you operate for days with a full recharge.

6. Rollme S08

A combo of yellow markings within a black frame gives it a distinct look. You can know every necessary fact from the watch without requiring light.

The color IPS display measures a reasonable 1.69” without flaws or delays. Its 3GB RAM is good enough to get the best out of the processor. CPU frequency remains compatible to give you almost no trouble.

However, the processor specs seem to go slightly downward for the taste. Still, the integrated MTK6739 CPU with a 1.25GHz frequency should suffice. And you’re free to put the 32GB internal storage into use.

Every included general feature is also good enough to make your day. Even the battery is noticeably powerful compared to many other options.

7. Garett Watchphone One Pro

Garett decides to level up the game with a more delightful design. The watch phone seems more like a simple upgrade for current smartwatches.

You won’t have to look closely at its somewhat enormous 2.86” display. And the built-in 3GB RAM is ready to keep the display functioning. But you shouldn’t expect everything available for this luxury watch.

The most noteworthy drawback is its inability to make/take phone calls. Low cam pixels with moderate processor power can still get your tasks done. No delay or blackout can occur due to its sufficient RAM.

However, the battery power is ridiculously low against the large-sized screen. You can purchase either its black or silver version as per your choice.

8. Huawei Watch 3

The Chinese brand is arguably one of the most loved watch names. And the brand incorporates high RAM to make Series 3 watch features work.

High-spec hardware goes well with the built-in 2GB RAM. The processor configuration is low but reasonable to let you enjoy the wearable. Nonetheless, it even comes with an instead declined internal storage of 16GB.

But other general features hold excellent technical advancement. That’s what makes Watch 3 a design of balanced technology. Installing and running background apps shouldn’t give you any response problems.

You can choose from Pro Elite, Pro Classic, Classic, and Active. All four Huawei options are similar with the same 2GB RAM integration.

9. Garett Kids 4G

Let your kids explore the wearable potential with a powerful watch. It’s Garett again to make your little one’s life more enjoyable and organized.

The model is available in three different colors for its high RAM configuration. Encourage the outfit with either black, pink, or blue. All variations share the same specs, even for the built-in 2GB RAM.

The 1.22” sized navigable color touchscreen can take the kid’s curiosity to the next level. You don’t have to worry about the parental guide. Garett holds a mere 4GB of internal storage to keep everything under control.

Its adorable design with workable features makes it a subtle choice. Essential ones without a phone call feature surely make a perfect purchase.

10. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The top competitor in the market doesn’t fall behind others either. Samsung has been integrating new features constantly to hold customers’ attention.

Galaxy Watch 4 comes with a significant upgrade in its RAM specs. The 1.5GB RAM support is one upgrade compared to the previous ones. And likewise, the processor can run all its functions perfectly.

There’s no camera, SIM, memory card, or USB available. Still, you can bet on the unmatched and fast screen response. It’ll take less than a blink to see your commands carried by the screen without delay.

Everything else related to the general features is considerably great. You must ensure the best use of its 2-core, 1.18GHz CPU with a Mali-G68 GPU.

11. Fossil Gen 5 Julianna HR

The manly wearable by Fossil defines luxury and style hand in hand. Its shiny gold look for the chain with a central timepiece makes a perfect combo.

Gen 5 features only 1GB RAM to conduct all its functions. Yet, that is sufficient for the built-in 1.2GHz CPU frequency. Its Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset holds the MTK MT2601 CPU processor.

However, the creamy gold steals the show with a glowing 1.39” screen. The reasonably powerful RAM makes sure the display is ready to act. So, no waiting delay or annoying screen blackout should occur.

Services and applications are available for you to install and use. The battery seems less powerful but enough to keep you going for several days.

12. Ticwatch E3

The somewhat less-known brand makes a name for itself with powerful RAMs. It offers a more or less full smartwatch lineup for your consideration.

E3 outmatches other Ticwatch models by some general features. But E3, Pro 3 GPS, and Pro 3 LTE – all come with the same 1GB RAM specs. So, you have options to make the purchase based on your taste.

The memory should work perfectly with its Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100+ chipset. You’ll enjoy faster screen responses without delays. But you need to avoid installing heavy apps on the smartwatch.

However, the 1.3” display isn’t exactly standard for current market competition. Even the battery and pixel specs seem to be slightly compromised.

Top 3 Brands That Come With The Highest RAM Smartwatch In 2024

Huawei: The Chinese brand is an important name in the smartwatch industry. And it continues to grow its empire through consistent upgrades. There are many well-reputed series of Huawei on smartwatch alone. Anyone interested in wearables is sure to encounter one or two models from the manufacturer.

Watch, GT, Band, Black, Color Band – are its prime smartwatch division with random subdivisions. You can find the Watch series more suitable. The latest ones from the lineup feature considerable updates with increased RAM. Huawei stands ahead of other well-reputed smartwatch makers in this context.

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Garett: The Polish smartwatch company stands to deliver new solutions to today’s client demands. The brand is yet to become prominent in the global market. However, its promising product lineup is surely worth the while. It takes pride in manufacturing top-quality watches for children, adults, and athletes.

High diversity with a harmonious blend of features can promise to keep your satisfaction. Garett includes considerably higher RAM to support its delicate processor. The CPU itself is powerful enough to require excellent working assistance. Skilled pros in the company certainly know how to maximize the benefits.

Samsung: Samsung is currently the top competitor of Apple in the smartwatch market. It has a notably versatile, featureful, and affordable product lineup. The brand is already trusted by millions all over the world. And Galaxy series like Fit, Watch, Watch Active, and Watch Active2 keep adding to the legacy.

A friendly interface, balanced design, supportive hardware, and regular updates are available. Also, these watches can comfortably sync with Samsung smartphones. Later models even allow users to enjoy YouTube, Spotify, and other popular apps. Additionally, they can provide you with sufficiently high RAM.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For your further inquiry, you may check out this section of the article. Here, we will answer the most common questions regarding ”Which Smartwatch Has Highest RAM?”

What Does RAM Actually Do In A Smartwatch?

Answer: RAM or Random Access Memory lets the CPU do its ongoing work within the RAM’s space.

Is High RAM Really Necessary For Smartwatches?

Answer: You’ll need higher RAM to make sure your installed apps can work perfectly. It’s particularly true for high-MB apps.

Does Apple Have Any 1GB/2GB/4GB RAM iWatch?

Answer: Not yet; iWatch currently features less than 1GB RAM for their configurations.

Can High Built-in RAM Affect The Market Price?

Answer: Yes, high RAM is associated with a powerful CPU. And a more powerful CPU means extra bucks.

Can I Change My Current RAM For A Higher One?

Answer: No. smartwatch RAMs aren’t exactly made for occasional interchanging. The RAM is always in a special sequence with the CPU.

Wrapping Up

Getting the proper smartwatch is more than design, CPU, or display. There are important things like RAM specs to keep in mind for the best performance.

And brands like Apple, Fitbit, Amazfit, or Garmin are yet to take leads in this context.

It’s likely to be the right time for you to check out the less-known ones. You can surely end up with the most prolific yet beneficial purchase from there.

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