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To maintain a healthy life, running is very important. And hence, socks are very essential with the running shoe case. If you have wide feet, then it will be very tough to find the best socks for you. 

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There are some running socks in the market which are very useful. In fact, these socks are specially made for wide feet. You will feel super comfortable after wearing the socks. 

So, stay connected with us to know the best running socks for you.

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In this guide, I will share some of the best running socks for wide feet. Let’s dive right into it.

Top 8 Best Running Socks For People With Wide Feet

Not all running socks available in the market are top-notch. Rather some are not perfect at all. That’s why here are some running socks that will perfectly match your wide feet.  

1. Balega Silver Running Socks

When it comes to Socks, Balega is a trusted name, and the company offers a variety of durable socks that you can use for running. Balega Silver Running Socks is one of the best socks by Balega that comes with excellent features.

For starters, Balega Silver has a composition of 75% Polyester, 23% Nylon, and 2% Elastane. This combination allows the socks to be durable and elastic enough to fit the wide feet.

On top of that, it comes with various sizes as well. So, if you are not sure if the small sizes will fit you or not, grab the x-large version, and it will fit you well.

2. Swiftwick Maxus Zero Socks

Swiftwick Maxus Zero Socks are one of the best running socks for wide feet. This pair of socks comes with added cushioning, which ensures that your feet experience a low impact while running.

Also, it comes with excellent materials which ensure that your feet stay dry after long-running sessions. The socks are also designed in a way that gently hugs your feet and ensures that they don’t slip when you are running. Swiftwick Maxus Zero comes in 4 different sizes, and you can easily find the right fit for your feet.

3. Injinji Run 2.0

Injinji Run 2.0 is another very popular running socks which you can use for wide feet. This pair of socks has a composition of 28% CoolMax, 67% Nylon, and 5% Lycra, which allow the socks to be extra flexible, and they can easily fit the feet of any size.

The socks also come with excellent air ventilation, which ensures that your feet stay dry while running, and you don’t get the blisters. Overall, Injinji Run 2.0 are great socks, and if you want socks with extra flexibility, you can’t go wrong with this pair of socks.

4. Swiftwick Flite XT

Swiftwick Flite XT is one of the best running socks for wide feet. These socks are designed for running, and they provide the ultimate stability when you are running.

The socks come with state of the art AnkleLock Technology which provides the added protection to your feet and ensure that socks don’t slip when you are running.

On top of that, it has an effective moisture management system that allows the socks to wicks moisture and keep your feet dry and cool. Also, Swiftwick Flite XT comes in various sizes so you can easily find the right fit for your wide feet.

5. Wrightsock Coolmesh II Socks

Wrightsock is a very popular company which is known for its durable socks, and Coolmesh II Socks are no exception. This pair of socks comes with the excellent craftsmanship of Wrightsock, and it’s packed with the finest materials, which will make sure that you are comfortable in these socks.

Wrightsock Coolmesh II has the composition of 70% Dri-Wright II Polyester, 26% Nylon, and 4% Lyrca which makes these socks extra durable and flexible.

The socks also come with an additional outer layer, which is designed to reduce the friction between your feet and socks to prevent blisters.  Also, socks come in different sizes, which means you can easily find the right fit for your wide feet.

6. Rockay Accelerate

Rockay Accelerate is one of the best running socks for wide feet. The unique thing about this pair of socks is that it’s made from 100% recycled material, which means that if you buy this pair, you will be contributing to eliminating bottles from the ocean.

Also, this pair comes with a new polygiene coating, which allows you to wear socks more without the need to wash them. Also, the socks have been made super breathable to ensure that your feet stay dry during long-running sessions. You can get the Rockay Accelerate is various sizes, and you will easily find the right for your wide feet.

7. Balega Blister Resist socks

Balega Blister Resist socks are one of the most popular socks for running. This pair of socks are designed for long runs, and it comes with ultra-high cushioning to ensure that you don’t feel uncomfortable during long runs.

The socks come with strategically-placed ventilation panels throughout the socks, which allow the maximum airflow, and it keeps your feet dry.

Also, socks are made with a combination of Mohair and Drynamix materials, which provides the durability and wicks the moisture. Just like other socks on this list, Balega Blister Resist also comes in different sizes so you can easily pick the one which fits your feet.

8. Smartwool PHD Pro Endurance Print Socks

Smartwool PHD Pro Endurance Print Socks are another very comfortable socks that you can get for your wide feet. This pair of socks comes with 57% merino wool, 38% nylon, 4% Elastane, and 1% Polyester which means that this pair of socks is highly comfortable, durable, and flexible.

Also, the socks have cushioning only on impact areas, and it doesn’t come with extra cushioning on areas where there is no need for cushioning.

The socks come indestructawool technology, which provides the extra durability to socks. If you are looking for socks with extra-durability, then you can’t go wrong with Smartwool PHD Pro Endurance Print Socks.

Best Running Socks For Wide Feet – Buying Guide 

For purchasing the best running socks for wide feet, you have to know some factors. After that, you can choose excellent running socks easily. 

Let’s see these factors. 

The Fabric Types

For wide-foot socks, you have to choose socks that are breathable and sweat-wicking. As a result, you can choose synthetic socks. In contrast, the finest blend of wool socks will be the best. 

Both synthetic and wool socks are very durable and long-lasting. You can run as much as you can with these socks. But you should not go for cotton socks. 

Socks Size 

You have to pick socks that are the perfect size for your feet. According to your choice, you can choose the length of the socks. 

You can buy both short socks and classic crew socks. Both lengths will be perfect for running socks for wide feet. 

The Thicknesses Of The Socks 

According to the weather and your purpose, you have to choose the thickness of the socks. For summer, thin socks will be the best for you. Furthermore, if you are a runner, then thin socks will be your preference. 

In winter, medium socks with blending cushioning will work excellently for you. 

The Socks With Cushioning Features 

The extra cushioning features of the socks will improve your running performance. So, you should notice the cushioning features of the socks. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Should I Use Thick Socks For Running?

Answer: yes, you should use thick socks for running. Thick socks are the best for increasing running performance in racing or summer weather. 

What Size Running Socks Should I Buy?

Answer: you should buy short socks or classic crew socks. Both socks are the best for running. 

When Should I Replace Running Socks?

Answer: If the elastic band of the top is stretched, comes down on your foot, and is not clean after washing, then it will be the perfect time to replace your running socks. 


If you choose the right running socks for wide feet, then you will not feel any discomfort after wearing the socks. Moreover, it will increase your running performance. 

As a result, choosing the best socks for wide feet is the most important. I hope You will easily find some amazing socks which are the best running socks for wide feet after reading the guidelines from the article. 

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