Which Apple Watch Bands are Best for Small Wrists

When it comes to Apple Watch bands, picking the right size is very important. You can’t and shouldn’t buy a band which doesn’t fit on your Wrist. That’s why Apple offers a wide range of bands and sizes, which allow people to pick the right band and size according to their Wrists.

Now when it comes to people with small wrists, things can get complicated. It’s a sure thing that some bands simply won’t fit because of their design, but fortunately, some designs fit perfectly on a small Wrist. If you have a small Wrist and looking for bands that are best for small wrists, this guide is for you. Let’s get started.

Which Apple Watch Bands are best for Small Wrists?

Finding the right Apple Watch Band is not a big problem because there are tons of them available out there. With the right guidance, you can easily find the best ones which would fit your Wrist. In this section, I will share some of the best Apple Watch Bands for Small Wrists, which I have picked after extensive research. Let’s take a look.

1. Apple Sport Loop (The Best Watch Band for Small Wrists)

Image source: apple.com

There are tons of Apple Watch Bands are available in the market, but if you want the best one, you should consider Apple Sport Loop because it would fit most small wrists.

The main thing about Sport Loop is its design, which makes it easier for the loop to adjust across most wrists. If your Wrist is between 130mm to 200 mm, Sport Loop can easily fit on your Wrist.

Sport Loop also comes with Nylon material, which is one of the softest and breathable materials when it comes to Watch Bands. With Sport loop, you will get great comfort, and most probably, it will fit your small wrists as well.

2. Apple Braided Solo Loop

Image source: apple.com

Apple Braided Solo Loop is the latest watch band that has been designed for comfort. The company has used the unique combination of Polyester and silicone for this band, which brings the best of both worlds.

You get a very soft band, which is also very durable and water-resistant.

The great thing about this band is that it comes in 9 different sizes, which means that there are great chances that you will find the right fit for your Wrist.

The official product page has a detailed video guide, which you can use to measure your wrist size and then pick the band size which fits your Wrist.

3. Oulucci Loop Strap

Oulucci Loop Strap is one of the best Apple Watch Bands for Small Wrists. The band uses a combination of high-quality fabric and durable elastic, making it very comfortable to wear.

The reason why this band is ideal for small wrists is its adjustable buckle. You can side the buckle across the whole band, and it can easily fit the wrists 5.3 inches to 8.3 inches.

So, if you want a stylish Apple Watch Band that also fits your small wrists, Oulucci Loop Strap is a solid option for you.

4. ORIbox Milanese Watch Band

ORIbox Milanese Watch Band is one of the best Apple Watch Bands for Small Wrists. It comes with a high-quality mesh strap, which is made of stainless steel.

Also, instead of a traditional clasp, the band comes with a magnetic clasp design, which is very secure. The biggest advantage of having a magnetic clasp is that you can adjust it anywhere on the strap, and no matter how small your wrists are, you can easily adjust the band according to your wrist size.

5. Tefeca Ethnic Pattern Band

Tefeca Ethnic Pattern Brand is another great band for small wrists. The main highlight of this band is that it comes with ethnic embroidery, which gives the band a very unique look.

The band also uses 100% Latex-free material, which means that it won’t cause any irritation or allergy to your skin.

Another great thing about Tefeca Band is that it comes in 5 different sizes, and the smallest size fits 14 to 15 cm wrist, which means that these bands will fit perfectly on most small wrists.

How to choose the right Watch Band for Small Wrists?

Finding the right size for small wrists is not a difficult task, and you can easily find it using the following tips.

Watch Band
  • Find the right wrist size: The first thing you need to do is find the right size of your Wrist. You can do it using Taylor’s measuring tape, which is commonly found in most houses. If you don’t have one, simply visit the Apple watch band’s product page, and there you can download the printable tool to measure your Wrist. Once you find your wrist size, you can match it with the size of the band and pick the one which suits you.
  • If you are unable to find the band which fits your size, try getting a band with Velcro. The biggest advantage of Velcro based bands is that they are highly adjustable, and they most likely will fit your small Wrist. In this guide, I have shared a couple of Velcro based bands which you can consider for your Wrist.

Can you get Smaller Bands for Apple Watch?

Yes, you can get the smaller bands for Apple Watch. Apple and third-party vendors offer a variety of band sizes, and you can easily pick the size which fits your Wrist.


That’s all, folks. In this guide, I shared the 5 Best Apple Watch Bands for small wrists. I also outline the process which you can use to choose the right watch band for Your Wrist. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments. Also, visit WearToTrack for more useful guides.