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Smartwatches are generally built with silent alarm features. Silent alarms are very important if you remain busy all the time with your professional work. 

Whenever you get notifications, Your smartwatch will be on silently. All sports and fitness-tracking smartwatches have this feature. In fact, you will be woken up by the vibration or audible alarm. 

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Let’s see some best smartwatches which have silent alarm features.

Top 10 Best Cheap Smartwatches With Silent Alarms

Besides the more expensive watches by Apple, Fitbit, and Garmin which all have models with silent, vibrating alarms, here are 10 cheap options(I added the Fitbit Charge to the list as it is considerably cheap).

1. Nokia Steel Activity and Sleep Watch

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This watch is brought to the public by the famous Nokia Company and can be operated and managed by Nokia Health Matte App.

With this watch, you can track all the activities such as sleep and move. This watch comes with the tachometer which allows the users to keep a track of all the activities.

The watch is water-resistant as long as it doesn’t go down beyond 50 meters. However, you will need to invest some money because it’s a bit on the pricey side.

The vibrant silent alarm is a bit gentle on this on so in case you are a heavy sleeper you might consider a different option.

2. Medcenter 46466 Sports Watch

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The watch screen is a large LCD display and is made of high-quality materials to ensure a long life. The display screen will show the date, day, and time along with the alarm reminder and weighs only 2 pounds to make sure you aren’t breaking the wrist.

The overall look and design are sleek and classic. The best thing about this watch is its smooth operation and will make the perfect silent arms wrapped around the wrist.

3. Garmin Venu

The watch has an excellent display feature which is an AMOLED display. You will get up to six hours of music mode on the watch. The smartphone is a compatible device with the watch. As a result, you can get all notifications from your watch easily. 

you can set silent alarms on the watch if you want to get an alert yourself when any notification comes into your watch. The watch will track your indoor and outdoor activities. Besides, you will get strong GPS features and the longest battery life.

4. VibraLITE 8 – Vibrating Reminder Watch

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Yes, we know that this watch is meant to be the silent alarm but to meet the diverse needs, it can send the audio alerts well and can work on three modes; ring, vibrate, and silent.

There are eight different types of alarms and the countdown timer (seconds, minutes, and hours) is to vouch for.

The stopwatch is also added into the watch along with the integration of lap and split timing. The watch is very easy to use, and the silicone strap will not go anywhere anytime soon.

5. WobL – Blue 8 Alarm Vibrating Reminder Watch

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This watch is sporting the compact and sporty design and allows the users to set eight alarms per day. This increased alarm option is perfect for making sure you don’t leave by any critical meeting.

The watch has a perfect integration of stopwatch and countdown time. There is a lockout feature that enables the users to stay away from the settings change due to accidental touch.

If you are wearing it in the rain, you can rely on it for the water-resistant features but don’t go swimming in it!

6. Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch

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This watch is complying with the ISO standards given the rugged outdoor features. The manufacturing uses high-quality materials such as stainless steel top plate.

The watch uses a water-resistant feature and can keep the watch safe from 100m water range. This watch is a perfect integration of hydration alerts, countdown timer, vibrating alarm, and the stopwatch.

The indigo backlight is perfecto to assist you during the night time. The battery is exceptionally long-life, and the chronograph features will ensure personal bests tracking.

7. Fitbit Charge 3 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

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This watch is not only the silent watch but has been topped with advanced features such as the automatic heart rate monitors through which it measures the calories intake, and calories burnt whole day.

On the display screens, you can get information regarding the calendar, texts, and calls. To ensure durability, it uses stainless steel in the construction.

8. e-Pill | CADEX VibraPlus Sport

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This watch has to be our top choice with the ability to set eight alarms a day. It uses vibration and sound as well.

The watch sports a huge display and the light button will light up the digits to provide information about time and day. The watch is easy to use, and the locking feature will keep everything fixed at its place.

9. Casio G-SHOCK Men’s GD 350 Watch

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This is the world-time clock integrated with 35 different time zones with the information regarding 100 cities. The watch can hold four alarms a day topped with the countdown and hourly signals.

To provide a long-life, this watch has used the premium materials along with shock and water resistance. According to the manufacturers, the watch uses a battery that will last for five years!

10. Fossil Women’s Gen

The Fossil watch comes with Alexa and speaker features.  For this, you will get every news and notification quickly. Moreover, the watch has an auto fitness tracker. So, It will track your activities automatically. 

As a compatible device with the smartwatch, you can reply to your text and receive calls. You will be notified all the time because of its silent alarms features. 

The watch is perfect for running several types of apps. On the other hand,  the watch is water resistant. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is There A Watch That Vibrates To Wake You Up?

Answer: Yes, there is a watch that vibrates to wake you up. You can set the vibrate option to the alarm. After that, you will not miss the vibration because of its powerful vibration features. 

Do Smartwatches Have A Vibrating Alarm?

Answer: Smartwatches have a vibrating alarm. Most of the watches have 2 options for their alarm which are silent or vibrate. So, you can use the vibrating alarm easily. 

Can Apple Watch Wake You Up Silently?

Answer: Yes, Apple Watch can wake you up silently. If you mute your watch, then it will vibrate heavily when the alarm time arrives. Then, you will wake up without hearing any alarm sound. 


The silent alarms are very beneficial for everyone. You won’t miss any important tasks because of its silent alarms features. It works in an excellent way which will be a gentle approach for you when you are in a meeting. 

Moreover, the silent alarm will alert you about your fitness tracking data every time. You will have a light that will indicate to you that your alarms will be active. 

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