Does Nest Thermostat Require A Subscription?




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Does Nest thermostat require a subscription? What are the benefits of it and should I buy it?
In this article, I will help you with these common questions.

Nest Thermostat is one of the major gadgets when it comes to home Automation. It is developed by the Nest Labs which is a home automation company.

Nest had teamed up with Google home and it is now referred to as Google Nest. Nest Thermostat is very popular among those who want to automate their home because it allows them to control their home climate from anywhere.

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However, just like other popular gadgets out there, people have a lot of questions about the Nest Thermostat. In this comprehensive guide, we will answer some important questions such as does Nest Thermostats require a subscription? Also, we will tell you everything you need to know about it. Let’s get started.

Does Nest Thermostats Require A Subscription?

Let’s address the important question first. Many people wonder whether Nest Thermostat comes with any subscription or not. The short answer to this question is “NO”.

The company doesn’t ask you for any monthly or yearly subscription. All you need is to pay for the Nest thermostat and you can start using it in your home.

Installing And Setting Up The Nest Thermostat

The installation process of Nest Thermostat is pretty straightforward and you can find the complete installation guide on the YouTube channel of Nest Labs. In our experience, one can easily install it if he/she properly follows the instructions.

However, if you are someone who doesn’t have time to set it up or you are not comfortable doing it yourself then you can take the services of Nest-certified specialists. You can find one via Nest’s official website.

The whole process of Setting up the Nest Thermostat is pretty easy. It will start working as soon as you install it. You have the choice to either manual program it or let the Nest Thermostat learn your routine. We would recommend the latter because in our opinion, manually scheduling will take a lot of time and Nest thermostat can easily learn your habits.

Does Nest Thermostat Come With Advanced Features?

Nest Thermostat does come with a wide array of advanced features that you can use to make your life more convenient.

The best thing about the Interface is that it is very simple and you can access it without any trouble. Nest Thermostat comes with the following features.

Nest Thermostat


Auto-Away is one of the most useful features that allow the Nest Thermostat to adjust the temperature of your home according to your guidelines.

In this feature, you can tell the Nest Thermostats how cold or hot it can go in the winter or the summers. The Nest Thermostat will automatically sense and adjust the temperature when you are not home.


It is another very useful feature that allows the Nest thermostat to learn from your habits. You can turn it off which will stop the thermostat from learning your routine.

In our opinion, this feature is very useful and it can make your life very convenient by learning your routine and set the temperature according to your routine.


Nest Thermostat is a smart gadget and the best thing about it is that it learns from the environment. In this feature, the Nest Thermostat learns the heating and cooling system in your home and it starts constructing an algorithm that determines how much time it will require to heat or cool your home based on the internal and external temperature.

When you change the temperature by spinning the dial, the app lets you know how much time it will require to get to a certain temperature. This feature is integrated into the Nest system and you can’t disable it.


Early On is an environmentally friendly feature that uses the learning data from the Time-to-Temp and thermostat schedule to determine the optimum temperature for you.

For example, Nest Thermostat learns that you come home at 7 PM and you want your home at 60F then the Nest Thermostat would use the already stored data to know when it should start to get the optimum temperature.

Cool to Dry

Cool to Dry is the feature which can help you tackle humidity. It uses the Air Conditioner to ensure that you are comfortable in hot and humid weather.

In this feature, the nest thermostat will use the sensors to find the internal humidity level. If the humidity is high, it will start using AC as a dehumidifier.


Sunblock is a feature that stops the sunlight from messing up the functionality of your Nest thermostat. In previous iterations, direct sunlight was causing some problems so the company included this feature to adjust this problem.


One of the major benefits of using Nest Thermostat is that it can help you save some money. Leaf is the feature that can help you with it. Just like Temp-to-Temp, Leaf mode is always on. When the leaf turns green, it means that the Nest thermostat is in saving mode and it is saving the fuel.

These are some of the prominent features in Nest Thermostats. It also comes with other features as well which can help you automate your home, save some money and make your life convenient.

Should I Get The Nest Thermostat?

Nest Thermostat is one of the best things you can do to your home. It will help you control your temperature away from your home.

It also constantly learns your routine and once it has enough data, it will take control of the climate in your home.

Also, it doesn’t require any monthly subscription, just install it in your home and it will make your life easier for years. In our opinion, Nest Thermostat is the must-have gadget for those who want to automate their homes.

Bottom Line

Home Automation is the big thing these days and you can also automate your home to make your life convenient.

Nest Thermostat is an excellent gadget and once you buy it then you won’t have to worry about the climate in your home because it will manage it for you.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below. Also, Visit our website for more useful guides.

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