Does Apple Watch Drain iPhone Battery? How To Prevent It?




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Apple Watch nowadays has become a very popular device among the health freak people. It’s like a constant fitness partner who monitors one’s lifestyle & helps greatly to lead a healthy life. Most people use these Apple Watches by connecting them with their iPhones.

Apple Watch Drain iPhone Battery

Here comes the question of whether the Apple watch impacts the Iphone’s battery life by draining it or not.

It’s a yes that the Apple watch drains the Iphone’s battery. But there is not much to worry about as there are some ways to prevent the battery from draining.

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Let’s have a deep insight so that you have a proper solution to this issue!

Does The Apple Watch Cause Battery Drain On The iPhone?

Yes, an Apple Watch may cause a battery drain. It has been noticed that 30% of the battery dies or reduces when the device is not at all used. If you look into the battery graph, you can see the phone only lasts about 3 to 4 hours ever since you connect an Apple Watch with it.

This suggests that the Apple Watch surely drains the Iphone’s battery.

Do Apple Watch Apps Drain Battery?

It’s certainly a yes that Apple Watch apps drain the battery. There are many reasons behind the draining of the apple watch’s battery. Along with unmanaged times, too many background apps are one of the prominent reasons for battery drain.

What Causes The Apple Watch To Drain The Battery?

The first & foremost reason for any device to have a short battery life is its display. The more you turn on the screen on an Apple Watch or an iPhone, the rate of battery consumption will be increased.

How To Prevent The Apple Watch From Draining The iPhone Battery?

To prevent the Apple Watch from draining its battery:

First of all, go to the Apple Watch companion app. You can even turn off notifications or just turn off the ones that do not serve any purpose to you.

There are many apps on Apple Watch which need support from the iphone to function fully. While using these apps we need to be careful so that too many apps don’t run at a time in the background.

Thus, you can prevent your Apple Watch from draining the iPhone battery. 

How To Stop The Apple Watch From Ruining iPhone’s Battery?

To stop the Apple Watch from ruining iPhone’s battery, here are some ways out which can help us greatly. Pairing your Apple Watch and iPhone again can come in help.

Other than that, updating your software, turning off “Wake screen on wrist raise“, disabling always on display, adjusting brightness, using a darker watch face, turning on reduce motion, and closing apps that are not being used can help in reducing the chance of ruining the iPhone’s battery.

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Does Turning Off The Apple Watch Help In Saving Battery?

Turning off your Apple Watch can surely help in saving battery. By simply turning off the always-on display and then just raising the watch to wake it you can save even more power.

To do this on your device:

  • You have to open the Watch app on your iPhone first.
  • Then you need to tap the general where you can find display & brightness.
  • After that, the last thing you need to do is uncheck the “Always On” option.


As Apple Watch is becoming a part & parcel of leading a healthy & happy life with each passing day, It’s quite an irritating & unproductive feature for an Apple Watch to drain the battery of the iPhone. 

However, by following some simple yet effective directions, you can surely reduce the battery drain of your iPhone. It will expand the productivity level of your work.

Also it will protect your battery life which will increase the lifespan of your device & bestow a tension-free smooth using experience.

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