Best 6 Smart Speakers For Elderly And Seniors In 2024




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Smart speakers can be very beneficial for the elderly and senior citizens because they have some high-end advanced features.

Elderly parents can stay entertained all the time because of the excellent advanced features of smart speakers. 

In the market, there are so many best smart speakers that come with Alexa. Even without Alexa, there are so many smart speakers which are the best for giving entertainment to the elderly. 

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So, let’s see some best smart speakers for the elderly and seniors.

Top 6 Best Smart Speakers For Elderly & Seniors Reviews

A smart speaker can let the seniors of your family have a very good time. Instead of being bored, they can be entertained through these smart speakers. And here are our top picks that come with some unique features! 

1. Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

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Amazon Echo 2 Generation has been launched to give you access to the smart hub functions and processes.

This is a perfect fit for people who are more into luxurious and fine quality products because, with this smart speaker, the sound quality will be a hundred folds better.

With the recent updates, the speaker has gained more bass and volume in a good price range. It has been named as the feature-rich voice assistant because of the followings features that have been added;

Main Features of the Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

  • Equipped with a temperature sensor
  • Audio drivers have been enhanced and improved
  • The fabric design is pretty attractive

This smart speaker is a great option if you want to enter the connected home world or smart world. Now, the point is that why we like a smart speaker for the elders, let us tell you all the reasons we have gathered so far;

Why I have Chosen The Amazon Echo Gen2 As Best Smart Speaker For Elderly

  • With this smart speaker, elders can easily turn on the music and radio of their choice (even the 18th-century songs) and all they have to say is the name of the song and voila, it will start playing
  • Elders have a hard time moving and the ones with arthritis can easily turn on or turn out the lights by ordering Alexa along with setting the temperature on the thermostat
  • We all know that elders love information and with this smart speaker, they can ask Alexa anything and she will answer such as the temperature in another city, the latest news, cricket scores for the match happening, results of the polls, and much more
  • Elderly Alexa Feature – Alexa has a feature which is meant for the elderly and can help them with remembering taking medicines by saying “Alexa Medicine” and even listening to their stories and replying with uh-huh and more cool options. but its main advantage is that it helps the family of the elderly to keep in touch and to care for him.

2. Bose home speaker 500

It is a smart Bluetooth speaker. The smart speaker comes in two colors: black and silver. Moreover, the connectivity technology of the speaker is Bluetooth and WIFI. 

The speaker has impressive sound quality. As a result, it can fill any room with its amazing stereo sound. Alexa is the special feature of the speaker. For this, elders or seniors person can control the speaker easily via their voice. 

For having Alexa, you can give and receive calls through the device. 

3. Echo Dot

The speaker is the 4th generation of the series. In fact, the voice assistant of the speaker is Alexa. As a result, you can stream music from various apps such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and more. 

The speaker is the best for senior people. Because you can play the news, check the weather, gossip with Alexa, set the alarms, and so on without having any trouble. Furthermore, you can control your home via the speaker which is amazing. 

4. OontZ Upgraded Angle 3 speaker

It is a portable Bluetooth speaker. The speaker is made with a high powerful crystal clear stereo sound. Surprisingly, the speaker is water resistant. You can play the speaker for 24 hours because of its high-quality battery performance. 

The speaker is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. In addition, it is a very powerful speaker because it has 10 watts output voltage which gives you a louder sound than you think. As a result, you will not find any distortion of the speaker. 

5. Dual Electronics

The speaker has a powerful bass. As a consequence, it will be the best speaker for indoor and outdoor play. Amazingly, you can use the speaker in all weather because it is suitable for every kind of weather. 

The special features of the speaker are water resistance and multi-room audio. It has Bluetooth connectivity technology. Moreover, the sound quality of the speaker is very rich which will deliver extraordinary sound. 

It will provide a 120-degree range of powerful stereo sound. 

6. Google Home

Ever since the launch of Google Home took place, a wide range of features has been inculcated in the smart speakers which make a great addition to the smart home.

The speaker has an in-built Google assistant which allows the elders to have knowledge about the current weather, widen the knowledge by telling the facts, and even change the thermostat settings while leaving or entering home along with finding funny clips of your choice.

But to make all these things work, proper phrases are to be spoken. Various key features of Google Home are mentioned below;

Main Features Of Google Home Smart Speaker

  • The song library has a vast storage
  • The base can be customized
  • Wide range of languages are supported which include English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, and Japanese
  • The speaker can be connected with the phone as well as in the car to meet the varying needs of the same person
  • New voices have been added to improve the user experience

Now comes the point that why this particular smart speaker is a good choice for the elders, so, let’s see why we ship this device for the elders!

Why I have Chosen Google Home As The Best For Elderly?

  • Elders usually have a hard time moving but with this speaker, they can automate a lot of things around the home
  • Elders can start off by saying “OK Google” and the device will be activated. Once it gets activated, elders can easily ask them questions and they will get the replies in a warm tone. If they have a hearing issue, the volume can be turned up as well upon asking “Turn up the volume, Google”
  • Elders can create a routine of tasks by saying one thing. For example, if you say “good morning, Google”, it will turn on the lights, give weather update, reminds about the medicine, and even the special event of the day (if you added any details), the temperature setting of the thermostat, and much more
  • Elders love to talk to their family and with Google Home, they can call their loved ones without moving from their place with the hands-free phone calls feature.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

For your further inquiry, you may check out this section of the article. Here, we are going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Smart Speakers For Elderly.

Can A Smart Speaker Call 911?

Answer: Yes, smart speakers can call 911. Nowadays, smart speakers are very advanced. So, you can call 911 as an emergency call through your speaker. 

Is There An Alexa For The Elderly?

Answer: Alexa is for the elderly. In fact, it is designed for seniors. It is similar to Google home. An older person can control his smart home, check the schedule, and read a book through Alexa. 

How Do I Set Up Alexa For Grandparents?

Answer: To set up Alexa for your grandparents, you have to sign up your grandparent’s Amazon account into the Amazon Alexa app. After that, sign up for Alexa calling and massaging. 

You have to open the conversation screen in the app. In there, confirm your name and enable your contact excess. After a while, you will get a notification and give permission. Then, it is ready to use fully. 

Do Smart Speakers Spying On You?

Answer: Yes, smart speakers can be hacked by some apps at any time which can spy on users. The voice assistants Amazon and Google have a lot of information about you. As a result, it can happen easily. 


Smart speakers are able to ensure safety and smart communication with seniors. Astoundingly, they can do anything with Amazon Alexa. Besides, they will never feel lonely. Because they can gossip with Siri or Alexa. 

If you have smart speakers, then you do not need to tense so much about your parents or grandparents. You can control your throughout it. 

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