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Best Smart Speakers For Elderly And Seniors In 2023

In case you are looking for the best smart speaker in general or for the elderly and seniors in particular, you should always look for a device that has an Alexa or Google assistant as a voice assistant.

Having a voice assistant makes this gadget so amazing, especially for the elderly and no other voice assistant will work as good as Amazon’s Alexa And Google’s Google assistant.

For this reason and many more, I choose Google Home and Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) as the best smart speakers for the elderly. Let me explain more.

Best Smart Speakers For Elderly And Seniors Reviews

According to the research team at the University of Pennsylvania, they installed smart speakers in the houses where elders were residing and after two months, it was seen that they responded in nod to the use of smart speakers and it was concluded that elders liked to use it for making their life easier i.e. setting reminders for taking medicine or for asking for help in various tech questions. This calls for a smart speaker for the elders at your home.

Ever since the smart speakers got launched, people have been skeptical about the usefulness and security of these but as mentioned above, smart speakers are a great addition to the homes as they can help in the maintenance of autonomy degree.

It all started from Amazon when they launched the first ever smart speaker; Echo, to rejuvenate the tech world. But with the years of innovation, the Echo has made a friend known as Google Home.

So, let the battle for the smart speaker start as we have mentioned two most amazing speakers that are a perfect fit for the elders!

1. Amazon Echo 2nd Generation – Popular Speaker with An Amazing assistance in the form of a built-in Alexa

Check the Amazon Echo Gen2 On Amazon

Amazon Echo 2 Generation has been launched to give you access to the smart hub functions and processes.

The Amazon Echo comes with an amazing price tag and is being sold on Amazon – Check the Amazon Echo Gen2 current price on Amazon.

This is a perfect fit for people who are more into luxurious and fine quality products because, with this smart speaker, the sound quality will be a hundred folds better.

With the recent updates, the speaker has gained more bass and volume in a good price range.

It has been named as the feature-rich voice assistant because of the followings features that have been added;

Main Features of the Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

  • Equipped with a temperature sensor
  • Audio drivers have been enhanced and improved
  • The fabric design is pretty attractive

This smart speaker is a great option if you want to enter the connected homeworld or smart world. Now, the point is that why we like a smart speaker for the elders, let us tell you all the reasons we have gathered so far;

Why I have Chosen The Amazon Echo Gen2 As Best Smart Speaker For Elderly

  • With this smart speaker, elders can easily turn on the music and radio of their choice (even the 18th-century songs) and all they have to say is the name of the song and voila, it will start playing
  • Elders have a hard time moving and the ones with arthritis can easily turn on or turn out the lights by ordering Alexa along with setting the temperature on the thermostat
  • We all know that elders love information and with this smart speaker, they can ask Alexa anything and she will answer such as the temperature in another city, the latest news, cricket scores for the match happening, results of the polls, and much more
  • Elderly Alexa Feature – Alexa has a feature which is meant for the elderly and can help them with remembering taking medicines by saying “Alexa Medicine” and even listening to their stories and replying with uh-huh and more cool options. but its main advantage is that it helps the family of the elderly to keep in touch and to care for him.

2. Google Home – Elderly Would Love It

Ever since the launch of Google Home took place, a wide range of features has been inculcated in the smart speakers which make a great addition to the smart home.

The speaker has an in-built Google assistant which allows the elders to have knowledge about the current weather, widen the knowledge by telling the facts, and even change the thermostat settings while leaving or entering home along with finding funny clips of your choice.

But to make all these things work, proper phrases are to be spoken. Various key features of Google Home are mentioned below;

Main Features Of Google Home Smart Speaker

  • The song library has a vast storage
  • The base can be customized
  • Wide range of languages are supported which include English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, and Japanese
  • The speaker can be connected with the phone as well as in the car to meet the varying needs of the same person
  • New voices have been added to improve the user experience

Now comes the point that why this particular smart speaker is a good choice for the elders, so, let’s see why we ship this device for the elders!

Why I have Chosen Google Home As The Best For Elderly

  • Elders usually have a hard time moving but with this speaker, they can automate a lot of things around the home
  • Elders can start off by saying “OK Google” and the device will be activated. Once it gets activated, elders can easily ask them questions and they will get the replies in a warm tone. If they have a hearing issue, the volume can be turned up as well upon asking “Turn up the volume, Google”
  • Elders can create a routine of tasks by saying one thing. For example, if you say “good morning, Google”, it will turn on the lights, give weather update, reminds about the medicine, and even the special event of the day (if you added any details), the temperature setting of the thermostat, and much more
  • Elders love to talk to their family and with Google Home, they can call their loved ones without moving from their place with the hands-free phone calls feature.

This was all, so, which smart speaker are you getting for the elders and seniors in your family?

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