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The demand for fitness trackers is increasing day by day. Due to the rise in demand, several companies are extending their production line to produce fitness trackers. 

best fitness tracker for gym workouts and Crossfit

Fitness trackers let you have a perfect gym workout. But the question is how to find the best fitness tracker in such a competitive market. 

Well, for gym workouts, it is quite hard to find a fitness tracker that will give you accurate data. Although there are plenty of such trackers, most of them perform only basic functions.

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However, to help you out, we have researched a lot and listed the names of some fitness trackers that will assist you with your gym workouts. 

Top 7 Best Fitness Trackers For Gym Workouts Reviews

A fitness tracker that you are going to use for gym workouts must have some tracking features, including, step tracking and heart rate monitoring. Hence, the fitness trackers we have discussed below are proven to be effective in gym workouts

1. Huawei Band 3 Pro – The cheap option

This fitness tracker can be your best friend this year! The Huawei Band 3 Pro comes equipped with a heart rate tracker and activity tracker. With added benefits being offered in the form of a waterproof finishing as well as the ability to track your location at any given moment.

Moreover, the Huawei Band 3 Pro is compatible with your phone regardless of your iPhone or android preference. The pro offers extended battery life, lasting up to 21 days on standby. Furthermore, the Huawei Band 3 Pro acts as your on the go coach, guiding you through your cardio exercises.

With additional features like sleep monitoring, enabling you to track the duration of your sleep each and every night. That combined with breathing monitoring a built-in GPS and a multi-sport mode makes it a worthy investment. In addition to this, it is also reasonably priced at $69.99, making it a great bargain for the features being offered.

2. Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro – Mid-range, stylish Samsung device

If you are aiming to stay fit at a reasonable price, Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is the fitness tracker for you! The device is priced at $183.99 and offers an array of features.

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro offers the essential features of a fitness tracker such as heart rate tracking, activity tracking, and GPS tracking.

With the differentiating factor being its stylish screen of 1.5 inches, AMOLED display, and its sleek design. Moreover, it is compatible with iOS and Android and offers offline Spotify support.

What’s more, Samsung gear fit 2 pro offers fast pairing with your cellular device, hence get access to all the necessary information and notifications with just a few simple clicks.

In addition to this, taking your fitness tracker for a swim is now a possibility with water resistance up to 5 ATM. With 3 days of battery life and the luxury to leave your phone at home as you go for a run, Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is a worthwhile investment.

3. TomTom Spark 3 – the luxurious and most accurate one

Music on the go is a luxury made a reality by the TomTom Spark 3. With the option to upload your favorite songs on this fitness tracker, all you need are Bluetooth headsets and you are ready to run! The TomTom Spark 3 is equipped with a heart rate tracker, a GPS and an activity tracker.

Its stylish waterproof design makes it worth investing. Albeit a bit pricey, the TomTom Spark 3 offers great compatibility, monochrome display and route navigation making it a great fitness partner.

Moreover, a brand-new feature route explorer makes it convenient to roam around without losing your way.

Additional features like indoor training mode make TomTom Spark 3 fit for indoor and outdoor use! The TomTom Spark 3 also offers two weeks of battery life, combined with music and expert navigation makes it the ultimate travel partner.

4. Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness & Health Tracker

This tracker comes with a built-in GPS, stress management instruments, heart rate monitoring tools, and many other features that will help you to track your gym workout.

It has a Daily Readiness Score that will help you to prepare your workout routine. For example, it will let you know whether you are ready to work out or not. Using this device, you can also determine your calorie burn. 

However, for using this device, you will need to have a Google account. Also, you will need to use the Fitbit App with a compatible device.

5. Amazfit Band 5 Activity Fitness Tracker

Amazfit Band 5 Activity tracker has special features for tracking sleep, heart rate, calorie burn, stress, and many other options. It can also help you to measure the distance and speed during a workout.

In addition, it can determine the oxygen level in your blood. So if you feel bad during any workout, you can instantly determine your blood oxygen level and recognize your physical condition.

This tracker is water-resistant to 5ATM and also offers a battery life of 15 working days. 

6. Garmin fenix 5 smartwatch

Garmin Fenix 5 is a multisport GPS smartwatch that is suitable for tracking gym workouts. It has advanced training features to assist you in monitoring your exercise.

It can let you know how efficiently you are doing your workout and also you can compare the latest result with your previous result through readouts for Training Status.

Using this device, you can also record the level of oxygen you take in every minute during your workout. It also has many other features like recovery advisor, physiological measure and the list goes on.

7. Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

Polar H10 chest strap is a heart rate detector with great precision. According to various sources, it is the best heart rate detector. 

It can be connected with training devices, Apps, smartwatches, etc through Bluetooth, 5kHz, and ANT+. It also stores the workout session in its memory so you can get the information whenever you want.

Connecting this device with Polar Beat can help you get the heart rate on the display of your phone during the workout and can also give you voice instructions for desired training.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How Do You Track A Gym Workout?

Answer: To track a gym workout, you will require to use any fitness tracker. You can buy any desired fitness tracker from a wide range of choice. It will help you to get the data regarding your workouts.

Should I Track My Gym Progress?

Answer: Yes, you should definitely track your gym progress. It will help you to recognize how efficiently you have exercised. Also, such records can motivate you to reach your goal and let you know when and where changes in your routine are required.

Does CrossFit Count As Weight Training?

Answer: Yes, CrossFit can be counted as weight training. It can help you with gaining weight. However, to gain weight, maintaining a proper diet is equally important as training. 

Is There An App To Track Gym Progress?

Answer: There are several fitness Apps available on iPhone and Android that can help you to track the gym. For instance, Gym Progress Tracker 4+ on the App Store is one such App. Such Apps can help you to track exercise, plan your workouts, and so on.


In this article, you have discovered a few best fitness trackers for gym workouts along with their characteristics and specialties.

But as we have mentioned earlier, it is not possible to get a perfect device that can track your strength accurately, we think the most beneficial data that you can obtain for gym workouts from your fitness tracker is the data regarding your heartbeat and burning calories. 

We hope that you can choose your desired fitness tracker for your gym workout from these recommendations. 

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