Best Fitness Tracker For Gym Workouts, Crossfit and Weight lifting in 2023

As a personal trainer, I have been asked a lot what is the best fitness tracker for gym workouts like jump rope, Crossfit, kettlebell and weight lifting in 2023, I have also been asked whether there is a jump monitoring device for people who are training in volleyball, basketball, jump rope, etc who wants to improve their jump(there is one, I will talk about it later on the article).

My choice for all the activities mentioned above is the affordable Garmin vivofit 3 Activity Tracker. Let me explain why I have chosen it.

While visiting the gym on a daily basis or even on a weekly basis is seemingly enough to stay fit, the actuality of the situation varies.

While most people confuse working out at the gym or rather attending the gym as efforts to staying fit, in actuality staying fit regards to the statistic measure of the work actually being done.

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During most of the intense workout sessions at the gym, individuals burn a large number of calories as they strain their body. So tracking your Gym and weight lifting sessions is a great Idea but what fitness tracker is the best for it?

Best Fitness Tracker For Gym Workouts Such As Kettlebell, Crossfit And Weight Lifting In 2023

OK, so what is the best fitness tracker for gym sessions in the form of jump rope, kettlebell, Crossfit and weight lifting? Well, it really depends on what are your expectations from it! I’ll explain..

If you are looking for a fitness tracker device that will track your sets, reps, strength and will recognize the exercise that you are doing… the answer for that is none of them.

There are a variety of fitness trackers such as ATLAS, PUSH, Strenx by GymWatch and more that are aiming for this kind of data. Companies such as Garmin and Apple are also trying to deliver this data via strength training features.

I have tried and researched all of them and none of them will provide you with accurate data and although many sites and articles would recommend you on those items, I encourage you not to waste your money on them.

I am sure that in the future we will have a device that will be capable of delivering accurate data regarding strength training, however, as for now, there isn’t one.

Best Fitness Tracker For Jump Monitoring – Useful For Volleyball Basketball, Jump Rope And Overall Athletism

I have been searching for a proper jump monitoring device that can be in great service for athletes who are training in Jump rope, Volleyball, basketball and more and came across one device that claims to monitor jumps accurately – The VERT Jump Monitor.

I haven’t used this jump monitor device and the reviews that I have seen are split, You can check out the VERT Jump Monitor powered With G-VERT Technology here on Amazon.

I personally don’t believe that it can give accurate stats regarding your jump and I also understand that it requires a monthly or annual subscription to view stats like jump height, jump count, landing impact, etc.

However, I will be happy to hear from you in case you have experience with it so please leave me a comment in the comments section below if you do.

Ok, I got it. none of the fitness trackers can give me accurate data regarding the types of exercise, number of reps and sets or strength level. So what then will be best for my gym and weight lifting sessions?

The best valuable data that you can get from your fitness tracker regarding your Gym and weight lifting sessions is data on your calorie burning and heart rate.

This data can be quite accurate but it is not 100 percent accurate. You see, all of the trackers(even the fanciest ones) that come with a built-in HR sensor – usually a wrist-based one, are not providing 100 percent accuracy.

The wrist-based HR sensors can provide pretty accurate data when it comes to running and jogging but when it comes to Gym sessions, Crossfit and weight lifting where we have big “jumps” in our HR, these sensors are even less accurate.

If you are not a serious athlete and just want a quite accurate data that will enable you to have more understanding of the different intensity levels between one gym session to another, then a good fitness tracker with a wrist-based HR sensor(like the ones in the list below) might be good for you.

However, if you are looking for more accurate HR data than a fitness tracker with a chest strap or a smart chest strap is your best choice as it provides the most accurate HR tracking data. You can read more on Fitness tracker with chest straps in my article here.

My recommendation for the best fitness tracker for Gym, kettlebell, Crossfit and weight lifting in 2023!

After all that has been said above, the best fitness tracker for Gym sessions and weight lifting in 2019 is Garmin’s Garmin vivofit 3 Activity Tracker.

Why I choose the Vivofit 3 as the best?

A few reasons for that:

  • It is a very basic and cheap device
  • It is light, sleek, strong and comfortable
  • It is waterproof
  • it has an extremely long battery life of up to 1 year
  • It pairs with an ant+ heart rate chest strap

Like I have mentioned, the wrist-based HR sensors are not that accurate when it comes to weight lifting so it is better to buy a basic device that pairs with a chest strap.

That way you will save money since the wrist-based HR sensor makes the tracker more expensive and you will get more accurate HR data by pairing it with a compatible chest strap like this one.

And yes, I know that there is a newer version (Vivofit 4) available, but I suggest you save the additional 20 bucks and stay with the 3rd version as it offers nothing that worth the extra bucks.

Your Heart Rate Monitoring – Integral Function In Training

A good fitness tracker, besides of being thin and convenient on the hand, must have an accurate heart rate monitor.

This Heart rate monitoring function is the most wanted and important for those who work out in the gyms, from the beginner who arrives once in a while to the most persistent and serious trainer that hits the gym every day.

Our pulse enables us to take a real look at what is happening in our body, and identify where we are in terms of our current level of fitness, our improvement at any moment, and more.

The trainer’s direct access to his pulse through the heart rate monitor answers several needs simultaneously:

  • A guarantee for health – The pulse provides us with up-to-date information, and for some of us even vital information during training, which enables us to make sure that the work we do is correct and appropriate for us, not excessive and at the same time a significant activity according to our needs.
  • Motivation – The ability to see data in real-time is something most of us recognize as essential, and during intense activity, this is even more important. Our ability to track our progress, to identify our boundaries and to achieve goals in a clear and measurable manner provides a boost of motivation and will to continue advancing, succeeding and developing.
  • Monitoring the changes – The information measured and available at the heart rate monitor for the gym can often be collected and preserved in a way that allows us to access a broader perspective, a perspective on our performance over time, changes, differences between morning training and evening training. This information is essential for trainees at any level who are looking to be with a finger on the pulse and make sure that they are on the right path to success.
best fitness tracker for gym workouts and Crossfit

Best Fitness Trackers For Gym Workouts With A Built-in GPS And A Heart Rate Sensor

Like I have mentioned, the built-in heart rate monitors are not the most accurate but it can be sufficient for lots of us who just need measurement data between the different sessions and that don’t want the discomfort that comes with a chest strap.

But besides it, a lot of the Gym rats would prefer a fitness tracker with a built-in GPS that will work accurately in the Gym but will also serve well in outdoor activities by providing GPS tracking abilities without the need to carry their phone with them.

These are the top 3(besides the vivofit 3) that are accurate, comfortable and with a built-in GPS.

1. Huawei Band 3 Pro – The cheap option

This fitness tracker can be your best friend this year! The Huawei Band 3 Pro comes equipped with a heart rate tracker and activity tracker.

The Huawei band 3 Pro offers great value for its cheap price and I have found that the best place to buy it is from this seller on Amazon.

With added benefits being offered in the form of a waterproof finishing as well as the ability to track your location at any given moment.

Moreover, the Huawei Band 3 Pro is compatible with your phone regardless of your iPhone or android preference.

The pro offers extended battery life, lasting up to 21 days on standby. Furthermore, the Huawei Band 3 Pro acts as your on the go coach, guiding you through your cardio exercises.

With additional features like sleep monitoring, enabling you to track the duration of your sleep each and every night.

That combined with breathing monitoring a built-in GPS and a multi-sport mode makes it a worthy investment. In addition to this, it is also reasonably priced at $69.99, making it a great bargain for the features being offered.

2. Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro – Mid-range, stylish Samsung device

If you are aiming to stay fit at a reasonable price, Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is the fitness tracker for you! The device is priced at $183.99 and offers an array of features.

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro offers the essential features of a fitness tracker such as heart rate tracking, activity tracking, and GPS tracking.

With the differentiating factor being its stylish screen of 1.5 inches, AMOLED display, and its sleek design. Moreover, it is compatible with iOS and Android and offers offline Spotify support.

What’s more, Samsung gear fit 2 pro offers fast pairing with your cellular device, hence get access to all the necessary information and notifications with just a few simple clicks.

In addition to this, taking your fitness tracker for a swim is now a possibility with water resistance up to 5 ATM. With 3 days of battery life and the luxury to leave your phone at home as you go for a run, Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is a worthwhile investment.

3. TomTom Spark 3 – the luxurious and most accurate one

Music on the go is a luxury made a reality by the TomTom Spark 3. With the option to upload your favorite songs on this fitness tracker, all you need are Bluetooth headsets and you are ready to run! The TomTom Spark 3 is equipped with a heart rate tracker, a GPS and an activity tracker.

Its stylish waterproof design makes it worth investing. Albeit a bit pricey, the TomTom Spark 3 offers great compatibility, monochrome display and route navigation making it a great fitness partner.

Moreover, a brand-new feature route explorer makes it convenient to roam around without losing your way.

Additional features like indoor training mode make TomTom Spark 3 fit for indoor and outdoor use! The TomTom Spark 3 also offers two weeks of battery life, combined with music and expert navigation makes it the ultimate travel partner.

In Conclusion

The Right Choice For A Fitness Tracker For Gym Workouts And Weight Lifting In 2023.

The large variety allows you to choose from a wide spectrum of high-quality fitness trackers, each tracker in its own design, and with a variety of unique functions. The characteristic of all fitness trackers, the ability to measure your pulse, is the basis of the various functions available in different watches and fitness bands.

Recognize what kind of trainers you are, and more importantly, where you are aspiring. Choose the right fitness tracker for your desire, as this essential accessory that is with us anytime and anywhere allows us to get the motivation we need to continue, persevere and win.

I hope that I helped you with finding the best fitness tracker for gym workouts and weight lifting in 2023.