Best Activity Tracker Watch with a Virtual Pet, Top 4 In 2023

In this article, I will help you with finding the best activity tracker Watch with a virtual pet that will keep your kid active in a very fun and clever way.
In fact, I will give you 4 great choices.

Garmin vívofit jr 2 – not just virtual pets but much more than that..

One of the major health problems especially in children these days is obesity.

Children are not physically active enough to lead a healthy lifestyle and all the junk food is only adding fuel to the fire.

A majority portion of the day or any child is spent sitting or laying down in front of a screen whether it is TV, computer, mobile, tablet or any gaming console.

This has a significant effect on a child’s health and chances of different diseases increase significantly.

Best Activity Tracker watch with a Virtual Pet

To make kids more physically active, an activity tracker with a virtual pet is a very clever idea. Children love pets and they love having the responsibility of raising a pet.

These virtual trackers make sure that your child wants to buy or take care of any virtual pet they will have to do a certain amount of physical exercise.

4 fitness trackers that have virtual pets for your kids are mentioned below.

These have proven to be very useful and can be ordered online easily.

1.LeapFrog LeapBand:

This is one of the most interactive and fun activity band that has been designed especially for kids.

The band makes it fun for kids to do physical exercise and other activities because they are accompanied by a virtual pet.

The best place to view and buy it is in this link to this seller on Amazon.

This band has proven to be extremely effective especially in getting kids to become physically active.

The watch comes preloaded with 50 challenges that are fun and children can choose any challenge that they like.

In order to keep children motivated and enthusiastic, the watch has a system by which children can earn reward points upon finishing different challenges.

This creates an environment of challenge and competition that kids absolutely love.

By earning more reward points children will be able to unlock new virtual pets and buy toys for the pets to play with.

Another amazing feature of this kid-friendly activity tracker is that it has 8 different pets in customizable colors and children can select the one that they like best.

There are several other on-device games that your child can play. Some other features of this activity tracker include a hi-resolution screen, adjustable strap, USB connectivity, and rechargeable battery.

The tracker is also completely waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it when your kid is swimming or playing in the water.

It also has an accelerometer and options for parental control so you can keep an eye on all the activities of your kids.

All of these features combine to give you one of the best and most fun activity trackers with a virtual pet that is designed especially for kids.

2.NeuTab Kids Fitness Tracker

This is a very cheap and simple fitness tracker but it is perfect for kids and gives you all the important information that you need in order to make your child healthier and physically fit.

The tracker is to be connected to any smartphone and your child is able to earn points by walking. The more steps they walk more coins they can collect.

The best place to buy it is from this seller on Amazon.

These coins can then be used to either unlock different games in the smartphone application or to get a virtual pet bunny or both.

In order to take care of the bunny, the child will have to walk more. This is a very interesting function and motivates kids to walk as much as they can.

The device has a long battery life of almost 400 days and the battery can be easily replaced too by removing the cover on the backside.

Although it is a cheap watch, it is very sturdy and won’t break easily. The device is also sweatproof and won’t be damaged by it.

It is very easy to set up this device and the whole process will only take a couple of minutes.

All you have to do is to search for the “Fitfun” application in the Play Store and install it out.

Open the application and enter the current data of your child and also set the goal that you want them to achieve.

After this, you can connect the tracker with the Bluetooth to the smartphone.

You can also sync your own phone with the device to make sure that you can easily keep an eye on the progress that your child is making.

3.GBD GEN3 New Kids Games Smart Watch Fitness Tracker 

The GBD GEN3 is a cheap cool interactive smartwatch for kids that can also track steps and calories.

It has a big LCD touchscreen and a camera that they can use to take pictures, save them and play with different frames and designs.

This smartwatch comes with nice puzzle games and lots of different animal AR games that you can configure with your phone.

The virtual pet here is a cute Panda that will record and funnily distort the child’s voice and will also give him tasks to do.

The new version, GEN3 comes with a built-in walkie-talkie which is a very nice extra feature.

Check out its latest version on Amazon.

Overall it is a very nice and interactive smartwatch for a cheap price, it is not my best recommendation as a fitness tracker though.

4.Garmin vívofit jr 2 – The best fitness tracker for kids!

Another watch that you might want to consider: The Garmin vívofit jr 2 is my most recommended activity tracker for kids, it offers different adventures, themes and tons of fun while tracking your kid’s activity in a pretty accurate way.

If your kid is at least 4 years old then I truly recommend this amazing watch from the giant brand name in the fitness trackers world – Garmin.

I hope that I helped you to find the best activity tracker watch with a virtual pet.