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Apple Watch is a very comprehensive smartwatch, and it’s designed to track all of your activities, including running. Running is a very popular activity, Apple Watch comes with some running centric features, and once of them is Rolling Pace.

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In this guide, I will discuss what Rolling Pace is on Apple Watch? And how you can use it and so on.

Rolling Pace is a running-centric feature which is mainly designed for the veteran runners who are planning on competing in professional races.

When it comes to professional races, the pace at which runners run is very important, and Rolling Pace helps the runners to know the pace at which they are running.

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They can use this information to adjust their pace according to their plan, which ultimately helps them prepare for Race. Let’s discuss the Rolling Pace feature on Apple Watch.

What Is Rolling Pace On The Apple Watch?

Rolling Pace is the new feature on Apple Watch, which is mainly designed for professional runners. It’s basically there to help you train for longer runs such as 10K and Marathon.

If you use the Rolling Pace feature, the watch will tell you the exact pace of the last completed mile, and you can use this information to adjust your pace and achieve your goal.

How Rolling Pace Works?

The ultimate goal of Rolling Pace is to provide the information about the completed mile to the runner.

How To Use The Rolling Pace On Apple Watch?

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Rolling Pace feature is not on by default, and you can only set it for outdoor runs, and you cannot use it on a treadmill. Here’s how to use the Rolling Pace on Apple watch.

  • Tap on the screen to turn on the display
  • Now open the Workout App on your watch
  • Tap the more button  (three horizontal dots)
  • Now select “Set Pace Alert.”
  • Tap the “Minutes per mile” option
  • Now select the minutes and seconds which you want to set your pace
  • Tap, OK, and now your pace is set.
  • Now you will see three different options: Rolling, Average, and Off.
  • Select “Rolling” and tap back arrow.
  • In this screen, you can select different running parameters and, once selected, tap back arrow.
  • Now you can start your run.

What Is The Difference Between The Rolling Pace & Average Pace?

The basic difference between the Rolling Pace (Rolling Mile Pace) and Average Pace (Average Mile Pace) is that the former is the metric to calculate the pace of mile you have run while the latter is the average of all the miles you have run.

Now you get the option to record the pace in terms of a rolling mile or the average; it’s totally up to you. If you don’t want to use it, simply use the “off” option.

What’s The Average Pace On Apple Watch?

The average pace is the metric that basically calculates the pace of all the miles you have run in one session.

How Apple Watch Calculates The Pace?

Apple watch calculates your pace by using the distance and total running time.

Web Browser for Smartwatch

The watch uses the GPS to track your run accurately and then uses the available data to calculate the pace in real-time.

The formula for calculating the pace is also very simple. Let’s say that you have covered the 4 miles in 36 minutes.

Now simply divide the 36 by 4, and you will get your average pace per mile, which is 9 minutes per mile.  

What Is The Good Running Pace For 5K?

The distance of the 5K Race is 3.1 miles, and the average completion time is around 25 minutes. So, if you are considering participating in 5K Race, then you have to complete the 1 mile under 8 minutes.

If you are new, then it’s a very ambitious task, but with constant practice, you can achieve it.

What Is The Good Running Pace For 10K?

10K is a very popular long-distance road running completion, which you will have to complete 6.2 miles. The normal finishing time is around 50 to 60 minutes, but veteran runners can complete it within 50 minutes.

So, if you are looking for a good running pace, then you should complete one mile in around 8 minutes.

What Is The Good Running Pace For Marathon?


Marathon is a very popular long-distance race where the veteran racers compete with each other. The distance of the Marathon is 26.22 miles, and the completion time varies.

The pro runners can complete the Marathon under 2 hours, and the enthusiast usually completes the run within 4 to 5 hours.

So, if you want to win the Marathon or at least want to come within the top 10, then you will have to complete the Race within 2 or 2:30 hours. For that, you will need to complete the one mile within 5 minutes.

Will I Lose My Weight Running 5K A Day?

Running is one of the best activities to lose those extra pounds, and 5K is surely a great way to burn a high number of calories.

If you are a 200-pound person, you can potentially burn around 490 calories in each 5K running session, and if you run 7 days a week, you can lose around 3500 calories.

If you main this calorie deficit for a week, you can easily lose one pound every week, provided that you maintain a healthy diet as well.


Running is a great activity to stay healthy and in shape, and the Apple Watch is arguably one of the best running watches.

If you want to train for long Race, then you can use the intervals & splits to increase your stamina, and you can check my guide where I have shared the best Apple Watch running apps for intervals & splits.

Also, if you are curious to know Whether the Apple Watch can track your run without iPhone or not, then you can check this guide. Happy Running!

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