Samsung Watch Screen Goes Dark Or Off? Here’s How To Fix It 2024




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Have you noticed that your Samsung watch screen goes dark or off without any reason? If that is the case, you want to prevent the dimming issue and keep the screen on longer, right? Well, then, this content is for you. 

Samsung Smartwatch Screen Goes Dark Or Off

Here, we will inform you about various reasons for screen dimming. At the same time, you will get to learn how to stop dimming, dark, and off your Samsung watch screen.

You can even know here how you can keep it on longer, and other related issues and their proper solutions. 

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Moreover, you will get other crucial tips on fixing the darkness issue. So, let’s start to learn without wasting any more time. 

Samsung Smartwatch Screen Goes Dark Or Off

A Samsung watch screen going dark or off is a prevalent issue for Samsung watch users. In this case, you have to find out the exact reason. After finding out the issues, you should take the necessary steps described in this content. 

At the same time, you will get the solution for your Samsung watch screen stuck down on one screen. 

Why Does My Samsung Watch Screen Keep Going Dark?

Your Samsung smartwatch screen can keep dark for many reasons. Here are some common factors for Samsung watch black screens. 

Battery Issue 

Battery issues are typical for the black screen. The battery of your smartwatch can be damaged for many reasons. Hence, the watch screen can go black. 

On the other hand, the battery of your Samsung watch can be displaced. Hence, the screen goes off. 

However, you can prevent battery issues by simply replacing the battery. You can change the battery and put a new one in that place. 

Power Saving Mode 

Sometimes, the power-saving mode of your Samsung smartwatch can be responsible for the dark screen. Though this system is used to extend the gadget’s battery life, it can create issues. 

To resolve the issue, you have to go to settings, and then from the ‘my device’ option, you can switch on or off the power-saving mode. 

Screen Mode 

Samsung smartwatch contains various screen mode systems. And some modes may include the feature of going dark on the screen while using certain apps. 

Why Does My Samsung Watch Screen Keep Going Dark

An adaptive brightness system is another common but crucial setting related to the dimming issue of the Samsung screen. On the contrary, this system can optimize the range of colors, sharpness, and other essential things. 

However, the Samsung watch screen can keep dark for this adaptive display mode. So, you just need to choose your desired display system that will not go dark or off for specific apps. Go through the following steps to change screen mood:

  • Go to setting from your device,
  • Then select display and wallpaper
  • After that, choose the screen mode and set your desired screen mode that will not create any issues

Screen Timeout System 

The screen time-out system of your Samsung smartwatch is another responsible matter for its dimming. If you notice that the screen goes dark after a few times, you must increase the screen time-out period. 

However, most screen dimming issues are related to this time-out setting. So carefully do this simple task. 

How To Keep The Samsung Watch Screen On Longer?

If you want to keep your Samsung screen on for a long time, you should take some crucial steps. Setting the screen timeout system is a significant task that we have already mentioned among these steps. 

Another essential setting for keeping the Samsung screen on longer is the always-on display system. This crucial system will allow you to keep the screen on for a very long time. Interestingly, you can keep the screen on until you want to off the screen by enabling this option. 

For this purpose:

  • You have to open the setting
  • Select the lock screen option from the setting
  • Now, tap the always-on display option
  • After that, go to the display mode from the setting and enable the “show always” option. 

After completing the setting, you will notice that the screen doesn’t go off until you do it yourself. 

Why Is My Samsung Watch Stuck On One Screen?

For many reasons, your Samsung screen can be stuck on a particular page, on the Samsung logo, or the specific apps. Whenever the screen gets stuck, you have to take some necessary steps to fix the issue. 

If you notice that the screen is stuck without reason, you simply have to power off your device. After a while, tap the power on button to open the device. And I hope the problem will be resolved. 

Alternatively, you should restart the watch. To do so, you have to hold power and volume buttons simultaneously to restart the device. After restarting, the stuck-down issue will be solved automatically. 

A Serious Software Issue 

The stuck issue can also happen for software problems. This issue can appear while downloading an app, updating an app, downloading a background theme, or any other reason. 

Why Is My Samsung Watch Stuck On One Screen

In this case, you should face some advanced troubleshooting. Otherwise, the watch screen will not come back to work even after repeatedly restarting. 

However, restart the watch and notice the device’s responses. If you can’t resolve the stuck screen issue by any means, you must reinstall the software that makes issues. 

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How Do I Stop My Samsung Watch Screen From Dimming?

Various options are available for stopping the smartwatch dimming issue. Here are some common ways that you can check easily. 

Auto Low Brightness 

Auto low brightness is a common feature of the Samsung smartwatch. To prevent dimming issues, you have to recheck this setting. 

  • Go to ‘Setting”, and select the ‘display’ option
  • Then you will find the ‘auto low brightness’ option
  • Now, turn it off if you think that it creating the dimming issue

Dark Screen Setting 

Sometimes, you may need to use the dark screen for better eye protection. But it can create a screen dimming issue. Hence, you should disable the dark screen. 

To do so, you must navigate your watch with your Samsung phone. Then, you have to tap the switch to disable dark screen mode from the setting. 

Stop Samsung Galaxy Screen Dimming?

Stop Samsung Galaxy Screen Dimming

Besides the above-described steps, some other crucial considerations may help you to stop Samsung galaxy smartwatch screen dimming. 

Downloaded watch faces can create dimming issues. So, to prevent this issue, you have to check the startup screen. It is a highly crucial thing that you should take into consideration. 

However, if you find that the issue is related to downloaded watch faces, simply uninstall the watch face that is in use. And then restart the watch. 

How To Fix Samsung Watch Black Screen Issue Easily?

The black screen issue is a prevalent problem for Samsung users. But before going to learn the solution to the black screen issue, let’s get to know the reasons why your Samsung screen gets black. 

The Samsung screen can get black for physical damage to any parts of the watch. On the contrary, the insufficient internal storage can also create a black screen issue. Moreover, a crashed Android operating system is also responsible for this problem. 

However, many easy-fixing systems are available for the Samsung black screen issue. Let’s jump to them. 

Reset The Device 

To resolve the Samsung watch black screen issue, you just need to reset your smartwatch. Move through the process that we have already mentioned to reset your device. 

Wipe Cache 

How To Fix Samsung Watch Black Screen Issue Easily

If you can’t resolve the black screen issue by resetting the device, you have to wipe the device’s cache. 

For this purpose, you should open the Android System Recovery screen by pressing the home, power, and volume button simultaneously. Then clear the cache of the watch. 

After that, your device will be restarted automatically. 

Get Technical Support 

After attempting all the possible ways and not finding any solution regarding Samsung watch screen black screen, screen dimming, or dark screen, you have to take help from a professional. 

It is necessary because the Samsung watch screen can sometimes be black or dim for a hardware issue. And you are not a device hardware expert, right? So you must go to a technician. 

Alternatively, you can get technical support from Samsung by going to their repairing house and describing your problems. They will check your phone and give a proper solution and technical support. 


We have mentioned many possible reasons responsible for your Samsung smartwatch screen dimming, black screen, and dark screen. Most importantly, we have presented a lot of ways for a proper solution.

Now, after getting a clear concept of why the Samsung watch screen goes dark or off, I hope you will be able to trigger the specific problem of your Samsung watch.

Besides, you can resolve the issues by attempting the necessary ways of a proper solution. You must remember that you can resolve an issue in multiple ways. So, never be bored to take alternative solutions. 

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Good luck!

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