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If you are looking for the best Smart Notebook & Smart Pen in 2023, this guide is for you.

It’s 2023 and technology has revolutionized many aspects of our lives. It also includes traditional ways of taking notes and Smart Pens & Notebooks are quickly replacing the traditional pens & notebooks.

One of the main reasons why students and workers prefer Smart Pens & Notebooks is that they are eco-friendly. On top of that, they are also more convenient to use. 

If you are also interested in getting a Smart Pen or Notebook for you or your loved ones and wonder which ones are the best, this guide is for you. Today, I’ll share the best Smart Notebooks & Smart Pens which are ideal for Students, Workers, Businesses, and Writing Notes. 

In this WearToTrack guide, I’ll focus on the following topics:

  • Best Smart Notebooks & Smart Pens in 2023
  • The Advantages of Using a Smart Pen & Notebook
  • What is the battery life of a Smart Pen?

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Best Smart Notebook & Pen For Students, Business & Writing Notes

In the technological and digital world of today, most students are turning to tablets, laptops, and even 2-in-1 computers to make the process of studying much more efficient than what it has been this entire time.
Despite this gradual but revolutionary shift in material, there are still a handful of people, especially students who, instead of turning to excessively astounding styluses, still have an inclination toward the vibe of a customary pen and paper note-taking framework.

In any case, consider the possibility that there was an approach to get the accommodation of savvy and easily accessible notes along with the vibe of a customary scratch pad. Enter the smart notebook with special pages. The Smart Notebook and Smartpen have been invented for exactly the kind of people with this inclination.

1. Everlast Rocketbook

best smart notebook for students

It is quite a well-known fact that there are a couple of extraordinary smart journals available now, and they enable you to compose with an ordinary pen and paper, while at the same time offering the capacity to be economical and digital because those can be altered and controlled by you carefully, at any point in life.

These notebooks are not too popular at this time, yet they are winding up increasingly fascinating and valuable consistently. Here are some facts about the Everlast Rocketbook:

  • What makes the Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook increasingly special and extraordinary is the fact that it has extremely reusable pages made with synthetic blends which can be wiped clean with a damp cloth after use. What’s more? There is no limit to this reusability. Users can wipe and write as many times as they want.
  • When on the lookout for a smart and savvy notebook, one of the primary things to check is the way it works. Everlast’s Rocketbook is a special one that makes use of special paper which enables a person to be able to completely delete what they have written, so the same pages can be used again and again. All you have to do is write what’s on your mind, wait about 15 seconds for the ink to seep into and dry in the specialized pages, and your smart notebook is ready for use again!
  • Another great thing about the Everlast Rocketbook is that it comes with a special pen from the Pilot Frixion line, but for those who want to work with other pens, markers, and highlighters, the notebook is open to all pens from the Pilot Frixion line. This ensures that the notebook is not limiting its users to only one kind of pen – which can get quite boring if we’re being honest.
  • What makes the Everlast Rocketbook extremely convenient for students, especially, is the fact that they can forward, capture and save all their notes to platforms such as Google Drive, Box, OneNote, Slack, Evernote, Dropbox, iCloud, email and so much more. This means that the Rocketbook is one of those numerous smart notebooks that can easily sync up with apps on your phone or laptop, and therefore, not only will you have a remarkable interface and enough cloud storage to hold digital copies of your notes, but you’ll also have hard copies available whenever you need them!
  • It is available in a wide range of sizes – ranging from the letter sized notebooks available in packs of 2, 3, 4 and even 5, to the executive size (15.24 x 22.35 centimeters) and mini bundles.
  • You can get the notebook in colors such as infinity black, atomic red, light blue, midnight blue, night sky blue, and even Neptune teal. There’s something to suit the taste of every individual!

Why Should You Use Smart Notebooks Such As Everlast’s Rocketbook?

Cloud-integrated notebooks, or smart notebooks as they are more commonly known, have proved to be increasingly economical, and very beneficial for not only the environment but the technological world of today, too.

This one notebook can be used by students, engineers, designers and even managers to be more systematized, imaginative and constructive.

These notebooks help in saving the environment as well because the ability to reuse pages keeps us from cutting down more trees to create paper.

They are highly efficient and time-saving, as there are no bulky chargers to be carried anywhere. Everlast’s Rocketbook is truly a blessing!  

2. Livescribe 3 smartpen Black Edition

Regardless of whether you are at school or running a business and attend important meetings, taking notes at sermons and gatherings is the most ideal approach to keep an eye on or keep records of what has been happening lately. Be that as it may, most of the time, conventional notes on normal paper end up turning into a chaotic clutter.

The pages of your standardized notebook may get stirred up or even lost, and there is no real way to alter or sort them out.  Luckily, innovation offers a lot of arrangements; it’s always just about picking the one that suits your taste, style, and convenience the most.

As of late, applications have been developed that can enable you to arrange and look through your notes alongside letting you match them up between the majority of your gadgets so you can keep up to date wherever you want, whenever you want.

Thanks to the digital world of today, you can type your notes on a computer, tablet or even cell phone.

On the off chance that you want to use a remote console, or handwrite them on tablets or utilizing a brilliant pen, here is the best smartpen that will suit a college student’s taste and responsibilities conveniently – the Livescribe 3 smartpen Black Edition (APX-00020).

The Livescribe 3 smartpen comes with the Livescribe+ mobile app and is one of the best smart gadgets available for taking notes and scribbles right now, especially for students in college. Here’s why:

  • The Livescribe 3 smartpen is capable of being connected to your iPhone, iPad, and other iOS and Android gadgets with the help of Bluetooth Smart (also referred to as Bluetooth Low Energy LE, as of now). The smartpen is designed to match up all that you compose or draw to the free Live scribe+ mobile application in a very efficient manner.
  • The smartpen comes with its very own sleek industrial design, a retractable ink-tip, and even a matte-black soft-touch finish, along with Swiss-made Tungsten Carbide ink cartridges and a capacitive stylus tip.
  • This incredible smart pen for college students and even business owners is the sharpest, fastest and the least difficult approach to bringing lucrative information from your letter-sized notebook papers onto your tablet and cell phone, where it turns out to be increasingly valuable.
  • The mechanism of the Livescribe 3 works in a way that utilizes the mouthpiece or microphone of your tablet or smartphone in order to record sound. This recorded material is then synchronized to all that you are writing and drawing on your notebook.
  • The camera of the smartpen is an extremely fast infrared (IR) camera that is designed to digitally record everything you write on Livescribe paper.
  • Once the notes you have scribbled have been transferred to the Live scribe+ mobile application, you can arrange, tag, playback the recorded audio and even send/share notes to any of the other gadgets that you use on a day to day basis.
  • With the Livescribe 3 smartpen and mobile application, you can turn your words into action. All you need to do is write on the pages of your journal and watch, as the notes you are talking instantly appear on the screen of your connected gadget.
  • What makes the Livescribe 3 smartpen special? It lets you search through the notes you have transcribed and enables you to convert what you compose into digital content with astounding precision.
  • All a college student needs to do is fully charge the Livescribe 3 smartpen for 2 long periods and this will give you a chance to continue composing with the smart pen for 14 more hours.
  • What’s more? The Livescribe 3 smartpen has built-in memory attached to it which catches and stores everything you have ever noted down, which enables you to sync with up to 4 iOS and Android gadgets.

Why Should College Students Buy The Livescribe 3 Smartpen?

It is a fact that college students need to constantly update any notes they have taken, and may even have to share them constantly.

The Livescribe 3 smartpen’s auto-send feature lets them set up their notebooks in order to send and automatically update to common cloud connections such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and OneNote. It really is a one-for-all purchase.

3. Livescribe Symphony

Livescribe Symphony is another very popular digital pen that you can buy in 2023 and it’s ideal for students and general note-taking.

The best thing about the Livescribe Symphony is that it’s capable of recording both audio and writing at the same time via the Livescribe+ app. So, If you need to hear any specific part of the lecture, you can access that part via the app and listen to it as many times as you want.

Also, it has the ability to convert your handwriting into text and make the notes searchable. So, you can easily search your notes using the built-in search feature. 

Another nifty feature of the Livescribe Symphony is that it makes collaboration very simple. You can directly share your notes with your colleagues, and teachers and collaborate with them. Also, it works flawlessly with all major Cloud platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, MS Onenote, and Evernote and your data will be synced with your account so that it stays safe even if you lose access to your pen or app.

The biggest drawback of the Livescribe Symphony is its battery life. It lasts for half a day under full load and on standby it can last up to 2 days. So, you will need to recharge it every day to get better performance and battery life.

Overall, Livescribe Symphony is a very high-quality Smart Pen that can help you take notes more efficiently and make them more accessible. So, If you are looking for a Smart Pen with a great set of features, Livescribe Symphony is a solid option for you.

Pros of Livescribe Symphony 

  • It’s compatible with multiple platforms including Android, Windows, iOS, and MacOS.
  • It comes with Bluetooth and can be connected to your smartphone or tablet.
  • It can record both audio and writing at the same time, which makes it more useful for students.
  • It comes with an excellent companion app that is packed with amazing features

Cons of Livescribe Symphony

  • It’s slightly more expensive than other Smart Pens out there.
  • It needs special Livescribe paper to work which is more expensive than a regular paper.
  • Its battery life is average which can be a dealbreaker for some students.

4. Moleskine Pen+ Smart Writing Set

Moleskine Pen+ Smart Writing Set is another very promising Smart Pen that comes as a package and it includes a Dotted Smart Notebook which you can use to digitize your notes and make them more accessible.

In the package, you get the Moleskine Pen+ Smart Pen which is very well-built and you will be using it to take notes. The Pen comes with a smart app that will digitize your notes and sync them with the app. The app also works well with cloud services so if you want you can back up all of your notes on the cloud.

On top of that, Moleskine Pen+ Smart Pen is also equipped with mics that can record your audio and sync it with the notes. Once it syncs, you can listen to any specific part of the lecture via the notes.

Like most Smart Pens, Moleskine Pen+ Smart Pen also has limited battery life and it offers around 5 hours of continuous use which is still pretty decent but not great.

Overall, if you are looking for a Smart Writing Set with a good Smart Pen and Notebook at an affordable price, you can consider the Moleskine Pen+ Smart Writing Set.

Pros of Moleskine Pen+ Smart Writing Set

  • Moleskine Pen+ Smart Pen is compatible with Moleskine Smart Notebook which you can use to digitize your notes.
  • The Moleskine Smart Notebook comes with a classic design which makes it appealing to users who prefer the look and feel of traditional notebooks.
  • It comes in different sizes which you can pick according to your convenience.

Cons of Moleskine Pen+ Smart Writing Set

  • Moleskine Pen+ Smart Pen is only compatible with Moleskine Notebook and it won’t work with regular notebooks or other smart notebooks.
  • Its battery life isn’t great and you will get only 5 hours of continuous use.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Smart Pen & Smart Notebook?

Smart Pens & Notebooks are getting quite popular these days and in this section, I’ll share some of the benefits of using a Smart Pen & Smart Notebooks.

  • Eco-friendly – One of the biggest benefits of using a Smart Pen & Smart Notebook is that they are environment friendly and they will last for a long-time.
  • Increased Productivity – Smart Pens come with features such as digitization of notes, audio recording, and organizing your notes which can help you become more productive and organized.
  • Improved Collaboration – The collaboration using the traditional notes is quite painful but with digital notebooks, you can share your notes with your friends and teachers and collaborate in a more effective manner.
  • Digitization of Notes – Smart Pens can digitize your notes and make them more accessible. With the added feature of making notes searchable, students can quickly locate the topics they need to review, enhancing their study experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Best Smart Pen?

There are many Smart Pens available in the market but these are the best Smart Pens you can buy right now!

  • Livescribe 3 
  • Livescribe Symphony
  • Moleskine Pen+ Smart Pen

What Is The Pen That Records And Writes?

Smart Pen is a special Pen that can record audio and digitize your writing. These Smart Pens often come with their own companion apps which come with additional features such as cross-platform and cloud data syncing, search your notes and collaboration tools.

Do Smart Pens Need Special Paper?

Yes, most Smart Pens need a special paper that usually comes with special dots and lines which allow the Smart Pens’s sensors to recognize your writing and digitize it. If you don’t use a special paper, the Smart Pen will lose its functionality and it won’t be able to capture and digitize your notes.

How Long Do Smart Pens Last?

Smart Pens come with rechargeable batteries which means that you can recharge them as many times as you want and they will last for years. When it comes to battery life, it varies from Smart Pen to Smart Pen and most of them usually offer around 5 to 11 hours of continuous use.


Smart Notebooks & Smart Pens are surely the future of Note-taking because they make the process of taking notes very simple and easy. Also, they offer various features which make it easy for students and business people to collaborate and enhance their productivity.

In this guide, I’ve shared the best smart notebooks & smart pens which are ideal for students, professionals, or anyone who wants to take their note-taking experience to the next level. 

I hope that you found this guide useful and that it helped you find your next smart notebook and smart pen. If you have any questions, please feel free to use the comment section below. Also, if you are interested in getting a smartwatch but are not sure which one is better, you can check this guide where I’ve shared the 17 best smartwatches you can right now!

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