Top 5 Smartwatches With Leather Bands That Looks Great On Your Wrist In 2024




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Do you think that your current watch strap is letting you down? Well, the band isn’t obviously a less-prioritized feature while buying your wristwear.

Smartwatches That Come With Leather Band

But the strap or band has a vital role in the overall outlook of the watch. However, most watches now allow interchanges for the built-in straps.

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And it’s relatively easy to buy mediocre ones amidst many replacement options. That’s why you should know which ones to choose for your smartwatch. 

Best 5 Smartwatches That Come With Leather Band

There are many different brands with varying specifics for their straps. Still, our guide lets you personalize the watch with a preferred replacement. Let’s take a look at the top smartwatches with a leather band in 2023 you can buy.

1. Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Smartwatch

The rugged, tough sports watch features shiny brown leather to hold its 1.45” screen. And it delivers the perfect combo of technology with style to cover almost all activities.

Standard 5ATM water resistance keeps the leather strap usable in any condition. However, you should put off the band to let it dry from time to time to avoid damage.

Its interior silicone resists moisture while keeping up the leather against manly ruggedness. The comfy wristwear will enable you to enjoy all the cool built-in features.

2. Fossil Gen 6 Touchscreen Smartwatch

The wearable on a leather strap has more tech features and faster performance. Likewise, the manly wristwear features well-textured, shiny, and well-polished leather.

And it perfectly matches the 44mm-sized charcoal black touchscreen frame at the center. The leather covers interior silicone, resisting moisture penetration up to certain distances.

The leatherette surface also comes with single-side stitches, starting with dual stitching. So, you won’t have to deal with breakage or worn-out issues while using Gen 6 features.

3. Garmin Lily Small Touchscreen Smartwatch

The mini wristwear complements your casual or formal outfit on any occasion. This classic edition perfectly blends the simple light-gold frame with its black leather.

Simple and minimalistic design features no fancy décor or luxury pattern. Still, it can impart excellent matching to your personality in a more traditional style.

The genuine leather is soft, comfy, and breathable with well-polished surfaces. Additionally, the strap can withstand the test of time through its built-in ruggedness.

4. Fossil Women’s Carlie Hybrid Smartwatch

Make the perfect fashion statement with high-quality leather on the hybrid wearable. It features a modern, feminine design having a simple yet exquisite beige surface.

And Beige happens to blend perfectly with the silver-colored stainless steel bezel. The shiny look of the metal surface complements the well-textured and fine-grained genuine leatherette.

Also, the standard single stitching on either side completes the classic and luxurious look. The durable leather is comfy on every occasion with breathable perforated dots.

5. Skagen Falster 3 Gen 5 Smartwatch

The 42mm touchscreen wearable comes with a 22mm brown-colored genuine leather strap. And the advanced watch seems complete with its classic, stylish, and catchy outlook.

Its double-material hybrid strap covers the silicone interior beneath the leather surface. The leather becomes more durable against moisture with the help of intact silicone material.

The notably porous surface makes the leatherette comfy, breathable, and friendly. Accomplish all your tasks through the watch features without skin irritation or sweat.

Best 7 Smartwatch Leather Band Replacement

Also, many branded and 3rd-party strap replacements are available without the smartwatch. They come in different styles and colors to suit your personalized choice.

1. amBand Genuine Leather Replacement Strap

The top-grain leather adorns the stylish Apple watch elegance. It’s handcrafted and eco-friendly to capture the feel of premium leather. Thus, it creates a unique look with an attention-to-detail design.

Your wrist will feel comfortable and easy. Colorful prints won’t fade to keep up the sophisticated, classy look. Easy installation and removal make it simple to give your iWatch a perfect makeover.

2. OULUCCI Leather Band Replacement

The soft-textured leather makes sure optimum wearing comfort. The top-grain replacement of 100% genuine leather has a gradually narrowing design. It promises excellent comfort with Apple watches.

Neither of the color prints on the surface will fade away. It has the perfect décor to brighten up on all occasions with luxury. OULUCCI also delivers an excellent after-purchase service to solve your issues.

3. Bestig Leather and Rubber Strap

Simple yet fashionable décor makes the strap perfect for its hybrid feature. The genuine leather exterior covers the natural silicone interior. And it remains light, firm, flexible, long-lasting, and intact.

Its design adorns the wrist to let you enjoy comfortable wear. Also, an additional air channel on the inner side adds breathability. It suits all activities as it’s waterproof and sweatproof up to the mark.

4. MAPUCE Leather Band Replacement

The premium cowhide leather is the perfect replacement for Apple smartwatch bands. Its craftsmanship of hybrid nature matches the watch’s face and wrist with a classic and elegant outlook.

Air channels on the inner side give your wrist some breathing space. You can personalize any Apple watch to justify your outfit. Multiple precision-cut holes let you adjust for the perfect fit.

5. WOCCI Vintage Leather Watch Band

Upgrade your watch with horse-crazy leather instead of regular leatherette. The crazy-horse leather is used for saddles. It’s ready to give your watch a stand with great durability and long-lasting strength.

The different-colored exterior has supportive contrasting/tone stitches. And the cowhide leather has unique grains to enable a distinct vintage style. It should evolve over time for a comfy fit with patinas.

6. Ritche Leather Watch Band Strap

A standard 4-layer leatherette design makes the band unique, special, and fashionable. Its top cowhide layer provides stronger applicability. The padding layers in the middle promote its overall durability.

The bottom-reinforced matte linings offer soft and breathable contact. Its gradually decreasing width enables a perfect fit for all watches. There’s another option featuring nubuck instead of oil leather.

7. Hemsut Leather Replacement Strap

Let the genuine Horween leather lavishly adorn your watch. Flexing the leather reveals grain characters inherent to individual leather pieces. And you’ll see the lightness change in different parts.

The waxy pull-up leather has a natural fragrance for sweat and dust. Retro art effects provide a great feeling. Longer use will make it look more elegant without breakage or faded-away issues. 

Best Leather Straps For Apple/Garmin/Fitbit Watch

1. MIFA Leather iWatch Band

The 22mm vintage sport strap provides a great match for your steel or aluminum iWatch. The genuine leather on the strap is highly durable while giving a soft feel to your wrist.

The 3mm thick strap has multiple types of leather adhered to one another for longevity. Precise stitches with perforated dots on the cowhide leather come from excellent craftsmanship.

2. Abanen Leather Garmin Band

The hybrid 22mm strap features a sophisticated double-material design with silicone and leather. The leather lying on the exterior imparts a fashionable appeal and attractive texture.

And the interior silicone promotes wearability by resisting moisture to enable breathing space. The quick-fit strap can perfectly match several popular models of Garmin smartwatches.

3. Fitbit Blaze Leather Accessory Band

Creating the perfect wristwear for any occasion becomes easy with the luxuriously designed band. The premium leather imparts a satisfying style and outlook while passing the test of time.

The branded product features a rich exterior texture to blend with compatible Fitbit smartwatches. Its soft surface enables comfy wearing with extra space for your wrist’s breathability.

4. INNOSUB Sublimation Watch Band Compatible with Apple Watch

Standard PU leather makes up the fashionable replacement for factory Apple watch straps. However, the S1 band is somewhat more suitable for small-sized (38mm/40mm) iWatch.

The high-quality leather feels notably comfy on wrists with no potential irritation, sweating, or warmth. Catchy DIY prints on the blank leather surface can provide a rich and elegant look.

5. Garmin QuickFit Leather Watch Band

Garmin itself introduces the chestnut leather replacement strap for the brand’s smartwatches. The shiny look from the well-polished and well-textured leather surface blends perfectly.

The smooth leather surface covers the interior silicone, allowing further resistance to moisture. And you won’t have to deal with sweating or irritation on the wrist skin on any occasion.

6. Fitbit Inspire HR Leather Band

The official Fitbit accessory can further support scales and trackers beyond smartwatches. Its top-notch saffiano leather body comes with a well-textured and cross-hatch exterior finish.

The featured Horween leather is fully handcrafted using premium oils and dyes for the finish. Also, the double-wrapped band develops an aged patina over time to enhance the outlook.

Smartwatch Leather Bands That Look Great

1. WYZE Genuine Leather Band

The unisex replacement is particularly suitable for medium to large-sized WYZE smartwatches. Its genuine leather comes in two distinctive, stylish colors – forest green and classic brown.

The interior silicone imparts high resistance to sweat and water, enabling superior longevity. You may feel it like a Velcro which delivers further wearing comfort and skin breathability.

2. Anne Klein Leather Fashion Band

Update your iWatch with the sophisticated and fitting replacement strap of genuine leather. Premium leather is handcrafted to make an enthusiastic and stylish band for women.

Likewise, you can expect the leatherette to develop characters with continual use over time. The band is perfectly compatible with 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm Apple smartwatches.

3. Amazfit Genuine Leather Band

The branded strap can replace any smartwatch having a 22mm strap, including Amazfit watches. It features imported Italian leather to introduce a classy, refined appearance.

The soft and smooth surface complements the minimalistic design with a rich texture. Your wrist will have sufficient space to breathe, lowering the chances of sweat or irritation.

Which Type Of Watch Strap Is The Most Comfortable?

Mesh – Stainless steel mesh is one trendy choice for straps. It’s elegant, durable, comfy, and incredibly breathable on all occasions.

Rubber – Rubber is quite sweatproof and waterproof, often available on straps by default. It can provide reasonable wearing comfort.

Nylon – Extremely durable and military-preferred nylon is tough and sturdy. Also, they’re able to offer excellent comfort on any occasion.

Silicone – Soft and pliable silicone is considerably resistant to moisture. Some comfy straps are even antibacterial with pleasant fragrances.

Leather – Leather is notably soft, porous, stylish, and often well-textured. It’s comfortable but prone to damage over sweat and moisture.

The perspective of comfort varies from person to person, making it difficult for us to choose on your behalf. However, high-quality materials come with excellent comfort for almost anyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For your further inquiry, you may check out this section of the article. Here, we are going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Smartwatch With Leather Band.

How Long Can A Leather Strap Last?

Answer: High-quality leather bands can last about 2-3 years. But careful use can extend the lifespan. But cheaper ones withstand six months up to a year.

Which Watch Strap Is The Best For Sweat?

Answer: Nylon and rubber bands take the prize for sweaty use. Leather is also acceptable if there are perforated dots or fine mesh.

Can I Wear A Leather Watch Every Day?

Answer: Using a leather watch every day may not allow the surfaces to become dry. It’s better to use it occasionally in a casual or formal outfit.

Are Leather Watch Bands Sweatproof?

Answer: Porous leather isn’t sweat proof or waterproof at all. But hybrid ones having silicone interiors beneath leather can resist moisture.


Most of the top-branded smartwatches don’t come with a built-in leather strap. You’re likely to get factory-made silicone, rubber, or nylon for the most part. 

So, you’ll have to go for a replacement to add the perfect luxury, style, and fit to your look.

Choosing the perfect replacement strap is more than leather and design. You must consider the wrist size, level of comfort, adjustment options, and leather design. It should easily help you buy the best from our top smartwatches with a leather band in 2024.

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