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For this article, I have researched and picked up for you 5 of the best swim stopwatches that trainers are using in 2023. Let’s dive into it!

It is really crazy how technology has managed to improve all of the things in today’s world.

Similarly, the world of swimming and more importantly time-keeping in sports has been taken to the next level by all means.

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Stopwatches are a really good tool for measuring time in many different ways. At its very basic, the stopwatches were initially analog-styled. However, over time they changed to digital.

5 Of The Best Stopwatches That Swim Coaches & Trainers Use

A stopwatch is a must-have tool for every swim coach and trainer. And if you choose the wrong stopwatch, it may stop functioning when you badly need it. That’s why as a swim coach and trainer, you should choose a top-notch stopwatch that we have listed here.

Watch Split Mode Memory Recall Water-Resistant Stroke Rate
ProCoach RS-013 Sports StopwatchYesNOYESNO
Ultrak 100 Lap Memory TimerYESYESYESYES
Finis 3X-100M Swimming StopwatchYESYESYESYES
Ultrak 496 500M Swimming StopwatchYESYESYESYES

Why Use Analog?

Analog stopwatches are a thing of the past. If you do not like switching to the latest technology and allowing the latest trends to provide ease and comfort in your life, then I can understand your persistence of using an analog stopwatch.

Romanticizing the past is very common, but if you want the results and you want the accuracy of the latest technology then it is about time you switch to the latest digital stopwatches which offer a number of features for your swim coaching experience and make it tenfold better!

I just added an article about analog training stopwatches Vs digital that you might want to check out.

We look at some of the features of digital watches that you need to make sure are present in the stopwatch that you are going to buy.

Basic Functions That A Swim Stopwatch Has:

A stopwatch is an essential part of swimming trainers. However, the following features will show how a stopwatch functions

  • Lap Split Function: the lap tie is how long it takes you to get from one splint to the next. With this, trainers can record how much time swimmers take. The stopwatch begins timing from zero after each splint.
  • Large Lap Memory: this is an important feature as trainers need to record the timing and information so the larger the memory the greater its usage. A large lap memory stopwatch can store all necessary information and retrieve it when needed.
  • Cumulative Splint: it shows the total elapsed time from the beginning of an event. The overall pacing of the swimmer can be reviewed using this feature by the coaches. Most of our stopwatches have the cumulative split function.
  • Recalling Buttons: the coaches need to give feedback information to the swimmer recalling buttons this function as it displays both lap and cumulative splits. It varies from watch to watch
  • Stroke Rate Calculator Mode: this is for measuring the speed of a swimmer. The stopwatch measures the number of strokes the swimmer performs in a minute.
  • Water Resistant: this is a basic feature that varies from watch to watch. Water resistant stopwatch will work even underwater. Sometimes swimmers need to record their own time. So with this feature, they can dive or swim while holding that stopwatch.
  • Countdown Mode: countdown mode is another useful feature that alerts you when your time is up while doing workouts. This feature can save you time.
  • Alarm: alarms work as a reminder of when you should start and when to stop. An alarm is a more efficient way of reminding. Once zero is reached, your alarm should ring.

Top 5 Best Stopwatches For Trainers And Coaches Reviews

As mentioned above, each watch has multiple functions, we try to find the right kind of combination in a stopwatch which you would require as a coach for swimming. We’ve ranked some of the best watches and they are as follows:

1) Marathon ADANAC 3000

The Marathon ADANAC 3000 is lightweight wear and is one of the best in business. It has a wide range of nifty features which are not only extremely useful but a must-have for each coach in the swimming range.

It is also a trustworthy companion and has an unmatchable accuracy, as well. Its laser is tuned to a 1/100th of a second to provide the maximum amount of accuracy and times 1/100th second for 30 minutes along with 1-second increments up to 24 hours!

It has a basic design that puts practicality over aesthetics and focuses largely on the function it has to provide rather than a sleek design.

It has bigger buttons which are easier to press, and it easily fits the palm of your hand, as well. It is highly water and dust resistant and is rated very high due to its durability and consistency.

The only downside to this watch is probably the fact that it has a bit of a tricky way to replace its battery and that it lacks a countdown timer.

2) ProCoach RS-013 Sports Stopwatch

This is another watch that focuses largely on providing the most effective functions and hardly cares about having a good-looking design.

However, it has a simple design which is nice to have, anyway. It has the same amount of measuring accuracy as the Marathon ADANAC 3000, but it also adds a 3-button design.

It keeps to a standard functionality which can be switched between 3 modes. The standout feature is its ability to measure multiple events simultaneously thanks to its split mode.

It is designed for usage in any kind of weather which makes it a very handy partner. It also has a comfortable strap that attaches easily and is very lightweight and massively durable.

The only thing that it lacks in, is the fact that it has a very quiet alarm, that you might miss. It also has a dim light which is not very convenient for dark environments.

3) Ultrak 100 Lap Memory Timer

Enough about affordability and covering the basic features. Let’s talk about a premium watch which covers the latest technology as well.

This is a watch that has a wide range of all the best caliber features and has an extremely large variety of functions which means that you do not need an additional device to measure anything else for your coaching experience.

It is definitely a bit on the expensive side, but it does not matter because it is covering all the latest functions.

This timer is mostly for professionals. Despite having an array of functions, it is very easy to use and that makes it a must-have.

It has a very bold three-row LCD display, it is extremely light-weight and massively water-resistant. Another impressive element is that it includes a 100-dual split recallable memory.

It is also available in back and yellow colors, as a 5-year lithium battery, and a very accurate laser that is tuned quartz for the most accurate timing, possible. The buttons can be a little sensitive to press but it is very easy to cancel a command or a setting, at will.

4) Finis 3X-100M Swimming Stopwatch

This is a swimming stopwatch that offers a feature that is not offered by many stopwatches. It can offer you the ability to display both cumulative and lap splits.

It is also manufactured by one of the most famous brands in the market and it allows the coaches to view the latest memory without pausing the running timer.

Coaches can also see exactly who came first and second in the same view on this stopwatch, which means it is ideal for measuring the competition available.

It has an auto-calculation of stroke rate and is programmed for every third stroke, as well. It can measure up to 10 hours and has an adjustable neck strap.

5) Ultrak 496 500M Swimming Stopwatch

This is probably the most complete watch on the list. It has a memory recall function of up to 500 laps! This is so impressive that it makes it a must-have for all professional coaches who want the best results for their swimmers.

It also allows coaches to take splits in this same mode. It is also highly water-resistant and can be used during a swim, as well.

It also measures swimming time up to 10 continuous hours due to its incredible lithium battery which is very good at what it does. Its bottom row consists of a check of swimming events and lap times.

Along with all this, it has an individual row for showing the number of strokes the swimmers have made. It has a large alarm that rings and alerts the swimmers without using words and distracting them. The best feature is probably its 5-year warranty!

What Do Famous Athletes Use?

Famous coaches and professional trainers usually rely on the Ultrak 496 500M Stopwatch. It is a complete watch and packs a variety of great functions.

However, Marathon ADANAC 3000 is another famous stopwatch that a lot of athletes rely on. There is a perfect balance between price and functionality.

It is very reliable, as well, and it is hard to decide between these two because both are fantastic pieces of technology.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How Do You Time Multiple Swimmers?

If there are multiple swimmers, then it’s better to have 2 or more stopwatches to record. But for more accuracy, the swimmers can have stopwatches on their wrists.

What Are The Two Types Of Stopwatches?

Analog and digital are two types of stopwatches. Analogs are mechanical and have a continuous electrical signal and digital are battery-powered and have a noncontiguous electrical signal.

What Is A Practical Substitute For A Stopwatch?

A practical substitution for a stopwatch can be a pendulum string. Because the features are similar, burning a string can be a good substitute for a stopwatch.


To sum up, the whole thing which was discussed here regarding choosing the best stopwatch for swim coaches and trainers. The stopwatch is an integral part of the swimmer because it keeps a record of the time,

Stopwatches alert you when to stop, and thus these save your time. It’s one of the basic features for example water resistance makes it efficient to swim underwater.

There are many substitutions for stopwatches like using a pendulum string or burning something, but all these are the least thing a coach can have. Stopwatch functions so well and efficiently that there can not be a better substitute for the stopwatch.

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