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If you are someone who likes to wear your traditional watch but you also want to track your fitness, this guide is for you.

The Traditional watches come with cool looks but unfortunately, they can’t track your fitness. That’s why many people like to wear their traditional watch on one arm and the fitness tracker on the second hand.

Which Fitness Tracker To Wear Along With My Regular Watch

This solution works well for most people and if you also like to wear your watch but want to track your fitness, I’d also recommend you the same approach.

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In this comprehensive WearToTrack guide, I’ll share the best fitness trackers for traditional Watch wearers. Let’s get started.

Which Fitness Tracker To Wear Along With My Regular Watch?

If you want to wear a fitness tracker with your regular watch, I’ll recommend that you get one that is subtle and smaller.

I’d not recommend you to get a full-fledged smartwatch because you already have a watch and a fitness tracker can do the fitness tracking for you.

When it comes to fitness trackers to wear along with your regular watch, I’ve many recommendations which I’ve shared in the next section. Let’s have a look at my top picks.

List Of 5 Best Fitness Trackers For Traditional Watch Wearers

If you wear a traditional watch and you want to track your fitness, you should consider the following fitness trackers.

1. Fitbit Charge 5 (Editor’s Choice)

Let’s start with Fitbit Charge 5 which is arguably the best fitness tracker you can buy in 2024. It’s a feature-rich fitness tracker that comes with a very compact profile and you can easily wear it on your other arm under the sleeves.

The Charge 5 is equipped with all the bells and whistles which you can expect from a modern fitness tracker in 2024. It’s equipped with a GPS tracker which was not available on Charge 4 and it can track your activities with great accuracy.

If we look at the features, you get advanced features such as ECG which you won’t find on any other fitness tracker in this price range. Similarly, the company has equipped the Charge 5 with EDA Sensor which can track your stress throughout the day and it will help you manage your stress levels.

Along with these advanced features, you also get regular tracking features for tracking your steps and workouts. You also get a high-quality AMOLED Display which you can use to interact with the tracker.

Overall, Fitbit Charge 5 is my top recommendation for traditional watch wearers because of its subtle profile and great fitness tracking features.

2. Xiaomi Mi Band 7

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a fitness tracker and are looking for a decent fitness tracker under $60, you can consider Xiaomi Mi Band 7.

Mi Band 7 is surely not as capable as Fitbit Charge 5, but it’s the best fitness tracker in the budget section. It lacks features such as GPS, or ECG but it makes up for them with its lower price and other decent features.

On Xiaomi Mi Band 7, you get features such as Stress tracking, activity tracking, step counting, SPO2 Sensor, and calorie counting.

When it comes to tracking the activities, the band will need to be connected to your smartphone and it will use your smartphone’s GPS to track your activities. In my personal opinion, I’m not a big fan of Connected GPS because it restricts users and they will need to carry phones with them for accurate tracking.

If we look at the design of Mi Band 7, it’s very subtle and you can easily wear it on your other arm along with your regular watch. The band has a very low profile and can easily hide under your sleeves. 

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is the best band under $60 and if you have a limited budget, you should consider this one.

3. Huawei Band 6

Huawei Band 6 is the runner-up in the budget category for fitness trackers. It’s a very good tracker but the major downside of it is that it’s not available in North America which means that if you want to use it, you will need to import it.

If we look at the design of the Huawei Band 6, it’s more inspired by Charge 5 and overall build quality is pretty decent for a $60 fitness tracker.

In terms of features, Huawei Band 6 is similar to Mi Band 7. It comes with regular fitness tracking features along with some advanced features such as sleep tracking, stress tracking, and SPO2 Monitoring. Like Mi Band 7, it also doesn’t come with its own GPS and it will need to rely on your smartphone’s GPS to accurately track your activities. 

Overall, Huawei Band 6 is a good fitness tracker but its unavailability in the North American and European regions makes it a runner-up in the budget category.

4. Fitbit Luxe

Fitbit Luxe is one of the best fitness trackers for women watch wearers. This tracker is designed for women and it comes with a slim and stylish design which makes it an ideal choice for women.

The tracker comes with a stainless steel case and a very comfortable strap that you can easily wear on your other arm. The design of the tracker is very subtle and it will go well with most of your attires. Also, it comes with an interchangeable bands option which means that you can select suitable bands depending on the occasion.

In terms of design, Fitbit Luxe is not as good as Fitbit Charge 5 but it comes with regular features such as heart-rate monitoring, workout monitoring, step counting, sleep monitoring, and stress management.

Fitbit Luxe is also $50 cheaper than Fitbit Charge 5 and it comes with an excellent design and a decent set of features. Overall, if you are looking for a stylish fitness tracker to wear along with your traditional watch, you should consider Fitbit Luxe.

5. Oura Ring 3

If you are not comfortable with wearing your watch and fitness tracker at the same time, I’ll recommend that you consider Oura Ring 3. It’s a finger-based fitness tracker which you can wear on your finger like a traditional ring and it will track your fitness activities just like any other fitness tracker on this list.

When it comes to features, Oura Ring 3 offers activity tracking, sleep monitoring, SPO2 monitoring, guided meditation, personalized insights, activity scores, and heart-rate monitoring. On top of that, it also comes with a daily readiness score which the tracker finds by tracking over 20 body signals. In this way, you can know every day if you are ready for work or not.

The only major downside of Oura Ring 3 is its pretty high price tag. However, the thing is that it doesn’t compete with fitness trackers and it comes with features that you will find on full-fledged smartwatches. So, considering the features and quality of the product, its price can be justified.

Oura Ring 3 is an excellent investment for those who want a subtle yet accurate fitness tracker to track their fitness and daily activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

For your further inquiry, you may check out this section of the article. Here, we are going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Fitness Tracker For Watch Wearers.

Is It Ok To Wear Both Fitness Tracker And Regular Watch?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to wear both a fitness tracker and a regular watch and many people do that. In this guide, I’ve shared the fitness trackers that come with a low profile and excellent accuracy which you can easily hide under your sleeves and still get accurate tracking.

Can I Wear A Smartwatch With My Regular Watch?

Personally, I would prefer a fitness tracker over a smartwatch but it’s your wrist. If you want to wear a smartwatch and a regular watch, please do it and if anyone has a problem with it, it’s their headache. 

Is It Acceptable To Wear Both Watch And A Fitbit?

Yes, it’s totally fine and many people do it because it allows them to track their fitness while enjoying their regular watch. 

Is Huawei Band 6 A Better Option Than Fitbit Charge 5?

No, Fitbit Charge 5 is a more advanced and better option than Huawei Band 6. The Charge 5 comes with advanced features such as ECG, EDA Sensor, and GPS which are not available on Huawei Band 6. So, if you want a reliable fitness tracker with tons of features, you should consider Fitbit Charge 5.


Wearing your regular watch and fitness tracker at the same time is a very smart solution to enjoy your regular watch and track your fitness.

In this guide, I’ve shared the top 5 fitness trackers which you can wear with your regular watch. I hope that you found the guide useful and if you liked it, please do share it with your friends. Stay Fit and Happy!

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