How Much Is Tax On A Rolex In The US? Can I Buy It Tax Free?




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Just imagine one day without having any watches or clocks. Is it possible for you to do something without knowing the exact timetable? 

Obviously, the answer is “No”. Nothing is possible to do without knowing the time. All of our daily activities, as well as future actions, are totally dependent on time. For that reason, having a watch is an important and fashionable thing to all of us.

Rolex Is A Name Of A Desire

There are different types of branded watches available in the market. But above all brands, since 1926, only one is still being considered as a first choice to anyone and the name of that brand is, obviously Rolex!

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Now, you may have a question in your mind, how much is a tax on a Rolex in the US? Or Can I buy it tax-free?

In this article, we are going to discuss something different and useful information to have an original piece of Rolex. If you are wishing to have the answer, please be with us for your better knowledge to achieve it. Let’s get started. 

Rolex Is A Name Of A Desire

Rolex is the name of everyone’s desirable and charitable brand. In today’s modern life, we have already become accustomed to smartwatches, smartphones, etc. 

But still, having an original piece of Rolex in your hand is just like a dream come true. Isn’t it?

Yes. Obviously, it is. By wearing a piece of this beauty, your personality will be more impressive and most importantly noticeable.

Concept Of Purchasing Rolex In The US

A vast and wide range of the US markets is fully covered by local as well as various countries’ products, whatever you want to buy.

Rolex is also available in the US market. But there are some rules and regulations you have to follow when you purchase an original piece of Rolex watch. 

Paying tax at the time of purchasing Rolex, is a mandatory fact in the US. Hence, there are some certain tax value considerations for buying and selling Rolex. Which needs to be clearly understood before having this.

Basically, there are two ways of buying Rolex in the US. These are-

  • Buying And Paying Tax

You have to pay a certain amount of local or state-wise tax at the time of purchasing time. The total amount of purchasing prices will automatically rise by this kind of unexpected expense. What a miserable fact!

The Columbia district as well as 45 other US states collect state-wise sales taxes and the other 38 states collect local sales taxes.

  • Buying Without Paying Tax

Besides the above-mentioned states, there are just 5 states that exist,  where you don’t have to pay any taxes. 

No selling tax is applicable in Alaska, Montana, Delaware, Oregon, and New Hampshire states. 

But the problem is, legally authorized dealers of Rolex in those states are very few in those states. So, you are often not able to find your desired model of the watch from those stores. You have to be happy by getting whatever is available there. 

If you want to buy a tax-free Rolex from there, remember these things carefully. 

Tax Evaluation On A Rolex In The US

The most recent tax value of Rolex in the US market is 18% to 20% selling price. According to the Harmonized tariff schedule of the US, the applicable subheading for the Rolex submariner watches will be 9102.21.70 and the other one is 9101.

The tariff depends on watch materials. Such kinds of materials like not gold or not silver, something like base metal bracelet watches usually claim the number of duty is $1.93 + each of the cases worth 5.3%+ 12.3% on the bracelet. This is the exact equation of duty on Rolex in the US market.

The Market Price Of Rolex In The US

The price of this valuable Rolex is approximately between $6500-$75000 MSRP( manufacturer’s suggested retail price). The pricing is mainly dependent on its materials, placements, issuance, obstacles, and barriers. 

On the basis of these kinds of reasons, most of the time, the MSRP usually drops in between $7000-$12000.

Consignment Criteria Of Rolex In The US

When you want to buy a genuine Rolex from the US market, you have to maintain some legality. Having a proper consignment document is most important here.

Is It Possible To Buy A Rolex At A Tax Free Rate

Buying authorities pre-signing papers with owners or attorneys’ trademarks is needed. Without having this, any kind of Rolex watch can’t be shipped. 

The US customs service records this trademark to the Rolex owner. By doing this, the protection will be granted by the US customs service, under the law of trademark. 

Customs regulations, under the provisions of section 177, this law is written elaborately for better understanding.

Is It Possible To Buy A Rolex At A Tax Free Rate?

Yes, it is possible. Anyone can afford a Rolex watch at a tax-free rate by following such ways. These are- 

  • Buying From The Tax Free States In The US

As I have mentioned above, there are only five states in the US where completely tax-free shopping is possible. But there you may face some obstacles, you have to keep that in mind.

  • Buying From Online

The best and most possible way of purchasing a Rolex watch without tax is from online. On this platform, you don’t need to pay a single penny of tax. There are lots of trustworthy online sites available, where you can find your choosable model and lots of variations at the same time. 

  • Buying From The Resellers

Resellers are totally out of these kinds of rigid activities. Purchasing from a reseller is the best way to get a Rolex without paying tax. 

Resellers purchase from the first seller. So, all the paperwork is already completed by them. But the price would be slightly high if you choose a reseller.   

  • Buying From The Dealers 

By purchasing from the dealer you can avoid tax. From there you will get a genuine Rolex watch with a genuine box along all of the warranty cards accurately. 

  • Buying From A Pre-order System 

Pre-order placement is a safe and secured option in this regard. But before doing that, please check the trust issue on that site or store. 

Sometimes you can get a huge discount by pre-ordering on the upcoming new model. Which will be the greatest deal ever.

Why Do People Go For Buying A Rolex At A Cheaper Rate? 

Though the ultimate price of this beauty is slightly higher and it is not affordable for non-well-off people, everyone always tries to look forward to having an original Rolex piece at the cheapest price. 

Buying a Rolex is like one kind of investment. Like gold, diamond, platinum jewelry, Rolex watches also have their own financial value according to time and place. If you want to earn a handsome amount of profit by purchasing it, you can easily do that.

In that case, you have to find out some specific way of purchasing it at a cheaper rate and sell it in another place In which its value is high.

By doing this, anyone can easily utilize their money as an investment and earn a profitable amount by this luxurious brick.

Some Other Ways Of Purchasing Rolex At A Lower Price

Having an original Rolex at a lower rate is fortunate for anyone. Those who want to purchase at a lower rate can easily do that by following some tricky steps. Like-

Buying From European Countries 

Purchasing an original Rolex at a cheaper rate from European countries will be a clever step. The price of Rolex varies from country to country. For that reason, you can easily make a good deal by going outside of the US. 

Just keep reminding and try to avoid Swiss dealers of Rolex. They will definitely give you authentic and genuine guaranteed timepieces but will charge extremely high prices.

The best options from Europe will be Romania, the Balkans, Greece, Hungary, Poland. Choosing these countries for the original Rolex will be the best deal at its local price.

But the major problem can happen, if once you leave that particular country, then after buying services will not be available for you. Also you won’t be able to claim any complaints regarding your purchase.  

Be aware of that.

Purchasing From Asia Pacific Countries 

You can also choose some Asian Pacific countries like – Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. By choosing these specific countries , you can easily buy at local currency, cheaper than in the US market price. 

Singapore is a place of materials, so the production cost of any luxurious piece is quite low. An ordinary hard-working person there can afford an original Rolex by giving the cost of buying on an installment basis. 

Purchasing From Airport Shops At Duty-free Price

When you are on your way towards the airport from the US, you can easily purchase a real piece from airport shops. These shops are authentically genuine and will give you proper support and warranty. 

Shopping from there is so flexible and tax issues can easily be avoided at the same time.


We always like to live with our dreams and work hard to fulfill that wish to make it true in real life. Having a genuine piece of Rolex is a dream like that. 

Wearing this ultimate elegant timepiece on your wrist will make you more confident and noticeable to any special occasion or gathering. 

Hope you can buy this extremely valuable timepiece at the best price, without having any hassle and having a memorable deal in your life. 

Also, make sure to check out my post on Rolex Warranty Card Fake Vs Real | How To Check In 2023.

Happy shopping!

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