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When it comes to quartz watches, Seiko is a common name in the market. Just like other quartz watches, Seiko watches also need a replacement for their batteries. If you own a Seiko watch, there are times when you may wonder about how to change a Seiko watch battery.

Change A Seiko Watch Battery

Well, changing a Seiko watch battery is relatively easy when you know how to do it. However, in case you have no idea, trying to replace the watch battery might cause some problems for you.

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So, let us help you with a step-by-step procedure. In that way, you will have an elaborate guide that you can easily follow.

How To Change A Seiko Watch Battery | Easy Methods

The batteries of quartz watches have a limited lifetime. Seiko watches are no exception to this. So, when you decide it’s time to replace your Seiko watch battery, you will need some tools and a few materials. 

Necessary Tools

  • A piece of soft cloth
  • Knife
  • Screwdriver
  • Case opener wrench

Step by Step Procedure

Step 1: Laying Down the Watch

This is the first thing you’ll need to do. Grab a soft piece of cloth. After that, put it on a flat surface. Using the top of a table is advised.

Then, lay down your watch on the cloth. Make sure that the watch is facing downwards. Using a soft cloth will prevent the watch from getting any scratches.

Step 2: Opening The Watch Back

This is a crucial step in this procedure. At first, you’ll need to inspect which type of watch back is installed. Depending on the type, You will need to adapt to a certain method of opening the watch back.

i) If You Have a Snap Off Watch Back:

When your watch has a snap off watch back, you will need a knife or a flat screwdriver. Using that tool, you can open the watch back. Just remember to be gentle and not apply too much force.

ii) If You Have a Watch Back with Screws:

In this case, you will need a screwdriver. Make sure that the screwdriver fits into the screws. Then, open the screws by turning them in an anti-clockwise direction. 

iii) If You Have a Notched Watch Back:

You will need a case opener wrench for opening this type of watch back. Twist the wrench gently by fitting it in the notches. The watch back should pop open.

Step 3: Removing The Rubber Gasket

There is a rubber gasket inside the watch that makes your watch waterproof. Remove the rubber gasket from your watch and set it aside. You will need it later on.

Step 4: Removing The Old Battery

In this step, you will need to locate your battery first. After you have done that, carefully remove the battery. 

To remove the battery, slide a screwdriver underneath it. You can also use a thin but strong metal piece for this job. The battery will come off slightly from the watch. You can use your hand to take off the battery completely.

Step 5: Installing the New Battery

In the same location as the previous battery, place the replacement unit. Following that, you can use a tweezer to install the battery in place.

You can also use your fingers instead of a tweezer. Just make sure to not scratch other parts of your watch.

Step 6: Installing The Rubber Gasket

Place the rubber gasket where it was before. You need to be careful in this step. The rubber gasket makes the watch waterproof. Take your time and install it in the right place.

Step 7: Installing the Watch Back

This is the Penultimate step. Install the watch back in its place. The installation process differs for different watch backs.

If you have a snap off watch back, just push it into the watch gently. You will hear it snap. When the back snaps to the watch, it will be completely stuck to the watch.

However, you might have a watch back with screws. In that case, take a screwdriver and put the screws in their places one by one. Then turn them in a clockwise direction until they are tightened sufficiently.

There may be a case where you have a notched watch back. In that case, you will need to place the notches first. After you have placed the notches in the right place, slightly twist them. They should fall into place and stick to the watch properly.

Step 8: Checking Your Watch

Check whether your watch is functioning properly. After installing the new battery, it should function properly. However, in case it doesn’t, check for any indentations or scratches in your watch. If you can’t locate any, take the watch to a repair shop.

One last thing, adjust the time of your watch.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Seiko Watch Battery?

Before you start replacing the battery, you need to have a replacement ready beside you. That’s why you will need to go to the market to buy a battery. Nowadays you can also order online for a replacement battery.

The replacement batteries for Seiko watches generally cost around $2 to $6. Our suggestion would be to buy a pricier battery because it will last longer. But, if you don’t want to spend a whole 6 dollars just for a battery, you can obviously go for cheaper options.

What Battery Goes Into Seiko Watch?

Seiko nowadays uses mercury-free batteries in their watches. For each price range, Seiko provides different batteries. The batteries have a serial number starting with either SR or CR or TR. 

However, Seiko started using mercury-free batteries around 2007. In case you have an older model in hand, it is better to check the serial number on the battery of your watch.


We hope that we have covered all of the steps regarding how to change a Seiko watch battery. The steps are quite straightforward and relatively easy to follow.

However, if you are not confident enough, you can take your watch to a repair shop. While replacing the battery for your Seiko watch, make sure to not scratch anything. This may cause some problems later on.

You need to take your time doing the job and you will be fine. That’s how easy it is to replace a Seiko watch Battery. We wish that we were able to help you.

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