Is An Apple Watch Good For Kids? What Are The Dangers?




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Every kid wishes to have a smartwatch. It’s a trend for the new generation. People love wearable gadgets. It gives them a lot of ease.

Apple Watch Good For Kids

Because of this device, they can leave their phones back at the home and still manage to perform everything under their supervision.

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Despite having so many benefits, some individuals raise a concern about wearable technology especially when it is used by their children.

What Does An Apple Watch Do?

Apple watches are one of the best tech products of this era. Parents love it so much because it has some excellent features such as health tracking, GPS, reminder, etc. All these fashionable features help the parents to be connected more effectively with their children. 

Additionally, Apple has a “family setup” feature that provides more control for the parent. Using this feature parents can control their child’s devices. They can check their child’s location & limited the functionality of the watch.

Should A Kid Have An Apple Watch? Why?

Nowadays, the Apple Watch is very essential for kids. Parents can control their kids with the Apple Watch without any hassle. As a consequence, the advantages of the Apple Watch  for the kid is under here- 

  • Parents can familiarize their kids with several fitness tracks via the Apple watch. Kids will learn how to do tracking steps and how to see their heart rates from the early stage. 
  • Apple Watch encourages them to have a peaceful healthy life as adults. In addition, they can observe their regular participation activities via this watch. 
  • Kids can see their speed time of several exercises in front of the Apple Watch screen. 
  • Parents can give a call or message to their kid’s Apple watch. As a result, it is the easiest communication process between parents and kids. 
  • Kid’s parents can see their kids’ location through a GPS tracker in the Watch. As a consequence, Apple Watch increases kids’ safety. 

The Drawbacks Of The Apple Watch For Kids

Can Be Used With Only iPhone

Apple watch only works along with the iPhone. So, you must have an iPhone to use the apple watch. If your child has an iPhone 6 or higher version, then it may not bother you.

Otherwise, you must buy a new iPhone. Only an apple watch can cost you around $350. Now, If you add the price of a new iPhone, the cost will be much higher.   

It Serves As A Diversion

The Drawbacks Of The Apple Watch For Kids

School-going kids already having a hard time focusing on their academics.

They can always chat with friends or take meaningless challenges on the internet.

They are doing all this stuff while keeping the phone in their backpack. Now, just picture for a second what can be happened wearing the phone around their wrist.

Possibly Leading To A Self-esteem Problem

Apple watches are great for adults cause it offers so many feature and functions. Those functions help you to keep in excellent form of healthy shape. 

But the same type of physiological data may not be great for children. Continuous biometric feedback might damage his self-esteem. It would be traumatic for the children who already have some complications with their physique.

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Can A Kid Use An Apple Watch Without A Phone?

Definitely, a kid can use an Apple Watch without a phone. Kid parents or guardians can manage their Apple Watch. 

Here is a system known as a family setup. If you set this setup to your kids watch, then your kid can use Apple Watch easily without facing any problems. 

The connection between iPhone and Apple Watch must be within a certain Bluetooth distance. The range of Bluetooth is approximately 10 meters or 33 feet. After that,  your kid’s smartwatch will connect to your iPhone within this distance effortlessly. 

But you have to remember that the kid you set up the Apple Watch for must be a part of your family sharing group or you will face diplomatic problems. 

What Apple Watch Is Good For A 12-year-old?

There are several Smartwatch brands that offer different smartwatches that kids can use. Among them, the following three are in leading position that your 12 year old teen boy or girls can use. 

1. Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6 is the best watch for any teenage girl or boy. The operating system of this watch is WatchOS. 

In this Watch, Parents call or text their kids for the GPS model. In addition, this watch can measure blood oxygen and heart rhythm with the ECG app.

The Wifi of this watch is 5GHz and this watch can track your kids’ daily activities. Besides, this watch measures the workouts. Furthermore, the design of this watch is swim-proof. 

2. Apple Watch SE

For staying connected, healthy, and active, it can be the best Apple Watch for your kid. Moreover, Apple Watch SE is easily customizable and compatible. 

Teens can take this watch when they hike, hit the gym, and catch some weaves. Because this watch has immense durability. 

3. Apple Watch Series 7 Titanium Edition

Apple Watch Series 7 Titanium Edition is very expensive for its hard manufacture and process. This watch is very lightweight. Furthermore, this watch shows great strength. 

The durability of this watch is really impressive. Surprisingly, the Apple Watch Series 7 Titanium Edition is perfect for any kind of sport due to its dust and water resistance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

For your further inquiry, you may check out this section of the article. Here, we will answer the most common questions regarding Apple Watch Good For Kids.

At What Age Should A Kid Have An Apple Watch?

Answer: When a kid becomes 12 or 13 years old, An Apple Watch is perfect for them. 

Can A 10-year-old Have An Apple Watch?

Answer: It depends on the region or neighborhood, where they live. There should be a safety concern before giving an Apple Watch to a 10 years kid. 

Is Apple Watch Too Big For A Child?

Answer: An Apple watch is a costly, high-tech, stylish watch for kids to help them stay connected. Sometimes, the Apple Watch can be too big for a child or not be suitable for a pre-teenage. 


If parents want to connect with their kids all the time, then the Apple watch is the best for their kids. In fact, the Apple Watch reduces parents’ tension toward their kids. 

Kids are able to learn many things via the Apple smartwatch at an early age. As a result, they become more advanced than the other kids who do not have an Apple Watch. So, this watch must be very helpful.

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