Can You Watch Netflix On Apple Watch? How And Which Series Can?




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The new demand of Apple watches users is to watch Netflix from their wrist. In fact, the users of the Apple watch love to have this OTT app on their watch because Netflix is one of the popular apps for watching movies or series. 

Watch Netflix On Apple Watch

Astonishingly, you can watch Netflix through your Apple watch. For this, you just have to install the app or follow the alternative way to watch the series from this app. After having this app, you can watch every series on the app. 

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Let’s jump deep into this article without any delay to know how to get Netflix on the Apple watch!

Does The Apple Watch Have The Netflix App?

The Apple watch does not have the Netflix app. In fact, the official Netflix app is not available to install on the Apple watch. 

Come on, if you can not live without Netflix and you want to use it badly through your watch, then you can install the Netflix app on some series of the Apple watch.

Netflix has more than 200 million subscribers in this world. As a result, it is a very popular app. For this, the users of the Apple watch are very crazy to use this app on their watch. 

Sadly, you will not get this app initially after buying the watch. The very old series of Apple watches did not support this app. At that time, no one was able to use this app throughout their watch. But luckily, now some series of Apple watches support it.

How To Get Netflix On The Apple Watch?

For having Netflix on your watch, you should have a suitable model of iphone. If you have a series 5 iphone or the newest model of Iphone, then you are able to use Netflix on your watch.

But when you have the oldest model of Iphone, then you will not be able to connect Netflix with your watch. 

Here is how you can install Netflix on an apple watch: 

  • First, you have to download the Apple Watch App on your Iphone. After completing the download, open this app. 
  • You will get the ‘My Watch’ option in this app. Click this tab. 
  • Scroll down carefully and find out where the list of content provider options is. 
  • In that option, you will find Netflix and get into this option. 
  • After that, sign in with your username and password and enjoy Netflix on your watch. 

For this process, you have to pair your Apple Watch with your Iphone. This is how you can install the app on your watch. 

How To Connect Your Phone Camera To Your Apple Watch For Live Streaming Netflix?

Yes, it may be that there is no way to install Netflix on your watch. That means your watch doesn’t support it. Then, loopholes will be very helpful for you. In fact, you will get Netflix easily after getting its help. 

The Netflix live stream on the Apple watch is very popular nowadays. After doing it, you can watch Netflix from your watch. 

These are the process how can you do it:

  • You have to start watching Netflix on a computer or TV first. 
  • Then, you have to position your phone’s camera towards the screen on which Netflix is streaming. 
  • When your phone is set up perfectly, then you can use the OS camera app of your watch towards the mirror of the iPhone camera on the watch. 

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Can You Watch Any Videos From The Apple Watch?

Can You Watch Any Videos From The Apple Watch

Many Apple Watch users do not know about it. Hence, you may not know about this function of your watch. 

Surprisingly, you can watch any videos easily on this watch apart from Netflix. In fact, you are able to use Youtube through your watch.

If you do not find this app installed, then you can install the third-party app. You have to download it from the App store. 

The WatchTube app is very popular as a third-party app. This app will act like Youtube. You can find all the videos in this app. 

Is Anybody Able To Download The Netflix App On The Apple Watch? 

If the person is less than 12 years old, then he will not be able to install this app on his Apple watch. For installing this app, you need to be 12 years old or older than that age. 

Only then You are competent to use this app on your watch. Before using the app, you should know the installation process of Netflix perfectly. 

Which Series Will You Be Able To Watch From Netflix Through Your Watch?

You can watch any kind of your favorite series on Netflix by using your watch. But you may feel uncomfortable while you watch the movies from your watch. Because the screen of your watch is small compared to any other device. 

Netflix offers you the best services than any other third-party app. When you try to watch a series on Netflix for the first time, then you will be fine with that experience. After that, you may love to watch the series again. 


You can watch Netflix series whenever you want to throughout your watch. Luckily, you are able to receive messages or notifications from various apps while you watch a series. Moreover, you will not face any errors or problems with this. 

So, you do not need to worry about the Netflix app on your Apple watch. This watch will give you the freedom to watch shows, movies, or series from the wrist! 

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