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In working on a project, you always need the perfect tool to achieve the desired output. Similarly, while fixing watches, you also need tools that will make your work easier and more successful. 

Watch movement holders are an important tool for fixing watches. This tool can hold your watch perfectly while you are fixing it and reduce the chance of scratches while working. 

As you need to know the necessary things about this, let’s go to learn about the watch movement holder and its benefits. You will also find here our 10 picks with their detailed features. 

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Benefits of Watch Movement Holders

The watch movement holders give a stable base for your watch movement and it keeps the movement protected and flat. 

Keeps The Parts Organized

Once your movement is in the holder, you can start your build. With the help of a movement holder, you can organize the parts of the watch more comfortably. 

Saves Times

The case can be lined up with the movement holder very easily. It will reduce the working time with a great difference. As a watch movement holder is adjustable, you can use it for different watches of different sizes.

Ensures Safety

It ensures the safety of the watch movements. With the help of a movement holder, you can detach the parts of a watch without leaving any marks. It will increase your efficiency. 

Why Do You Need The Watch Movement Holders?

Working with watches can be your hobby or you work as a professional, whatever it is, you always need the right tool for this. Without the proper tools, you may damage the watch, you may have a hard time executing the task, or even worse. 

If you are working on a watch movement, the most needed piece of equipment you need is a watch movement holder. It will make your work process easier and smoother than usual. 

So, let’s learn about some advantages of the watch movement holders.

  • Hold the movement steady.
  • Has an extensible structure, so you can use it for different watches. 
  • Secure movements from being damaged.
  • Gives more comfort to work.
  • Reduces the chance to fall from the hand.

Best Watch Movement Holders Review – Our Top 10 Picks

In the varieties of watch holders, it is good to know the best ones you can pick. It will reduce your tension about choosing the wrong types. And you will save yourself from wasting your money in vain.

For this purpose, we like to share our top 10 watch movement holders for everyone, even if you are just a beginner.

1. Dofover Watch Case Holder

The Dofover watch case holder tool has four pins to hold any watch case. These pins will help you to steady the watch while working. And, also this will prevent it from slipping from the hand and more likely to have fewer scratches in the watches.

This tool can hold different sizes of watches. Hence, the maximum diameter this watch holder can hold on to is 55mm.

Its structure is very convenient because you can easily mount it on a desk or worktop. The holder has four nylon pegs. These pegs make it very simple to set up on the work surface.

Since it is very easy to use, you can use it in any position with different case sizes. This holder needs just a screwdriver to adjust the diameter of the watch case and hold it tight to it. That’s why anyone can work on the watches without worrying about breaking them.

2. Sona Enterprise Watch Movement Holder Set

This Sona Enterprise watch movement holder comes in two different pieces. And both the small and large pieces can hold different sizes of watches.

Both sides of the holder can be used and it is also adjustable. And the body of this watch holder is made of metal.

Zinc element is a longer-lasting material than any other material. This element is more likely to have less rust than other metals. The body of this watch holder is built with zinc which makes it more unique. 

The Watch Holder Set is perfect for firmly holding the watch cases and tools. For this, you can hold watches properly while repairing them or replacing the batteries.

Sona Enterprise watch movement holder comes small in size. So there is no pain to carry them while traveling. Its quality and functions will make your work more effective. 

If you flip the holder, you will find the setup for different sizes of watches. You can use it anywhere depending on your need. 

‎3. Wal front Reversible Watch Movement Holder 

This reversible watch holder is made with a metal material. Hence, metal materials are normally very sturdy and high quality, that’s why they are more long-lasting than others.

The structure of it is adjustable, so you can fit most of the watches in this holder. Another plus point is it can be used on both sides.

Even though it looked small in size, it can easily hold any men’s watch. In this case, its size makes it easier to carry around.

Wal Front holder will make your hands free for the time you are working because you can easily fit it into a larger vice. You can also hold it in your hand if necessary.

You can also use it for jewelry making, crafts, hobbies, and more. On the side of usefulness, it is very efficient.

4. Mujinhuakai Watch Modding Repair Tool 

The body of this watch modding tool is copper alloy. As copper is durable, it is perfect as a watch modding tool.

Mujinhuakai watch movement holder successfully supports the movement and upgrades the maintenance ability.

This repair tool will decrease your tension about movements sliding around the desk. You can easily take it and work on hands and dials. It really works like a champ!

Even though it comes without a movement, it will easily fit into your current movement. This way you can work better with this tool without wasting more money on other products.

5. Bergeon 4040-P Movement Holder

Bergeon 4040-P is a large, extendible, and reversible movement holder. It is made of very good synthetic material. Hence, these types of materials are better for mounted dials and help to reduce scratches.

This Bergeon watch movement holder seems flawless and its working system of it is very easy. It is what you exactly expect from a correct precision and quality product. 

As its adjustment screw and guide rods are accurate and it works smoothly, you can easily use this on 18s pocket watch movements along with smaller 1930s wristwatch movements. 

A huge range of adjustability of it can securely hold movements of varying sizes. And so, this one tool is a must-have for any servicing mechanics.

6. OTOOLWORLD Metal Watch movement Holder 

The Otoolworld watch holder can fit watches up to 70mm in diameter. It is a metal Big Watch Case Holder, with four adjustable pegs. However, these pegs are plastic as well as black screws. 

This tool’s other parts are metal. You know metal body watch holders give you a sturdy worktop. The overall weight of the product is 330g which is also very beneficial to hold the watches in place.

One of the functionalities is holding a large watch case in place for helping you to open it easily. It will also help you to close watch case backs after finishing your work on the watch.

7. Qiterr Watch Repair Kit Set

The Qiterr watch repair kit set comes in three pieces. This set is a great accessories repairing tool that is metal built. It is a perfect setting for a watchmaker as a watch Movement fixed base holder. 

The metal of this holder is high quality, so you can use it for a long time and it will not catch rust quickly like others.

Three different sizes of it make it more usable as a movement holder. Because it can satisfy your different priorities while working. 

This watch movement holder set can be used to repair your watches, remove batteries, adjust and fix watch movement. It will increase your experience with watches. And it will also give you an environment with a relaxing workspace.

For using it, you just need to place the movement on the holder and lock it. Now you are ready to work with it.

One great thing about this is the holder will come in a cushioned case. After using it you can properly store it without trouble.

‎8. Estink Watch Movement Tool

This watch movement clamp is made with very durable metal and is of excellent quality. 

It is known for its universal use because it is a versatile tool. You can adjust it to fit watches. So, the watches will not flip from it.

The Estink watch movement tool is built in a way that both of the sides of it are usable. You can fix the holder to a larger setting and work freely with both hands.

The repair tool is multi-functional as it allows you to use it while repairing, removing, adjusting, or fixing watch movements. Its application not only applies to repairing watches, but it will also help you with jewelry making, hobbies, crafts, and more.

There is no need to sand anything as the tool is well-formed. It will easily set on your work setup.

‎9. Leftwei Watch Movement Holder

This watch repair accessory comes in two pieces which are perfect for any home use watchmaker. This tool can also be used in business watch repairing.

Unlike other watch movement tools, it is made with good quality plastic material. Plastic materials are great because they will not put any scratches on the watches. They are also long-lasting and will not have rust ever.

Leftwei repair kit is both suitable for men’s and women’s watches as it comes with two movement holders. You can work with any type of craft with these things.

They are reliable and can hold watches firmly. These tools are affordable for anyone and very easy to work with even if you are immature on this task.

10. Tapdra Watch Movement Holder 

This watch movement holder brass stand is for Seiko 7S36, 7S26, NH35A, and NH36A. The movement modding tool can be used to repair parts of watches.

The repair tool is practically designed to hold the watch securely. So it will not slip from your hand. It will give you good stability while working and you will be surprised with its excellent performance.

Like others, it is also multi-functional as repairing, removing, adjusting, and fixing watch movement. It is an essential tool for watchmakers and watch repair workers.

The material used to build it is copper which is very sustainable in any situation. It will not damage quickly and will also give a firm hold to the watches. 

What To Look For Before Buying Watch Movement Holders?

Before buying something, you always need to know what you should look for in that product. For buying watch movement holders, there is no difference from that.

In this section, we will discuss what features you need to look for in a watch holder before purchasing it.

Holder Size: The first thing you need to look at is the holder size. You have to choose large watch movement holders to hold all possible movement sizes. If the holder size is small, you can’t hold the large watch movements.

Clamps: It is better if the clamps are made with synthetic plastic or Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coated. 

The clamps need to hold the movements steady and firmly so that it will lessen the work time, save your work and ensure safety.

These clamps should have smooth edges. The smooth clamps will protect a watch during fixing without leaving any marks. Otherwise, it will leave some scratches on the movements. 

Spindles: The spindles better be made with stainless steel. The spindle in the middle should be smoothly moveable. It makes the work easier.

The spindle in the middle of a watch movement holder needs to be a trapezoidal shape thread. Because this shape is easier for the machine. Its wider base makes it strong. So this watch holder can carry a greater load.

Shape of watch holder: The good watch movement holder should have cutouts for movement on all four sides. So, if you have an oval shape or a rectangular shape as well as a tiny watch, it will be able to accommodate the movement.

It should have some weight so that you can put a movement on any of the four sides and it’s not going to fall over.

The handle diameter should be large to make a good grip. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

In this section of the article, we are going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Watch Movement Holders.

What Is A Watch Movement Holder?

Answer: It is a tool that holds the watch in the perfect place to give it a stable position to work.

Do You Need Different Watch Holders For Working?

Answer: If you are working just fixing your regular watch, you do not need to buy different sizes. You can buy one which is effective for you. Or you can buy an adjustable watch holder that will allow you to work with different types.

What Material Is Better? Plastic Or Metal?

Answer: The watch holder that is made with plastic is usually good because it doesn’t put any scratch on the watch. But Metal watch holders give more strength to it while repairing or replacing batteries.

Do You Actually Need Any Watch Holder?

Answer: If you work with watches on a regular basis, you really need this tool. It will not only save your time, but it will also help you to protect the watches. This tool is also better for beginners who like to work with watches as a hobby.


Professionals always try their best to work with great passion. It is also the same for anyone that works with watches.

In this article, we have discussed our top watch movement holders. You can get these at a reasonable price and work properly with them without any worries.

So, why wait? Buy the perfect one for your work and start fixing it! Who knows maybe you are the next top-notch professional that your perfect watch movement holder will let you be!

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