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Garmin Astro dog tracker

Dogs usually love to roam around. And one of the common issues of having dogs as pets is that sometimes they walk out of their owner’s sight and owners tend to lose them. If you have a dog as your pet, we are pretty sure you have experienced it as well. 

Nevertheless, thanks to our fast-growing technology we have given the solution to this problem by inventing dog GPS trackers.

Here, we will introduce you to the best dog GPS trackers available out there that will help you to keep your dog safe.

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Top 7 Best Hunting Dog GPS Trackers Reviews

If you have a hunting dog, then a GPS tracker is a must-have tool for you. A GPS tracker will help you be tension free of losing your hunting dog. For you, here are some of the top-notch hunting dog GPS trackers.

1) Garmin Astro 430/T Dog Tracking Bundle

Unsurprisingly, Garmin has made huge strides in the dog tracking technology, as well. We believe that the Garmin Astro 430/T is the best dog tracker on the list. This is done for multiple reasons. It uses the GPS and the GLONASS, both, to help you keep track of your dog.

This allows you to keep track of more challenging terrains, and if you lose one signal, you could have a reception from the other satellite. This is an advanced feature provided by Garmin, and it is one that customers have liked, so far! 

Another feature that puts the Astro 430/T at the top is probably the number of dogs that you can track with this device.

You can track up to 20 dogs with it and it offers a range of 9 miles. That is truly insane, you stay up to date with the activities of your dog within such a large range, and it offers a refresh feature, as well.

The refresh feature allows you to track after every 2.5 seconds, at this rate, you can track a running dog, as well.

Along with all these features, Garmin provides the ability to track the distance that your dog has run, and whether it is on track, still, or not. It also allows you to see a trail of their travels.

The Astro 430/T also comes with a preloaded topographical map and it’s free for the first year! It is a pretty useful feature to understand all of the travels your dog has done.

Lastly, it is packed with a very powerful and rechargeable battery. At full charge, the tracker will give you 20 hours and you can use AA batteries, as well as the Garmin rechargeable battery. For all these features, Astro 430/T is something that you really cannot afford to miss out on!

2) Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker

The Findster Duo+ is a very useful device. It ranks so highly on the list only because of the number of features that it packs.

It is a GPS locator and an activity tracker, both, in one! This means that you can stay up to date with where your dog is, at all times, and also track its fitness at the same time.

The other ideal feature that it comes with, is the fact that it requires no monthly subscription, at all. This is because the tracker requires no cell phone service, you can use it even if you are off the grid.

It works worldwide and the only con is probably the fact that it can be tracked within a 3-and-a-half-mile radius.

However, along with all this, it also offers you 16-30 hours of battery life. That is exceptional, but it also varies based on usage and temperature, interestingly.

The Findster Duo+ is also shockproof and waterproof up to 3 feet. It also has a special history feature which allows you to review previous walks. The ease with which you can use it is also a great feature to have.

All you have to do is mount it on the pet collar and it will keep you notified in real-time about the adventures of your dog. It also reports you on the number of steps, distance covered, and thanks to the fitness feature you can track the time of wakefulness and the amount of rest your dog is getting.

3) Whistle GO/Health Location Tracker

It is an extremely lightweight tracker that is also really small and that means your dog will probably not notice or get uncomfortable.

It also uses GPS to determine the location and sends a signal back to your smartphone via 3G cellular service.

This is a great feature, in all honesty. You can have peace of mind regarding your dog because this device will record all of the activity done by your dog in the last 24 hours and its battery can last up to a whole week! This also provides the ability to track the fitness of your dog, and you can even set up goals for your dog in terms of activity.

You can also get proactive notifications in case your dog leaves a safe place or breaches a certain location. You will know before he gets too far away, due to the ability to get notified, instantly.

4) Garmin Alpha 100 GPS Track

Just like the Astro 430, the Alpha 100 can be used to track up to 20 dogs at a time. This is ideal for sporting and hunting needs, and it also uses the GLONASS and GPS satellites to keep a track of your dogs, which is a very useful feature. However, this device is additionally much better due to its ability to train and control your hunting dog.

This comes in terms of stimulation levels which are based on tone and vibration, both. You can communicate separately with each dog to ensure safety and make sure it does not wander off after an unwanted game.

Lastly, it has a fantastic battery life which can last up to 40 hours! It comes with LED beacon lights, which are very useful plus also a rescue mode in terms of a crisis. This focuses more on safety.

5) Weenect Dogs 2

This is one of the most underrated trackers, ever. It is also the tiniest dog tracker that you will see on the list.

That means you can attach it to any dog, regardless of the size. It is not only affordable, but it is also extremely lightweight, covers a wide range of features and is probably the most ideal when you take into account the price.

It offers live tracking, and it also offers an unlimited range regardless of the terrain. This is something that is not being offered by any of the other products.

It is also compatible with Android and iOS and it can be used by several users for the same dog, as well as, a number of dogs, too! The battery timing, which is up to 2 to 4 days, is also very impressive considering it takes only two hours to charge.

6) Garmin Delta Sport XC

This is an easy to use Garmin product which packs most of the features of their premium ones. It is ideally designed for the outdoor because of its rugged nature, it lasts longer in terms of battery timing and is water-resistant, as well.

It also has a built-in BarkLimiter which recognizes the difference between wanted and unwanted barks, as well as, vibration from scratches or scraping from other dogs, which ensures maximum security.

Plus, it is designed in a way that you only need one hand to operate 3 front action buttons which are for stimulation, tone and/or vibration, used for training your dog as well as tracking it.

The range of tracking your dog is up to 4 miles, which is a pretty decent range. The battery timing is up to 2-3 days based on the usage.

7. Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

The Tagg tracker is a veteran in this field and won many awards. The Tagg comes with great free apps, it will send you text messages and emails when it recognizes that your dog went out.

It is also serving as an activity tracker and will fit almost any dog collar so all you have to do is just attaching it to your dog’s collar and your good to go. The Tagg is not recommended for dogs under 10 lbs.

Best Hunting Dog GPS Trackers- Buying Guide

Today there are numerous dog GPS trackers available in the market. Here, we will guide you to choose the best GPS tracker for your dog among the wide range of options.

Below we have mentioned some crucial factors you need to consider before buying such trackers.


It is very important to check the range of the GPS tracker, which means how far can the tracker track. It is best to buy a GPS tracker with the highest range in order to ensure more safety of your dog. 


Try to pick a dog GPS tracker that is waterproof. This is because while hunting, there are chances that your dog might get wet. A water-resistant dog GPS tracker will make sure the device is still functioning even in such conditions. 

Durability and Battery Life

Durability and a long-lasting battery are very important for any electronic gadget which also includes dog GPS trackers. Having a GPS tracker with satisfactory battery life and durability will ensure you have a peaceful hunting session as you will not need to stress about charging the device or maintaining its good condition of the device.

Size and Weight

A large tracker with high weight can irritate your dog very easily. Try to choose a GPS tracker that is smaller in size and lighter in weight so that your dog stays comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

For your further inquiry, you may check out this section of the article. Here, we will answer the most common questions regarding Dog GPS Trackers.

How Much Does A GPS Dog Tracker Cost?

Answer: The cost of a GPS dog tracker can vary from $25 to $250. However, many dog GPS trackers will require a monthly subscription payment along with their initial price value.

How Far Can A Dog GPS Track?

Answer: A good GPS tracker can track your dog up to ten meters. Such trackers can provide you with the exact position of your dog within this range.  

Do Dog Trackers Work Without Cell Service?

Answer:  Yes, GPS dog trackers can work without cell service. However, there are many other trackers that require WiFi and Bluetooth to operate. 

What Kind Of Tracker Can I Put On My Dog?

Answer: There are several kinds of trackers available for dogs. However, we recommend you use a GPS tracker which provides better accuracy. 


Now, you can go for any outdoor trip or anywhere and everywhere you want with your dog without having any fear of losing it. This is because the dog GPS tracker has got your back! Even though such trackers are quite costly, you will never regret buying them.

And in this article, you have explored the best GPS trackers available in the market. We hope that among the best suggestions we have given, you can choose your preferred dog GPS tracker. 

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