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Senior/elderly or handicapped/sick ones always need extra medical care. And often, the caring ones have to worry about their well-being.

Not getting a response or attention during an emergency isn’t that uncommon. Modern tech lets you save worries with easy-to-use alert devices.

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These simple devices with minimal sies are often called pendants. And you can find pendants for urgent medical response, support, and assistance.

One specific feature of these devices or pendants is detecting falls. Falling to the ground means bad and calls for emergency support.

There are many options available for fall detection. And we would like to introduce the absolute best fall detection pendants in this article.

Products NameBrandItem WeightPrice
Caregiver Pager Wireless Life Alert SystemsFull House
‎10.2 Ounces
SkyAngelCare – Fall Detection PendantAssistive Technology Services Store8 Ounces$169.99
Vayyar Care – Touchless Fall Detection for HomeVayyar10.23 Ounces$184.08
SkyAngel911FD – Waterproof Alert PhoneAssistive Technology Services Store8.4 Ounces$179.77
Senior Safety Medical Alert Device with Fall DetectionHome & WELLNESS co. SENIOR SAFETY SYSTEM Store14.5 Ounces$59.99
AltumView Fall Detection for Seniors with Camera AlertAltumView Store110 g$393.99
HandsFree Health WellBe Advanced Medical Alert PendantHandsFree Health Store‎5.6 Ounces$89.95

List Of 7 Best Fall Detection Pendant Reviews

Not all the pendants are equally effective for certain people. You must look into the good ones featuring extras from fall detection. Take a look at the best fall detection pendants you can choose for the budget.

1. Caregiver Pager Wireless Life Alert Systems

The multipurpose system is more like a complete package for your family. It includes 2 call buttons and 3 receivers with an auto-fall-detection feature.

The design suits elderly, handicapped, and sick family members to address emergencies. You can wear the transmitter in pockets or around the neck.

It comes with 5 levels of volume, from 0dB to 110dB, and LED flashing. You’re free to choose any of the 52 built-in melodies for the waterproof device.

And the high-frequency wireless tech enables coverage up to 500’ or 150m. The system doesn’t even require any monthly subscription for its use.


  • Modern and stylish design.
  • Silent mode with LED flash.
  • Included replaceable battery.
  • Allowed metal/soup splash.
  • Morning alarm for children.


  • Slight wireless issues.
  • Small instruction font.

2. SkyAngelCare – Fall Detection Pendant

Assistive Technology Services designs simple yet lifesaving devices for the weak/sick. Its program can detect a fall automatically to send an emergency signal.

The waterproof button also works as an SOS panic button for the elderly. It only requires your home Wi-Fi connection to cover a sufficiently large indoor area.

Anyone can wear the mere 2.5” x 2.0” pendant weighing 3oz only. All it takes is a single press to notify the connected family members about any potential incident.

You should connect the system to the compatible Amazon Alexa. A monthly subscription will activate the service to protect the elderly/seniors in your house.


  • Automated fall detection.
  • Simple to wear and carry.
  • Inclusion of charging cord.
  • Lanyard for neck wearing.
  • No batteries are required.


  • Alexa for US users only.
  • Amazon Echo required.

3. Vayyar Care – Touchless Fall Detection for Home

The unique design can detect falls without any physical contact. Hanging the pendant from your wall will automatically detect to alert anyone’s fall.

It comes without buttons, cords, batteries, wearables, or cameras. Your privacy remains confined to your indoor space without any possible breaches.

However, it remains in the learning mode for 7 days after the installation. You can’t expect the no-touch device to detect falls during this time.

Still, the programmed design can work with Amazon Alexa within the US. It takes a monthly subscription to the service to activate the voice assistant.


  • Constant protection alert.
  • Simple wall-mount design.
  • Monitors in all conditions.
  • Complete 24/7 detection.
  • Assistance through Alexa.


  • Alexa for US users only.
  • Waiting time of 7 days.

4. SkyAngel911FD – Waterproof Alert Phone

Keep the simple yet useful device attached to your pocket or keychain. The single-button device gets you to dial 911 to respond to any emergency.

Also, Assistive Technology Services enable automated fall detection. Its 2-voice system will get you connected to the services right away.

The complete waterproof design lets anyone using the device talk from a pool. You only need to keep the button pressed to speak on the other end.

No swiping or complicated dialing process makes it suitable for everyone. And it requires no monthly subscription to activate the built-in features.


  • Superior 4G cellular tech.
  • Simplest input interface.
  • Go/Base wireless carrier.
  • One speakerphone mode.
  • Automatic wake-up calls.


  • Limited calling range.
  • No location tracking.

5. Senior Safety Medical Alert Device with Fall Detection

Ensure 24/7 safety for the elderly from anywhere across the USA. One can wear it as a least-weight necklace, belt clip, or pocket device.

It comes with Wi-Fi and GPS tech to find the device’s location precisely. Its 4G LTE cellular network connectivity enables instant support almost anywhere.

You can even receive low-battery notifications through email/SMS. Its fall detection calls for automated help from the family and emergency services.

The initial buy comes with a 2-month free activation of the features. You’ll need its monthly subscription to keep enjoying all those features afterward.


  • GPS location services.
  • Text-to-Find feature.
  • Full water resistance.
  • Included clip for belt.
  • 7d action per charge.


  • Abrupt light blinks.
  • Wrong GPS update.

6. AltumView Fall Detection for Seniors with Camera Alert

Enable video monitoring for the elderly without compromising privacy. The system transmits only stick-figure data instead of traditional video data.

Keeping the camera in any suitable place will get the job done. It features touchless fall detection with additional risk assessment for fall prevention.

Also, the face recognition system helps with individual statistics and monitoring. You can even use the Sentinare app to define whom to check/care for.

You can activate voice assistance for the device with Alexa. But you’ll have to go for a subscription plan from the smartphone app to use the feature.


  • Mic + speaker & night vision.
  • Induced smart activity sensor.
  • Face and activity recognition.
  • Simple emergency detection.
  • Live streaming, recorded clip.


  • Only for indoor uses.
  • Slight capturing issues.

7. HandsFree Health WellBe Advanced Medical Alert Pendant

The pendant designed for seniors can get you to reach medical support. It enables a 24/7 alert system through a simple press of the button.

HandsFree Health is ready to deliver medical care anywhere and anytime. The device also features a 4G SOS emergency call capability.

Accurate GPS tracking lets the family know the exact location of the user. Also, you can save the hassle of calling an ambulance every time.

You can also enjoy its voice prompts, WellBe app, and 4G coverage. But it takes a monthly subscription to activate all the extra features.


  • Notably lightweight design.
  • Full-automatic fall detection.
  • 2-Way talk on any incident.
  • 24/7 emergency monitoring.
  • Further WellBe app support.


  • Fall detection is optional.
  • Difficult activation steps.

Best Fall Detection Pendants for Seniors

Are you still looking for something more prolific for your seniors? You can dig into the following ones for perfect medical assistance.

1. Medical Guardian – Bracelet and Necklace Alarm

Let the elderly have full coverage inside the house with the wearable. The call button can cover up to 1300’ inside without disruption.

The alert button is rather versatile to go on your neck or wrist. Also, optimized resistance to water makes it suitable for any sudden splash.

Also, it connects the user to the Medical Guardian center directly. Medical support is one step away from emergencies like detected falls.

Everything is available without hidden charges, contacts, or ads. But you’ll need a monthly subscription to activate its beneficial facilities.

2. Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarms and Fall Prevention

A unique pre-alert smart tech lets you monitor the elderly. You’ll receive a notification whenever the seniors get up from their beds.

It’s easy to install, activate, and use to keep track of bedtime. The pad connects with the handheld monitor wirelessly to trigger the alarm.

Also, there’s a portable pager with volume adjustment options. You can carry the pager device in your pocket or mount it on the wall.

Even the battery life is somewhat longer than other competitors. And you can have extra features by going into the subscription plans.

Best Fall Detection Pendants With And Without A Monthly Subscription

Are you lost between the premium and free subscription pendants? Discover the extra options to detect human falls with and without monthly fees.

1. ATS FD1 Fall Detector Medical Alert

Activate the man down function to alert the family about the accident. However, the simple device is mainly designed for fall detection only.

It automatically dials the emergency contact whenever the button gets pressed. The panic button is only for everyday functions rather than communication.

The wrist strap, belt clip, and lanyard are included in the pack for wearing. And you can perform any watery activities with its IP-57 waterproof standard.

There are 4 rechargeable AAA batteries included to deliver the power. Everything that comes with the alert system is free of a monthly subscription.

2. Mini Guardian – 4G Alert by Medical Guardian

The small but mighty alert system is indeed a true life-saver for many. It even features a mini-phone with a powerful 4G LTE cellular connectivity.

Mini guardians are almost half the size of wearable pendants designed for seniors. There are GPS and wireless systems for the most accurate alerts.

Pressing the button will connect the user to a Medical Guardian operator. The brand maintains 24/7 support to respond to any client emergency.

One full recharge allows the device to run for up to 5 days. You’ll need a monthly subscription to enjoy the featured but optional fall detection system.

3. ATS Auto Fall Detection Medical Alert

The classic land phone-like alert is a blend of efficiency and elegance. But the button remains separated from the base for comfortable wearing.

You can wear a belt clip, lanyard, or wrist strap to maximize comfort. It dials emergency contacts after detecting a fall to get an immediate response.

Also, you won’t have to shout at the other end with its powerful mic. The 2-way comm is almost perfect without requiring extra emphasis or effort.

There are 4 rechargeable AAA batteries included for long-lasting power. And all the available features are activated with no monthly subscription.

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Buying Guide of Best Fall Detection Pendants

Medical pendants vary from one another to a vast extent. You need to focus on usability and performance for a successful purchase. And we have the facts listed to help you with the search.

Fall Detecting Spec:

Fall detection is the most important feature concerning our interest. And many alert systems don’t have the feature as mandatory. You can choose the one with activated detection rather than an optional purchase.

Using Mechanism:

Some pendants are wearables, whereas some are touchless for indoor use. You can prefer keeping the device on your neck, wrist, or pocket. Mounted or hanging ones are not suitable for outdoor applications at all.

Medical Support:

24/7 Medical support by the brand is vital for any alert system. Family members can remain busy or unavailable on certain occasions. So, make sure pressing the button can reach emergency medical support.

Location Tracking:

Outdoor uses of pendants require precise location tracking during an emergency. Not many devices feature this fancy but essential feature. Check the GPS and wireless connectivity to track the user’s location accurately.

Resistance To Water:

Almost all wearable pendants claim to resist water to a certain standard. It’s a mist for you to confirm the actual resistance. Otherwise, you can barely use the medical assistance during showers, rains, and washing.

Sensor’s Sensitivity:

The device must skip triggering false alerts by detecting non-human motion. Modern techs are advanced enough to discard distorting elements. Still, you must keep your eyes open to avoid unnecessary panic/hassle.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For your further inquiry, you may check out this section of the article. Here, we will answer the most common questions regarding the best Fall Detection Pendants.

How Do Fall Detection Pendants Work?

Answer: There are tiny sensors embedded in the pendant. The sensor changes in motion and even the pendant height for fall detection.

Do Fall Detection Devices Work?

Answer: Fall detection devices are getting more accurate by every day. About 80% of users experience no false alarms regarding fall detection.

Should You Sleep With A Medical Alert Necklace?

Answer: Never keep the devices on your body while you sleep. However, indoor mounted devices work better in this context.

Does The iPhone Have Fall Detection?

Answer: Yes, the iPhone Health app keeps track of fall history. Tapping Browse > Other Data > Number of Times Fallen will show the statistics.

Does Fall Detection Work Without Cellular?

Answer: Simple pendant device without a cellular network can’t work. But connecting the system with an app should send the emergency.

Wrapping Up

There are many variations in the fall detection alert systems. It’s up to your intended use and the user perspective to choose the right one.

A monthly subscription is often overrated but necessary to utilize the full device potential.

And you should consider the options to make up your mind. Only then you can secure active and responsive assistance for its users.

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