How To Choose A Fitbit SpO2 Clock Face?




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SpO2 is the short form of blood saturation. Fitbit has recently introduced a new feature for their smartwatches where the users will be able to track their level of saturation in the blood.

Choose a Fitbit SpO2 Clock Face

A dedicated clockface upholds the data of the tracked SpO2 levels. But many users complained as they were unable to choose the clockface. 

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So, here, we are going to help you on choosing the SpO2 clock face on a Fitbit. Let’s dive in !! 

Fitbit SpO2 Clock Face:

The Fitbit SpO2 clockface is an independent software solution for general well-being. Its purpose is to show consumers the levels of oxygen saturation present in their blood.

It is measured during their most recent sleep phase. This data is accurate and presented to the wearer on their Fitbit wristband or associated mobile device.

Choosing The SpO2 Clock Face On Fitbit:

The process of choosing a clock face is similar to installing any other clock face. As the recent update came out on the SpO2, Fitbit by default sent the notification that lead to the SpO2.

The click on the notification redirects them to the clock face store where among many clock faces, the newly updated SpO2 clock face can be found.

But they are not found in all Fitbit watches. Certain clock faces available on Inspire 3, Sense series, Ionic, and Versa series will also show the SpO2 range.

Only Fitbit users of the aforementioned series can use the SpO2 feature.

Steps To Follow:

  1. The first thing that will be needed to change the clock face for SpO2 is the Fitbit app. The app connects with the phone via Bluetooth and transfers the software data for the clock face.
  2. Click on the round image button on the upper left(see image 1 below).
  3. Scroll down and click on “Third Party Apps”(Image 2).
  4. Click on “Smartwatch Apps and Clock Faces”
  5. On top of the screen, there you will find a “clocks” option(image 3)
  6. In the search bar, type “SpO2”
  7. After that, there you may find several clock faces with the feature of SpO2 present(image 4)
  8. Choose your preferred clock face and tap install.
  9. The follow-up screen will give prompts with several required permissions for the installation.
  10. After the installation is done, the watch will boot itself for several seconds and the SpO2 featured clock face will be installed.
Image 1
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4

Point To Be Noted:

  • Make sure that the watch is updated before the installation of the SpO2 clock face. The SpO2 clock face requires the latest version of Fitbit OS installed.
  • The Fitbit app also has to be updated to version 3.29 or later or else the watch maybe face some problems.

Watches That Have The Best Watch Faces For SPO2

Besides Fitbit, there are several other watches that support the SpO2 feature. Some of them have a wide range of clock faces and are versatile in many aspects.

1. Apple watch series 6

This is an interactive SpO2 tracking watch that notifies the user when the SpO2 level drops and the level ratings can also be shared as PDF.

2. Amazfit Bip U

This spo2 watch face is worth mentioning as an alternative if one is looking for SpO2-supported watches at a cheaper price. They also give an almost accurate rating.

3. Samsung galaxy watch 5 

This one needs no new introduction. With some noticeable and cool watch faces, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 tracks SpO2 in the background continuously.

4. Garmin Forerunner 945

It is the most stylish watch on the list embedded with the SpO2 feature. The Pulse Ox sensor makes it very much able to give accurate info about the blood levels.


In the recent times, styles and health- both have become a necessary part of life that needs nurturing. The choice of watch faces defines the style and hence the SpO2 tracking helps the health conscious about keeping the health hazards at bay. 

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Our article perceives that goal and we hope to give you a better insight into it.

Thank You!

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