Signs Your Fitbit Is Dying | Is It Time To Buy A New One?




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The Fitbit watch works in an excellent way. In fact, it has been a very effective device for monitoring the condition of health. Also, it will help you to meet your fitness goal. 

The Lifespan Of Fitbit 

But in some cases, your watch may die so fast. There are some major signs that will let you know your watch is dead. And when you are confirmed that your watch is completely dead, you should purchase a new watch. 

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Yes, you can buy a new watch when you notice the dead sign of your watch. Let’s jump into this content for knowing the perfect time to purchase a new Fitbit watch. 

The Lifespan Of Fitbit 

The average lifespan of this smartwatch is approximately 16 to 18 months. If you count the lifespan of Fitbit by years, then it will be 2 to 3 years. 

After buying the Fitbit watch, you will get excellent service in the first two years. However, the quality of the Fitbit watch is high-end. Also, it is a water-resistant watch.

If we consider the lifespan of the watch, this is not a long-lasting watch. It will work perfectly for 2 years. After that, you will find several problems with your watch. But if you use it gently, then it will last longer than the average lifespan of the watch. 

How Can I Understand That My Fitbit Watch Is Dead?

When your Fitbit watch is dead, then you can get to know after monitoring some steps, which are:

The Battery Turns Off 

If you do not charge the battery regularly or keep the watch unused for a long time, then you may face using your watch. The battery of your watch will completely die in that way. You can not recharge it fully. Hence, it will remain 0% charge all the time. 

Display Turns Off 

You will not be able to get any light from your screen. In fact, you will not see anything on the display of the watch. Your display will remain turned off all the time. 

Facing Difficulties With The Battery

In this situation, you will face difficulties while you charge the watch. The charge of your battery will be full but you can not use your watch. In the meanwhile, the green light of your watch will turn on. But, your watch may not work. 

After some time, you will notice that your watch is dead. 

Features And Functions Do Not Work

You may not get any information or notification from the applications of your watch. The applications of the watch remain turned off every time. 

The Blaze Of The Fitbit Watch Will Not Work

The blaze won’t be connected if your watch is dead fully. If your battery is full but you may not get any notification from the blaze of your watch, you can consider it as a sign of your Fitbit dying. 

you won’t be able to count your track steps, stair climbing, and heart rate throughout the watch. Because your blaze is dead. 

What Is The Most Common Fitbit Problem? 

The most common Fitbit problems are: 

Synchronized Problem

Synchronization is the biggest problem of the Fitbit watch. This feature is very important for fitness trackers. You can say, without this feature, the watch is nothing. 

You may feel your fitness tracker does not work. This happens for various reasons. 

Fitbit Watch Will Not Receive Any Notification From Your Phone

What Is The Most Common Fitbit Problem 

Sometimes, your watch will not receive any kind of notification from your android phone. For some basic reason, it will happen. It is a serious problem with the watch. 

Charging Problem

The charging problem of the watch may happen. You may face this problem often. 

Tap Recognition Issue

If you wish to wake up the screen, then you have to tap the screen which is an annoying situation. The watch does not have the quick view option. Hence, this is a common problem in the Fitbit watch. 

Update Issue

Many users have experienced this problem. Your watch will be unable to update timely. 

The Silent Alarm Will Not Work

The alarm is the most important feature in every smartwatch. Silent alarm is very helpful for waking up in the morning. But your watch will not vibrate in the morning. 

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Why Is My Fitbit Battery Draining So Fast? 

You can lose your battery for various reasons which are:

The All-day Sync Feature

It is a useful feature of your watch. If you sync the data constantly, then it will need a lot of power from your watch. For this, it drains your battery so fast. 

Constant Notification From Fitbit Watch

Normally, notifications do not drain the battery. But if you get notifications from the applications all the time, then it will drain your battery quickly. 

Heart Rate Data

In the Fitbit watch, there are a lot of functions that are health-related. The most famous function is heart rate data. If you do not use it but you turn it on, then it will drain your battery.

Lots Of Menu Items

If you have lots of menu items on your watch, then your battery will drain rapidly. 

When Should I Purchase A New Fitbit Watch?

When you feel that your previous watch is dead, then you can buy a new watch to maintain your health properly. You will get any model of the device easily in any physical store. 

Almost every online watch shop offers the Fitbit watch. So, you can buy this watch from an online shop such as Amazon, eBay, etc. 


If you are a fitness lover or you want to keep yourself healthy, then this watch will be the best for you. The Fitbit watch is made based on fitness features and functions.

But you can not use this watch for so long. If you want to use a watch for many years, then you should not purchase this watch again!

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