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When it comes to the best smart glasses for reading and drones, I figured it out that what would be better than to stay with your own prescription glasses and just add an add-on which will give them “smart” capabilities. Such an add-on is the Vufine Wearable Display by Vufine.

 best smart glasses for reading

Are you in hunt of a wearable display boasting a great list of supporting cameras? If yes, Vufine Wearable Display will be a perfect fit for your needs. We all own a smartphone, thus need a display. Right? This is exactly where Vufine Wearable Display comes in handy.

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This add-on to your smart glasses does not only work with computers but with smartphones as well. 

You will forget about those highly-priced Google Glasses that are not only creepy but still require maturation as well. Give yourself reasons to consider investing in Vufine Wearable Display with the review below.

Best Smart Glasses For Reading And For Drones – Vufine Wearable Display Review

What Does the Package Include?

This review is regarding the second model, also known as Vufine+. It comes with an instruction manual, HDMI and USB cables, a pair of non-prescription glasses, Vufine+ with a stabilizing arm as well as a bracket.

In addition to this, an internal battery also comes along which is capable of powering the gizmo for nearly 90 minutes, once you charge it fully. The Vufine+ is available on Amazon on this page.

The Pros:

  • High Definition Virtual Display. It’s as clear as crystal for text and video.
  • Compatible with HDMI – It is connectable to any device capable of outputting 720p.
  • The Magnetic Docking Station is easily attachable when you want and keep it in the pocket it when not needed.
  • 90 Minute runtime due to the internal battery. Charging- 5v Micro USB.
  • It’s extremely portable, highly durable and small in size.

The Cons:

  • Although you can also keep it charging while in use with the help of an external battery brick, having both an HDMI cable connection and a power to the glasses simultaneously makes it a bit weightier.
  • A mini display fastened to a pair of glasses probably appear a bit odd and people might ask you what are you wearing on your face.
  • Using the magnet for keeping the projection unit in position becomes problematic at times. For instance, the projection unit falls down in case you have to quickly turn your head to somebody who is screaming to get your attention. So, it requires a certain mechanism for locking for avoiding this happening.
  • The cables need to be a bit more extendable.
  • A bit pricey with a price tag of 199$

How To Use The Vufine Wearable Display? Does It Work Well With Drones?

You can attach this device to the glasses you already own. Other than this, Vufine+ gets attached to a pair of glasses included in the package with 2 mounts for it. One of the mounts is there for thicker frames while the other one supports wire frame.

It allows this device to pivot down and up as per desire. You can also adjust Vufine+ to some extent to either right or left, as per your viewing preference.

What’s even better? It is fairly simple to connect the Vufine+ with the use of the included USB and HDMI cables.

You can remove the USB cable after charging the device fully whereas the HDMI cable deals with the transmitting signals.

Additionally, you get three options to view the content be it something readable or a video i.e., the Standard View which is the default view when you turn the device on.

Secondly, the Zoomed View, you get access to which by again pressing the power button for enhancing the magnification.

Finally, by doing a three-button press, you get access to view for stretching the image. The bigger, the better.

How Is It Working With Drones? It Works Great!

Instead of buying an expensive FPV headset which is heavy and limited, If you want to get a first-person view while being able to view your surroundings and the drone itself than this device makes the best smart glasses for drones as long as flying drones is a hobby and not a profession for you.

Wearable Display – It Gives a Boost to User Experience:

An L-shaped device is its actual unit housing the display. It provides a resolution of 960×540, the LCOS display is just big enough for boosting user experience.

More captivatingly, Vufine+ weighs only below 30 grams which makes it a very light, comfortable to wear as well as an easy-to-carry device.

More compellingly, it has a crisp and adequately bright display to work in both outdoors and indoors. Therefore, you can make use of this smart wearable display in your daily walks.   

Also, the 720p image display for your right eye offers enough resolution to effortlessly view the focus with your left eye closed.


This specialized tool is not meant for the average customer but is designed to match the requirements of certain professionals, fans as well as early adopters. Although this device is not an actual smart glasses and doesn’t have their advanced capabilities, it actually performs in the way it promises and you will be happy with it if you will know what its abilities are and what to expect of it.

All in all, in case you want to have a view of the recording of your action camera, have a second monitor or mirrored display of your smartphone, laptop or drone in your reading or viewing glasses Vufine+ wearable display serves as the best companion.

I hope that I helped you with finding the best smart glasses for reading and drones. If you have any comments please share them with us!

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