Normal Watch Vs Smartwatch: Which One Should I Buy?




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If we look at the last decade, we have seen big changes in the watch industry because of the inclusion of new smartwatches.

Whenever a customer decides to buy a watch, the first decision they have to make is to choose between a normal watch or a smartwatch.

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If you have also come across this decision and are not sure which one to pick, this guide is for you. In this WearToTrack guide, I’ll compare the normal watch and Smartwatch, which will help you decide which one is the right option for you. Let’s get started.

Brief History of Normal Watch & Smartwatch

In this section, I’ll tell you about the history of both Normal Watches and Smartwatches.

History of Normal Watch

If we look at history, the different civilizations had different tools to measure time, but the portable timepiece was first developed in the 17th century. Since its inception, the majority of normal watches have been mechanical watches. However, in the 1960s, quartz watches were invented. Nowadays, most watches are quartz watches, but many watch enthusiasts also keep mechanical watches in their collection.

History of Smartwatch

On the other hand, the idea of smartwatches started with the invention of smartphones. Many electronic companies tried to implement the idea of having a computer on the wrist, but none of them could make a major breakthrough in the market.

However, Apple came up with the Apple Watch in 2015, and it was accepted with open arms by the Apple Community. With the success of the Apple Watch, Samsung, Fitbit, and other companies also launched their own smartwatches, and now smartwatches are used by millions of users worldwide.  

Normal Watch Vs Smartwatch: Which One Should I Buy?

Normal Watch Vs Smartwatch

In this section, I’ll compare both types of watches based on various factors which will help you decide which one is the right option for you. Let’s get started.

Normal Watch vs Smartwatch: Design

Let’s start with the first factor, which is the design. When it comes to design, it varies from company to company. However, if we look broadly, we notice that normal watches come with conventional and classic designs. In comparison, smartwatches come with rather modern and sleek designs.

Now, the choice of design is very subjective, and I personally like modern smartwatches because of their design. However, your choice can be different. So, if you like the modern and sleek design, you will love smartwatches. Similarly, if you like classic and conventional designs, you will love the normal watches.

Normal Watch vs Smartwatch: Features

When it comes to features, smartwatches easily outshine normal watches. In Modern smartwatches, you get features such as fitness tracking, heart-rate monitoring, ECG, SPO2 Sensors, step counter, and many other promising features which you won’t get on normal watches. So, if you are looking for a watch with tons of features, you should consider a normal watch.

Normal Watch vs Smartwatch: Pricing & Value for Money

Pricing is another thing that you should consider when buying a watch. The price of a normal watch usually starts from around $30, and it can go up to millions depending on the brand and rarity of the watch. However, the price of an entry-level watch starts from $50, and it can go up to $500.

Now, if you want to evaluate the pricing, it’s important that you also consider the value for money. When you spend, let’s say, $200 on a normal watch, you get the basic features and timeless design. It might be a good deal for many, but in my opinion, normal watches don’t offer great value.

However, when you spend $200 on a smartwatch, you get tons of features, and customization options which I believe are totally worth the price and offer great value for money. So, if you want a watch with great features and value for money, I recommend you should go with a smartwatch.

 Normal Watch vs Smartwatch 
FactorsNormal WatchSmartwatch
DesignConventional DesignModern Design
FeaturesLimitedVariety of features
Pricing & Value for MoneyNot greatGreat Value for Money

Pros & Cons of Normal Watch and Smartwatch

Normal watch & Smartwatch are two major types of watches, and if you want to make the right decision, it’s important that you know the pros and cons of both watches. In the following sections, I’ll explain the pros and cons of each type which will make it easier for you to make up your mind.

Pros & Cons of Normal Watch

These are the pros & cons of Normal Watch.

Pros of Normal Watch

If you decide to get a normal watch, you will get the following benefits.

Classic Look

One of the main reasons why many people buy normal watches is that conventional watches offer a classic look. The great thing about normal watches is that they go well with any attire, and they look great on your wrist.

Timeless design

Another great thing about normal watches is that their design is timeless, and you can have them for decades, and they will still look great.

Status Symbol

Normal watches such as Rolex and Patek Phillipe are a status symbol, and many rich people wear these expensive watches to show off their status and wealth.

Cons of Normal Watch

If you get a normal watch, you will have the following disadvantages.

Lack of features

One of the biggest problems with normal watches is that they don’t come with a lot of features, and the majority of normal watches can only tell you the time and date. Similarly, normal watches don’t come with any sensors to track your health and activities.


It’s human nature that we get bored with things pretty easily, and most people get bored with their normal watches because they can’t change their look of them. On the other hand, smartwatches allow you to set custom watch faces and make other changes to give an interesting look to your watch.

Pros and Cons of Smartwatch

These are the pros and Cons of the Smartwatch

Pros of Smartwatch

These are the pros of having a smartwatch

Fitness Tracking

One of the biggest pros of having a smartwatch is that it will help you track your fitness. As the majority of people have a hectic lifestyle and desk jobs, it’s difficult for them to keep track of their fitness. However, if you have a smartwatch, it will keep track of your fitness and will track important metrics such as burned calories, step count, workout tracking, and heart-rate tracking.

Many modern smartwatches also come with ECG, which you can use to check the health of your heart. Also, many smartwatches come with a Blood Oxygen sensor, which will help you keep track of oxygen saturation in your blood. In Short, if you get a smartwatch, you will get your fitness assistant that will help you track your fitness, and you can use it to stay fit.

Built-in GPS

Another great feature of having a smartwatch is that many of them come with built-in GPS, which you can use to track your workout accurately.

Stay Connected with your Phone

One of the best advantages of having a smartwatch is that you can connect it with your smartphone and get notifications and calls directly on your watch. Similarly, you can also get reminders on your Smartwatch without taking out your smartphone.

So, if you don’t like to take your smartphone every other minute but still want quick access to notifications, you can get a smartwatch, and it will solve this issue for you.

Insane Customization Options

One of the main reasons why people prefer smartwatches over normal watches is the customization options you get in smartwatches.

In a smartwatch, you get the option to change the watch face and customize it according to your own taste. On top of that, you also get access to hundreds of apps that you can use to add additional features to your Smartwatch.

Ease of Payment

Many modern smartwatches come with NFC and their respective contactless payment systems, such as Fitbit Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay which you can use to pay for your shopping without providing details of your credit or debit card. This feature is only available in smartwatches, and you won’t get it in normal watches.

Enjoy Music

Another pro of owning a smartwatch is that you can enjoy music directly on your Smartwatch. Many smartwatches come with dedicated apps such as Spotify, Apple Music, and others, which you can install directly on your Smartwatch and listen to your favorite songs. It’s another exclusive feature that you won’t find on normal watches.

Cons of Smartwatch

These are the cons of having a smartwatch.

Battery Life

One of the biggest problems with smartwatches is their battery life. Most smartwatches offer around 24 hours to 48 hours of battery life on normal usage. If you turn on the power saving mode, you can go up to 15 days. However, in normal watches, the battery life isn’t an issue, and they can run for years without needing to replace the cells.

Repeated Cost

The benefit of owning a watch is that it will be your one-time investment, and you can use that watch for decades, provided that you regularly service it. However, the problem with smartwatches is that they get outdated every second year as their parent companies release new versions of the smartwatches. You can still use a smartwatch for around 5-7 years, but it also comes with a lot of variables such as maintenance and environment.

 Pros & Cons of Normal Watch and Smartwatch 
 Normal WatchSmartwatch
ProsClassic LookFitness Tracking
 Status SymbolBuilt-in GPS
  Stay Connected with your phone
  Insane Customization Options
  Ease of Payment
  Enjoy Music
ConsLack of FeaturesLimited Battery life
 BoringRepeated Cost

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

Rolex Vs Apple Watch: Which One Is Better?

Rolex is a luxury watch that comes with iconic designs and a hefty price tag. On the other hand, Apple Watch is a smartwatch that comes with promising features and a relatively affordable price tag. So, if you want a modern watch with many features, you should consider Apple Watch. However, if you are looking for a classic and luxury watch, you should consider Rolex Watch.

Can A Smartwatch Be Used Just As A Watch?

Yes, if you turn on the power saving mode on your Smartwatch, many of its features will be disabled, and you can easily get up to 15 to 20 days of battery life on a single charge.

Can I Leave My Phone At Home And Use My Samsung Watch?

Yes, you only need your phone with the watch when you need to transfer data to the smartwatch app on your smartphone. Other than that, you won’t need to keep your phone with you, and your Samsung smartwatch will continue to track your activities and other metrics. On top of that, if you have an LTE smartwatch, you will be able to receive calls and messages directly on your Smartwatch.

Can Analog Watch Track My Activities?

No, if you have an analog watch, you can’t use it to track your workout and other activities as it doesn’t come with the required sensors to do it. However, if you have a hybrid watch, there are chances that you can use it to track your workouts, provided that it has the required sensors.

Do Smartwatches Help Lose Weight?

If you want to lose weight, smartwatches can surely help you. With a smartwatch, you can set your daily fitness goals, and your Smartwatch will allow you to keep track of your goals. If you regularly complete your goals, you can surely lose weight in a few weeks.

Closing Thoughts

Normal Watch and Smartwatch are two categories of watches, and both of them have their own pros and cons, which I explained comprehensively in the above sections. In my opinion, you should consider a normal watch only if you want to know the time from your watch. On the other hand, you should consider a smartwatch if you want to track your fitness and daily activities.

Now you tell me, which watch you are going to buy and why? Let me know your answers in the comments. Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comments section. Good Luck!

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