How To Sync Apple Health With Samsung Health? Is It Possible?




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Apple Health and Samsung Health are two of the most popular health apps which are designed for Apple Watch & Samsung watches, respectively.

Usually, Apple puts a lot of restrictions on third-party apps to encourage users to use the company’s services, but in a rare case, Apple allows Samsung watch owners to share data with Apple Health Apps.

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If you want to learn how to Sync Apple Health with Samsung Health, this guide is for you. Let’s get started.

Is It Possible To Samsung Health Data With Apple Health?

Yes, Samsung Health is one of the very few apps that are supported by Apple Health, and it allows users to sync Samsung health data with the Apple Health App.

The whole process is not very complex, and you can easily do it from the settings.

How To Sync Apple Health With Samsung Health?

If you own a Samsung Smartwatch and you want to use it with your iPhone, you will need to download the Samsung Health and Samsung gear app.

Once you have the apps, open them and set up your Galaxy watch using the apps. You may also need to create a Samsung account to get access to Galaxy Store using the Samsung Gear App.

Once your watch is set up with iPhone, the next step is to sync the data from Samsung health with Apple Health. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Go to your iPhone.
  • Now go to settings and find the health section.
  • Here find “Data Access & Devices.”
  • In the next section, find the “Samsung Health” App and tap it
  • Now toggle the data which you want to share with Apple Health.
  • That’s it.

Once Samsung Health is synced with Apple Health, Samsung Health will share the steps and walking + running distance with Apple Health.

For now, Samsung only allows these two data sets to be shared with Apple Watch, but if you want your Samsung Health to share more data with Apple, you can contact Samsung customer support and share your concern.

There are chances that Samsung might allow sharing more data with Apple Health, but for now, you can only share limited data.

Can I Sync Data From The Old Samsung Watch To The New One?

Normally, you won’t be required to manually transfer data from your new Samsung Device to the new One.

All you will have to do is to connect your new device with the Samsung Health app and sync your Samsung health profile.

The app will take some time to sync the data, and once it’s synced, the data will be synced to the new watch.

Can I Sync Data From The Old Apple Watch To The New One?

Like Samsung, Apple also doesn’t require to manually transfer the data. Just connect your new Apple Watch with your iPhone, and Apple Health will sync the data with the new watch. Once it’s fully synced, you will be able to access it from the new watch.

Can I Use Apple Watch With A Samsung Smartphone?

No, Apple Watch is primarily designed to be used with iPhone, and you can’t directly use it with the Samsung Smartphone. Even if you use any workaround, Apple Watch won’t be as functional as it would normally be with an iPhone.

So, if you are a Samsung Smartphone user, make sure that you get Samsung watch or any good Android smartwatch.

Can You Import Data Into Samsung Health?

If you use Strava, then you can connect it with Samsung health, and your data will be synced. However, Samsung Health doesn’t allow users to import data from any other apps.

How Good Is Samsung Health App?

Samsung Health is one of the best Health Apps available out there, and it works flawlessly with Samsung smartwatches. The app comes with an intuitive User Interface and tons of other features, which make it an ideal choice for Android Users.

On top of that, it also comes with a vibrant Samsung watch community where you can compete with other users and get motivated.

Samsung Health Vs Apple Health: Which Is Better?

Apple Health and Samsung Health are two of the best smartwatches in the industry, and both of them have their pros and cons, which you can check in my detailed Samsung Health vs Apple Health Comparison.

However, if you are an Apple Watch user, you should consider Apple Health because it works well with Apple Watch. Similarly, If you are a Samsung Watch user, you should consider Samsung Health.

Samsung Watch Vs Apple Watch: Which Emits Most Radiation?

It’s an established fact that electronic devices emit Radiation, but some of them emit more Radiation, and they can be dangerous for human health.

That’s why I compared the Radiations emitted by Samsung Watch and Apple Health and shared my two cents on the topic. If you are interested, check this guide where I have compared SAR Levels of Fitbit vs Apple Watch vs Samsung Watch.

Does Samsung Health Automatically Track Steps?

Samsung Health app only shows the data which either is taken by your smartphone or smartwatch. So, if you wear a smartwatch and it’s linked by Samsung Health, the watch will share the data with Samsung Health, and the app will display the data.

Similarly, if your smartphone tracks your steps, it will share the data with the Samsung Health app, and the app will display the data.

Do I Need Samsung Account To Use Samsung Health?

Yes, you will need a Samsung account to use Samsung Health App. One of the biggest advantages of using a Samsung account with Samsung Health is that it will keep a record of your health data, and if you switch your phone or smartwatch in the future, it will make it easier to sync the data across the new devices.


In this guide, you learned how to Sync Apple Health with Samsung Health. I also answered some common questions related to the topic.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments. Also, check this guide where I have shared the Best Smart Scales compatible with Apple Health.

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