Smartwatches for Left-Handed People

Best 10 Watches & Smartwatches For Left-Handed People In 2023

Most people are typically right-handed in our surroundings but that doesn’t make the number of left-handed people less.

Watches and Smartwatches for Left-Handed People

Popular brands are now considering left-handed people as well as right-handed people when designing watches and smartwatches.

There are plenty of watch and smartwatch options for left-handed people these days. We’ve cherry-picked the best watches & smartwatches for left-handed people.

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Are there smartwatches that can be worn on the Right Hand? Can you use your Smartwatch on the Right Hand? Let’s find out.

Top 10 Best Watches And Smartwatches For Left-Handed People

Let’s admit the fact that there are not many smartwatches that are designed specifically for Left-Handed People. However, there are some smartwatches and watches which can be used by Left-Handed People, and I’ll share the best of them with you. Let’s get started.

1. Rolex GMT-Master II

There is no denying that this watch is brilliant, exceptionally well made, very attractive, and highly accurate. With its new reissue of the steel GMT-Master II in blue and red, Rolex has hit the mark with its left-handed model.

Even though the watch’s design hasn’t changed much in 60 years, it has evolved into a great timepiece with a classic appearance rather than just vintage.

Rolex has consistently raised the bar in the basic qualities of clarity, durability, and sturdiness. It is really a comfortable piece for left-handed people.

2. Fitbit Versa 4

Fitbit Versa 4 is handy and has a relatively decent interface. If you prefer a watch that complements rather than replaces my phone, then The Fitbit Versa is a good option for you.

It appears that the battery life is between 5 and 6 days, and it charges more quickly than other watches. It came with a strap that is quite comfortable. You might like how light and small this one is.

It is a good choice all around. It can be quite a good pick for people who are comfortable with left hands.

3. Garmin Vivoactive 4

This is a pretty good watch for left-handed people. It’s really intriguing to use the strength training feature. The only steps required are setting it and reviewing the results to make any necessary adjustments.

It registers common movements like squats, bench presses, and other exercises. This device’s battery life is excellent, and the GPS system is extremely precise and quick to find satellites.

Additionally, it is highly customizable, which some people may find confusing due to the abundance of features. Overall, it is a decent choice for left-handed people to meet their unique needs.

4. Google Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch is a great watch that performs well on a daily basis and has creatively elevated styling. Except for the Apple Watch, it’s one of the most interesting and fun smartwatch experiences you’ll ever have.

It is compatible with Pixel phones as well as Pixel Buds. Additionally, Google Pixel Watch is not waterproof but is developed to be sweat and water-resistant for working out and swimming in shallow water.

A few Google Pixel Watch bands lack water resistance. However, It can be a good pick for left-handed people.

5. Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8 is one of the finest smartwatches out there and it is packed with tons of great features, which make it an ideal choice for most people.

It’s also a really good option for Left-Handed People because it comes with a special feature that makes it easier to use the Smartwatch on your right hand.

Since the digital crown on Series 8 is located on the upper right side, when you wear it on the Right Hand, the digital crown placed at the lower left side and then you can change the orientation of the watch face, and the watch is all set to be used by Left-Handed People. Here’s how you can change the orientation of the Apple Watch.

  • Open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone
  • Now go to My Watch Section.
  • Then tap general section
  • Now go to Watch Orientation Section and select “Left.”
  • That’s it.

Once you have enabled the Left-Hand Orientation, you will be able to use the Apple Watch Series 8 on the right hand.

6. Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE is the budget smartwatch that comes with decent features and a very attractive price tag. It’s not as advanced as the Series 8, but still, it comes with a decent number of features, which you will commonly find in other smartwatches in this price range.

Like its pricier sibling, Apple Watch SE also comes with Left-Handed Mode, which you can enable following the same steps.

Overall, I would recommend Apple Watch SE if you have a tight budget. Otherwise, Apple Watch Series 8 is a better option.

7. SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Golf Edition

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is one of the best smartwatches in the market right now, and it’s packed with a number of great features. Unfortunately, the watch doesn’t come with any dedicated mode for Left-Handed People, but still, I think that it can be used by Left-Handed People due to its rotating Bezel.

For example, Digital Crown on Apple Watch is used for navigation, and Rotating Bezel on SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5 Pro also serves the same purpose. The only difference is that you can press the digital crown, but you can surely train your hand to press the button on the right side of the watch.

I’m not saying the SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is the best Smartwatch for Left-Handed People, but unfortunately, there are not many smartwatches that can be used on the right hand.

So, I would recommend you to consider SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 5 Pro only if you are an Android User. Otherwise, I would recommend you to go with Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch SE as these two are the best Smartwatches for Left-Handed People.

8. Tudor Pelagos LHD

Tudor Pelagos LHD is one of the best watches for Left-Handed People. It’s also one of the very few watches that are designed specifically for Left-Handed People, and it comes with the crown on the left side, which makes it easier for Left-Handed People to operate the watch.

When it comes to build quality, the watch is made with a combination of titanium and stainless steel, which makes it a very durable smartwatch. Also, it uses the sapphire crystal on top, which is one of the hardest materials on earth.

Overall, Tudor Pelagos LHD offers a unique combination of elegance and durability, which you won’t find in many mechanical watches out there.

9. Luminor Left Handed Watch

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As the name suggests, Luminor Left-Handed Watch is a watch designed for Left-Handed Folks. It comes with the crown on the left side of the watch, which means that you can easily operate the watch while wearing it on the right hand.

Also, I like the design of this watch, which is very elegant looking and classy. The company also offers you to pick the buckle and band of your choice with the watch, which is a plus.

I feel that the only problem with this watch is its price tag, which is very high, but if you are a watch enthusiast, you will love it.

10. Invicta Men’s 3330 Force Collection

If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a watch and looking for an affordable option, you can consider Invicta Men’s 3330 Force Collection watch.

The best thing about this watch is that it doesn’t look cheap from any angle. Instead, the gold and back combination of the watch gives it a very expensive look.

Also, the watch has a dial and two buttons on the left side, which make it easier for Left-Handed folks to use the watch.

Overall, I think that Invicta Men’s 3330 Force Collection watch offers the best value for money, and if you are on a budget, you should consider this watch.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Can You Wear Smartwatch On The Right Hand?

Yes, you can wear your Smartwatch on the right hand, but if you want the best experience, it’s important that your Smartwatch supports the Left-Hand Mode. Currently, only Apple Watch has support for the Left Hand, and none of the other brands, including Samsung and Fitbit, have support for the Left-Hand.

How To Change Settings For Left-Handed In Apple?

smartwatch wireless charging

Apple Watch comes with support for Left-Handed People. Here’s how you can enable Left-Hand Mode on your Apple Watch.

  • Open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone
  • Now go to My Watch Section.
  • Then tap general section
  • Now go to Watch Orientation Section and select “Left.”

How To Change Settings For Left-Handed In Samsung?

Samsung Galaxy Watch doesn’t come with Left-Hand Mode. So, if you wear it on your right hand, you will have to use the rotating Bezel to navigate the screen.

How To Change Settings For Left-Handed In Fitbit?

Like Samsung Watches, Fitbit also doesn’t have a dedicated mode for Left-Handed People. However, the customer support of Fitbit has said that they have forwarded the request to the developers. According to my experience, Fitbit will take some time to add this feature to its smartwatches.

Which Smartwatch Is The Best For Left-Handed People?

best Samsung Galaxy Watch Bands for Small Wrists

After extensive research, I have concluded that Apple Watch Series 6 is the best Smartwatch for Left-Handed People. It comes with a dedicated mode, which you can use to change the orientation of the watch.

Also, the watch is equipped with many advanced features like ECG, Heart-rate tracking, Fall Detection, and Activity Tracking, which make it an ideal option for many people.

What Is The Most Affordable Watch For Left-handed People?

If you are looking for the most affordable watch for Left-Handed Folks, my recommendation is Invicta Men’s 3330 Force Collection. It has a cheap price tag, but still, the watch gives expensive vibes due to its gold and black combination.

Does Rolex Have A Watch For Left-handed People?

Yes, Rolex GMT Master is a watch by Rolex which was designed specifically for Left-Handed People. However, it’s a pretty rare watch, and you will have to spend a huge amount to get your hands on the watch. According to my research, the watch has a value of $14,995 USD, which is surely pretty expensive.


After getting down to all the nitty-gritty of the best watches & smartwatches for left-handed people, you should have no trouble selecting the best one among these.

Left-handed people won’t feel uncomfortable anymore by wearing right-handed watches which don’t fit their natural habits. They might find it simpler for them to cater to their unique needs.

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