Best 12 Activity Trackers with GPS and Music Storage in 2022

Finding the best activity tracker with music storage is not so simple as there are great options to choose from, however, I will give you my top 12 watches that stands above the rest, these also come with a built-in GPS which enables you to go for a run and leave your phone at home.

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music

Best Activity Trackers with Music storage and a built-in GPS in 2022

These are my top picks(detailed explanation Further on in the article).

ProductInternal StorageGPS
Huawei Watch 2
Yes, 4 GBYes
Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music
Download up to 500 songsYes
Amazfit Stratos/Pace 2
Yes, 4 GBYes
Fitbit Ionic
Yes, 2.5 GBYes
Garmin Forerunner 645 music
Download up to 500 songsYes
Garmin Forerunner 245 Music
Store up to 500 songsYes
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
Yes, 4 GBYes
Garmin Fenix 6 Pro
Yes, 32 GBYes
Garmin Vivoactive 4S
Apple Watch Series 5
Yes, 32 GBYes
Fossil Gen 5
Yes, 8 GBYes
Garmin Venu
Store up to 500 songsYes

Can Smartwatch Play Music Without A Phone Nearby?

The short answer to that is yes if it has internal storage.
Most of the watches on this post come with 4 GB of internal memory that will allow you to upload around 500 of your favorite songs to it.

A smart tracking watch that can play…

Ever since fitness trackers hit the market, people have been in awe with the amount of convenience and accuracy that they provide when it comes to getting the most out of workouts and fitness exercises.

The fact that you can now use all your activity data to plan your fitness routine better and also know your body better is just so convenient and remarkable.

There’s really no surprise that the activity tracker market is doing exceptionally well with so many designs being rolled out every year and innovations being made to the ones already present.

Best Activity Tracker with GPS and Music

So many activity trackers come with neat little features such as heart rate reading and sleep cycle monitoring.

Some have GPS while some can sync completely with your phone, allowing you to perform basic cellular operations even from your fitness hardware quite easily.

One of the most celebrated features to make it to activity trackers was the ability to play music while you work out.

A lot of people listen to music while they run or hit the gym, even exclusively when they dance, so this was felt a necessity when new ideas were sought for tech-based wearables, especially fitness trackers.

Now, this was received with so much positivity and cheers because now you wouldn’t have to take your phone out with your Bluetooth speakers to your laps and workouts.

This added convenience has further pushed the limit for activity trackers because now fitness enthusiasts can enjoy their music while they work out.

Music inspires people and brings within them a new kind of energy, this very energy they can then use to push harder and get more out of their workouts.

Since there are quite a lot of activity trackers out there that support music, here are 12 of the best ones that do and that are not very expensive.

1.Huawei Watch 2 – A great budget fitness tracker with 4 GB of memory for music and a built-in GPS

In a world where giants like Apple and Samsung have released their flagship smartwatches out into the market, why does one even need to consider another brand?

Well, for starters, while Huawei is not as well known as the other two, it does deliver when it comes to functionality and the soundness of a device.

You can check out its current price and reviews on Amazon.

Also, the fact that the Huawei Watch 2 is priced comparatively cheaper thus making it the more economical option.

The gadget itself is a fitness-focused watch meaning it has all the activity tracking capabilities of a smartphone and covers a wide range of aspects.

The touchscreen UI makes it look very cool and also very easy to use as well.

For the music feature, the watch comes with 4 GB of onboard memory and runs on the Android Wear software.

You can upload tracks to the watch from Google Play quite easily and from then on you can control the music via your phone or just straight from the watch.

The watch has a built-in speaker to play the music too if you don’t feel like wearing headphones.

The cons are the price and the watch being quite bulky.

The latter, however, is excusable because it is feature-rich both in terms of hardware and functionality.

2.Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music – Best Garmin watch with a built-in GPS and Music storage

Lovers of running, cycling or swimming will probably prefer their watch to come from traditional manufacturers.

Garmin is a veteran player in this market and continues to perfect her watches to suit all audiences.

The best place to get it is from this seller on Amazon.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

The Vivoactive 3 music model is not the first attempt by the American company to connect the music world to its watches.

The Vivoactive 3 Music is a compact watch relative to other Garmin watches, which usually come with a bombastic look.

This is a relatively thin watch that does not look like a watch that combines a lot of technology.

The strap itself can be removed and replaced easily to another.

The 1.2-inch touch screen watch has a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels.
On the watch frame, you can find a single button for use and you can also operate it using a touchscreen.

The Vivoactive 3 includes a permanently lit chroma display and no problems viewing it in direct sunlight.

The Vivoactive 3 Music includes a GPS device, a pulse sensor and is suitable for swimming to a depth of 50 meters. The watch also offers a measurement of VO2Max and it can track sleep.

As the name of the watch, this model can be used as a portable music player, so once you download songs and connect Bluetooth headsets, you can run only with the watch and give up the smartphone.

The watch allows downloading of 500 songs.

Garmin supports these music applications: Deezer, iHeartRadio, KKBOX, AWA Music and more.
It doesn’t support Spotify yet, so it can be a bit downer for the app’s users.

The Vivoactive 3 music battery lasts between 5-6 days (with a smartphone connection), but sometimes less.

It depends on how much training you do with the watch and how long you use GPS.

In GPS mode the watch provides about 13 hours of work.
Like other company’s watches, the Vivoactive 3 uses a unique charging cable of Garmin, which is also different from its other models.

However, if you are an advanced runner you will probably prefer the Garmin Forerunner 645 music or the new 245 music(both on this list).

3.Amazfit Stratos/Pace 2 – Great value for your money

Another watch that offers so much value for its price is the Stratos/Pace 2.

Huami, partner of Xiaomi in the watch brand Amazfit introduced its new generation, Amazfit 2, about a year after its predecessor with a sleeker design and stronger hardware use.

Check it out on this top seller’s page on Amazon.

Amazfit Pace 2 also known as Amazfit Stratos 2, first offers premium design and much more prestigious than its predecessor.

It is manufactured in a stainless steel holder with a strong ceramic frame and a durable sapphire glass with a convex finish (2.5D).

The screen remains the same size of 1.34 inches at a resolution of 300 × 320 pixels, and it runs on energy-efficient E-Ink technology.

In the new model, the company focused on offering more capabilities in the field of sports, fitness, and health.

She worked with Firstbeat, which specializes in sports watch data, and Amazfit Pace 2 can provide information on a wide variety of activities such as running, swimming, climbing, triathlon, elliptical exercises, and more.

It is also waterproof to the stringent 5ATM standard so you can dive with it to a depth of 50 meters.

The watch also incorporates an accurate GPS receiver capable of monitoring our location for data processing, motion sensors, pulse rate, oxygen level(VO2), and altimeter.

It runs on a dual-core processor with 4 GB of storage Of which 2GB is available to store files locally on the watch to listen to music even without a connection to a smartphone.

The battery of the watch will provide up to 35 hours of work, according to the manufacturer’s data, and reaches a capacity of 280mAh. 

The watch is based on a closed Android system with the best features such as receiving alerts, listening to music, using an alarm clock and also controlling Xiaomi’s smart home products.

4.Fitbit Ionic – Best Fitbit with a built-in GPS and music storage

The Ionic sports watch, of course with GPS, is suitable for various sports activities: running, cycling and swimming in the pool, along with running on tracks, golf, tennis, weight lifting, functional fitness training and more.

The best place to get it is on this Fitbit’s page on Amazon.

The Ionic has another great feature: it can be loaded with 2.5 gigabytes of music, which it will play with wireless headsets that connect to it in via Bluetooth.

In fact, the company itself has earphones designed for Ionic, but they are sold separately.

You can store and play 300+ songs, You do this using the Fitbit Connect software when the watch is connected to the computer, The clock identifies the playlists that are on the computer (for me: iTunes on Mac), and you can download them to the watch.

You can also download playlists from Pandora and it has Deezer support.
Spotify is unfortunately not supported yet.

A bit more on The Ionic…

  • It Weights 49.8 grams (light! Every milligram counts) and has a Square shape, 3.73 cm2, comes with two strips: a small, medium and a large and in 4 colors
  • It offers Pulse reading from the wrist by the PurePulse sensor (there is no option to connect a standard pulse band).
  • Sensors: Altimeter, digital compass, GPS, a motion sensor that wakes up the screen.
  • 24/7 monitoring of daily activity and sleep with daily goals that can be customized.
  • A Rechargeable battery within an hour and holds up to five days according to the manufacturer’s data.
  • Color touchscreen (with dozens of designs to choose from).
  • Water-resistant to 50 meters.
  • Vibrate alerts only.
  • Bluetooth 4 connectivity and wifi.
  • Ability to receive notifications from the phone to the watch.
  • 10 hours battery with GPS.
  • Support for running (outdoors or indoors), biking and swimming in the pool.

There is no option for multisport. You can download more apps from Fitbit’s app store.

5.Garmin Forerunner 645 music – A serious sport watch by Garmin with a built-in GPS and Music storage.

I actually reviewed this amazing multisports watch recently, you can check out the full article here. Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is an awesome sprot watch by Garmin with a built-in GPS system.

6. Garmin Forerunner 245 Music – A new Forerunner with GPS and Music.

The new member of the Forerunner family, the 245, was released in late May 2019.

If you looking for a real sport watch with GPS and music(and tones of other features) than this watch is one of the best.

while the Vivoactive 3 music that I have mentioned earlier is intended more for average trainers and the Fenix 5s plus comes with a big price tag, the 245 music stands between them as a serious running watch with GPS and music with a decent price tag.

Check the Forerunner 245 Music’s current price on Amazon.

The 245 will allow you to store up to 500 songs and will sync perfectly with popular streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer and many more…

7. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is arguably one of the best Activity Trackers, which comes with GPS and Music Storage. The Active 2 comes with the minimalistic and sleek design just like the Apple or Fitbit Watches.

It is equipped with Super AMOLED Panel, which ensures that you get the best colors on display. The Gadget comes in two sizes: 44mm version & 40 mm Version. It also features the two finishes; you can either go for the Aluminum version, which is lightweight, or you can go for the stainless steel version, which brings extra durability, but it is a bit heavier.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is also equipped with GPS and GLONASS for Navigation. The Gadget also comes with 4 GB onboard storage, which can easily accommodate hundreds of songs that you can listen to during your workout. If you are looking for a sleek activity tracker with great features, then Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a solid option for you.

8. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

Garmin is considered a trusted name when it comes to activity trackers because the company offers a lot of good activity trackers, and Garmin Fenix 6 Pro is finest of them. It is a premium activity tracker that comes with all the bells & features which you can expect from a good activity tracker.

Fenix 6 Pro comes with the great build quality. The body of the tracker features durable materials to ensure that it stays functional even after rough use. You also get the option to pick the different types of glass for the watch; you can either go for Corning Gorilla Glass or Sapphire Crystal, which is the second hardest material on earth after Diamond.

The Gadget comes with 3 Navigation Systems: GPS, GLONASS & GALILEO. It also comes with the 32 GB onboard storage, which means you can store thousands of songs on the watch. If you are looking for a premium activity tracker with the solid build quality, then you can’t go wrong with Garmin Fenix 6 Pro.

9. Garmin Vivoactive 4S

Garmin Vivoactive 4S is the newest edition in the Vivoactive series, and it comes with a lot of useful features. The design of Vivoactive 4S is very similar to its predecessors Vivoactive 3S, but on the inside, it comes with a bigger battery & bigger display size.

The company now claims that Vivoactive 4S can last for 7 days on a single charge while the Vivoactive 3S offers the battery life of 5 Days. The watch is also equipped with a variety of sensors such as a compass, altimeter, accelerometer, Pulse OX, and more.

Garmin Vivoactive 4S comes with the built-in GPS transmitter, which will track your activity. The Gadget also comes with storage options and it can stores up 500 Songs on the device. If you want a more affordable option from Garmin, then Vivoactive 4S is a solid option for you.

10. Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 is arguably one of the best activity trackers out there, and it comes with tons of great features. Let’s start with the design. Apple has perfected the design of Apple Watch over the years, and now it’s more refined than ever. It comes with a sleek and minimalistic design that looks very attractive.

The watch also features the 1.78 inches OLED touchscreen, which offers great colors. The screen is also protected with Sapphire Crystal Glass, which is the second hardest material known after diamonds so you can be sure that it can handle crashes pretty well.

The Gadget comes with GPS Tracker and a lot of sensors that accurately track your position and activities. The watch also supports the Apple Music, and you can easily sync hundreds of songs from your iPhone to the Apple Watch. So, if you are looking for a fitness tracker that works well within the Apple ecosystem, then Apple Watch Series 5 is the best option for you.

11. Fossil Gen 5

If you are looking for a minimalistic tracker with a lot of great features, then you can’t go wrong, Fossil Gen 5. The great thing about Fossil Gen 5 is that it comes with a very clean design, and it looks very attractive.

As it features Google Wear OS, you can expect a lot of great watch faces and apps which you can use on the watch. With the latest Snapdragon 3100 Chip, Fossil 5 can easily handle all the tasks efficiently, and it also works well with Google Assistant commands.

The Gadget features the 8 GB storage, which can easily accommodate 100s of your favorite songs. As it comes with a built-in untethered GPS Tracker, it can easily track your activities. If you are looking for an affordable tracker with great features, then Fossil Gen 5 is a great option for you.

12. Garmin Venu

Garmin Venu is the latest addition in the Garmin collection, and this watch comes with all the features which you can expect from a great watch in 2022. It comes with a beautiful 1.2” inch AMOLED Display, which ensures that you get the best colors on the screen.

The looks and feel of Garmin Venu are really good, and I also liked the minimalistic design of this watch. Also, it comes in different colors, so if you want a watch with Rose Gold or Gold touch, then you can get it too.

The watch is also equipped with three Navigation Systems, including the GPS so you can use the one which you like the most. Also, the time on Garmin Venu in GPS synced so you won’t need to manually adjust it.

It also comes with enough storage to store up to 500 Songs in the watch. Overall, Garmin Venu is a direct competitor to the Vivoactive 4s, and both trackers are really good, so you can’t go wrong with any of them.