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Wear OS is an operating system and wearable platform of Google which is pretty popular for designing smartwatches collections and its variety of app collections.

There are lots of weather apps also. Google also releases the weather app for all released items of wear OS.

Weather Apps For Wear OS

The smartwatches of wear OS also support various weather apps. Among them, what would be the best result given that will be mentioned in this article. So, if you need any suggestions, then go ahead.

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How Do I Get The Weather On My Smartwatch?

In recent years, smartwatches’ phenomenal increase in popularity has rendered them an integral component of our daily routines. These gadgets are replacing traditional wristwatches with several valuable features, like weather updates and fitness trackers.

Smartwatches like Google’s smartwatches may increase demand for Wear OS 3. The weather widget has already been featured on all Wear OS 3 smartwatches.

 Top-notch features like the ability to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit (or vice versa) and check the forecast for the next eight hours are available by just scrolling down to the settings menu at the bottom of the page. Additional features such as climate data, humidity, wind speed, and moisture are also included in the application. 

However, Google has made an excellent impression, and we anticipate it will improve the app in the future.

Top 10 Best Weather Apps For Wear OS

Here, we would like to mention 10 apps that will be best as weather apps on wearable OS smartwatches. Having any of them will let you know whether to update with ease. Besides, you will get to know why these apps stand apart. 

1. AccuWeather

AccuWeather: Weather Radar

AccuWeather is arguably the most Accurate and the Best Weather App for Wear OS in 2023. The best thing about this app is that it provides extensive information about the weather, making it an ideal option.

The app provides minute-by-minute weather updates, which can prove very useful, especially if you are planning to go out. On top of that, it also comes with 45 days outlook weather forecast, which comes in handy if you are planning a trip with your loved ones.

AccuWeather also provides real-time alerts of severe weather for rain, wind, and sun so that you could protect yourself. Another nifty feature of AccuWeather is that it comes with RealFeel & RealFeel Shade Technology, which basically tells you the difference between how the temperature looks and how it feels. So overall, if you are looking for an accurate weather app, you can’t go wrong with AccuWeather.

2. RadarScope


RadarScope is one of the best Weather Apps for Wear OS in 2023. The unique thing about this weather app is that it provides the NEXRAD Level 3 and Super-resolution radar data, which is perfect for weather enthusiasts and meteorologists.

The app provides complete information on the weather, including velocity, dual-polarization, and other important information. On top of that, it also displays the tornado, severe thunderstorms, flash floods, and other weather warnings which are issued by US National Weather Service.

So, if you are a weather enthusiast or Meteorologist, RadarScope is a solid option for you. You can get the RadarScope for $9.99.

3. Weather Forecast 14 Days

Weather Radar - Meteored News

Weather Forecast 14 Days is another very popular Weather App which you can use to get accurate weather information. As the name suggests, the app provides the complete weather forecast for up to 14 days which you can use to plan your activities in advance.

On top of that, it also provides weather warnings, including hurricanes, tropical storms, strong winds, and other adverse weather events.

Also, the app comes with real-time radar, forecast maps, and satellite imagery which is surely a treat for Weather enthusiasts and meteorologists. You can use Weather Forecast 14 Days for free, but it comes with Ads.

4. ByssWeather

Weather for Wear OS

ByssWeather is one of the best Weather Apps for Wear OS in 2023. It’s basically a Watch face app that comes with over 9 different weather watch faces, which you can consider.

The Watch Faces in the app comes with different weather displays such as Radar Maps, Satellite View, 24 Hour Forecast, and more. Also, the Watch faces come in different styles, which is another plus. Overall, if you are looking for weather Watch Faces, you should consider ByssWeather.

5. Weather XL Pro

Weather XL PRO

Weather XL Pro is arguably one of the best Weather Apps for Wear OS in 2023. In the app, you get the detailed hourly forecast for up to 10 days which you can use to plan your activities.

Also, it provides complete information such as Dew, UV Index, Humidity, and Air Pressure. The app also offers the highest and lowest historical values, which provides some insight into how the temperature changed over the years.

Weather XL Pro also send alerts for warnings issued by National Weather Service about the upcoming weather conditions such as Thunderstorms, Snow, Hurricane or Avalanches. If you want a Weather App with a beautiful interface and accurate weather information, Weather XL Pro is a great option for you.

6. Weather for Wear OS

Weather for Wear OS

Weather for Wear OS is another very capable Weather App that you can use to stay updated with the weather conditions of your region. The app provides complete weather information, and you can check it based on hourly or daily forecasts.

It also provides detailed weather information, including Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Humidity, Sun Rise, and Sun Set Time.

Like other weather Apps, Weather for Wear OS also comes with alerts for extreme weather conditions, which will help you stay alert and protect yourself. You can use Weather for Wear OS for free, but it comes with ads and optional in-app purchases.

7. UV index now

UVIMate - UV Index Now

UV Rays are surely not healthy for us, and they are also linked with issues such as cancer which is why the experts recommend avoiding unnecessary exposure to UV Rays. UV Index Now is one of the best Weather Apps for Wear OS in 2023, and you can use it to avoid UV Rays.

The app provides complete UV Tracking, and it can let you know when the UV Levels are extremely high out there. On top of that, it also allows you to calculate how much sunscreen protection you should apply based on your skin type.

UV Index now also provides real-time weather updates in your area, which is another plus. Overall, if you are looking for a weather app that can help you avoid unnecessary exposure to UV Rays, UV Index Now is a solid option for you. You can use it for free, but it comes with in-app purchases.

8. Ambee

Ambee is an amazing weather app that you can use with your wear OS devices. This weather app is updated and one of the best. From this app, you will get access to the air quality of the location. It will notify you about unhealthy pollution of the air.

Moreover, here you find location-based assessments of the weather, risk assessments, and health facts related to this particular location on the basis of air pollution.

The main objective of this app is to provide you with real-time air quality information and how it affects your health. It can be used to measure indoor air quality also. This app helps you to decide on a keep and calm place where you will get fresh and good-quality air to inhale.

9. SkyHalo weather for wear OS

SkyHalo weather app is the ultimate solution for smartwatches such as pixel watches or any wear OS-supported watches. It will show you a 48-hour weather update and alert you about rain, sunny weather, or any snow, wind sunset, or sunrise forecast. Overall, all the updated features you will get from this app.

Now, the latest and updated SkyHalo weather apps give the first-time service of Weatherkit forecasts.

It gives perfect assessments of temperature by showing the width of the ring. How much thicker the ring is, and how warm the weather is. It shows different colors to show the cloudiness of the weather. By giving yellow color, it gives the sunny weather signal, then for cloudy weather, the color seems gray. At the time of sunset, it shows a violent tint color.

However, with so many updated and easy understanding features this app stands for the wear OS devices.

10. Weather forecast: weather live

Weather forecast weather live is another great app for wear OS. To get alerts of accurate weather updates and information you can use the weather forecast: weather live app.

Seeing the advance notification of extremely bad weather will help you to plan the perfect time to plan for any trip. It gives warnings of any tropical storms and winds, floods, etc.

Along with this app, you will get real-time radar, satellite imagery, and forecast maps. It has all the updated features of a weather app. So, you can easily use this one with your wear OS pixel watches.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

In this section of the article, we are going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Weather Apps For Wear OS.

Which Weather App Has The Most Accurate Weather?

Most Weather Apps offer accurate weather because they rely on national and international Sources to provide you with real-time weather updates and forecasts. In my Opinion, AccuWeather is one of the most accurate and reliable Weather Apps for Wear OS.

Which Wear OS App Is The Best For Tracking UV Rays?

UV Index Now is a popular Wear OS App that provides extensive tracking of the global UV Index. You can use it to accurately track the UV Rays in your area.

What Weather App Does Samsung Watch Use?

Samsung watches can use new google weather apps. This new Wear OS operating system-supported app allows it to connect with other smartwatches such as Samsung series 4 and 5.

Through this weather app, you can always check the weather of your current location. Well, this app also shows you the weather forecast for the “next 8 hours” and also the “next 5 days”. It will also show you the index of UV and conditions of the current location.


That’s all, folks. These are the 10 Best Weather Apps for Wear OS in 2023. Most of these weather apps are free to use, but some of them offer in-app purchases, which you can use to unlock premium features.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments. Also, check this guide to know whether you can transfer money from Google Pay to Apple Pay or vice versa.

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